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Favorite Zelda Characters Drawn by Me! (CLOSED TEMPORARILY)


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Okay while I don’t like Midna as much as I used to, that Link in Darknut armor is incredible. Thank you so much Echo!! I love it! It’s very nice

You're welcome! And thanks! The armor looked pretty detailed and tough to draw, but I managed haha. I don't draw a lot of armor, but this was great practice! I also tried out my clear blending pencil which I'd never used before. Let's just say I'm probably going to have to get some more because I'm using it a bunch. Especially with my black pencil. I thought shading Link's armor would be a nightmare since I don't have any grays, but with my blending pencil it came out great.

I'm so glad you like it <3 <3 <3


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I'm just gonna spit a request here if that's OK.


Just something involving Kass.

Serenading his kids? Perfect. Being taught to ride a horse by Link? Hilarious. Fighting off a Bokoblin as the new DLC character for Hyrule Warriors? (Ohhhhhh I wish!) But yeah. Kass.
An evening in Rito village <3 <3



❤️ love yourself ❤️

I love this so much. That's so amazing.
New phone backdrop (if that's OK with you)!
awwwwwwwww thank you!!! I was so excited to see what you'd think of it, and I'm still so happy you got to see it before you leave <3

oh that's totally fine!! I made it for you so feel free to put it as a wallpaper or anything else

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