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  1. Echolight

    How would you feel about a Pokémon and Zelda crossover?

    In my mind, a Pokémon and Zelda crossover would be where you would have animals, or maybe even Pokémon, and they would help you battle enemies from Hyrule. Link could have an animal/Pokémon companion, name them, pet them, and they follow you around. Just a Zelda game with slight Pokémon themes...
  2. GoronGainz

    Rank the Zelda soundtracks per-game

    Which Zelda game has your favourite OST? What about your least favourite? Entirely personal to your preferences & the games you've played.
  3. KennySirmans

    About Let's Playing

    I was wondering if there's any rules when it comes to LP. Currently I'm doing a playthrough of Wind Waker HD and I've done other games like Mega Man, Kirby and Castlevania. Just making sure if what I'm doing doesn't violate any rules on this site.
  4. BaroisLoose

    Spoiler [SPOILERS] How Ganondorf Dragmire got his Trident vs how Ganon got the Triforce

    Hi everyone! This will be my first lore related discussion! This will be on how I believe Ganondorf ACTUALLY got his Trident In Four Swords Adventures and how the Legend might have mixed it up with how he got the Triforce! First of all,this is based on the aLttP=Child Era placement which many...
  5. GoronGainz

    Link Battle Royal. Who Wins?

    All the "Links" from all Zelda games face off against each other with the items, skills & abilities native to their game. Who do you think comes out on top? Purely subjective to your opinions, I know there have been video's & theory's about this before.
  6. GoronGainz

    Zelda Crossovers Of Your Choice

    What series of games would you like to see Zelda characters in? And vice-versa are there any characters of other series' you would like to see in the Zelda games? Whether it would be as a fully fledged crossover game or even just as a cameo.
  7. Echolight

    What race would you want be?

    Zora? Rito? Gorons? Kokiri? What race would you like to be? Why? I would like to be the Zora, specifically the zoras in BotW and TP. They just have such a beautiful and calming home. I love water, it calms me and I love to swim in it, very relaxing. Also, I just think Zora are very beautiful...
  8. GoronGainz

    Underrated Zelda Character?

    Who do you think doesn't get enough appreciation/recognition for there presence? If the game they're from were redone, would you change anything to involve them more?
  9. GoronGainz

    How does the Zelda manga compare to the games?

    To those who have read them. How do you find the Zelda mangas? Does the story translate well? Does it add missing components that the games needed or pointless things they didn't need? Would you ever recommend a manga over the game?
  10. Echolight

    What town in The Zelda Series would you want to live at?

    What place in the Zelda games would you want to live at? Zora’s domain? Castle town? Clock town? Kakariko Village? If so, which version? I honestly would want to live in Zora’s domain. I love both TP and BotW’s versions the best. It just, the place is so soothing to me, with the calm music and...
  11. Shiduo

    Realistic Next Gen Zelda

    Hey guys! I'm an architect and I work with 3D renderings and I used a software called Lumion which is a really good real time renderer to offer you a glimpse in what a next gen Zelda title could look like. Stay tuned as I intend to remake other areas (next one will be Tarrey Town)...
  12. Drums

    EVERY Character from Legend of Zelda Wallpapers

    I designed 2 crazy wallpapers that contain every character. It won't let me post the images themselves due to file size, so here are the links: http://fav.me/ddu4te0 Every character and most items in OoT! http://fav.me/dduvqsa Every character AND every item in WW! Enjoy, and thank you!
  13. GoronGainz

    Can you get lean like Link?

    Ever look at Breath of the Wild's Link & think "I wish I had a body like that"? Whether you're wanting to slim down, tone up or just get fitter. I've taken at look at Link's lifestyle from Breath of the wild to see what we can do to look more like him. (Advice applicable to all genders)...
  14. SpiritOfTheHero

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Am I the only one who misses the standard formula that we've had going on arguably since A Link to the Past? Does RPG work well with this universe or should we revert to the way the series was before? I'll have a poll down below just to gather quantitative data on this.
  15. ZeldAlexis

    Collecting-Any kind is welcome but preferably Zelda

    Hey everyone...I hope you all are doing good... I am an avid and very serious collector, especially with Zelda, Dragon Ball Z and Gaming in general and any serious collector would agree that a good conversation and a little showing off of your blood, sweat and tears is a good time plus this is a...
  16. Echolight

    Do you want to see more multiplayer games in the Zelda series??

    The title basically explains it. We already have a few multiplayer Zelda games, such as Triforce Heroes, and Four Swords. Do you want to have another Zelda game that’s not solo? I am fine with it, as long as they make it good.
  17. MikiTroy

    Ocarina of Time - Lost woods (My first remix)

    Hi there fellow Zelda's dungeonists! I composed an interpretation of the Lost Woods, in a state of quite positive nostalgia. I would love to have some of you hear it, as I don't have any friends that like this universe to share it with. (I don't have any real friends at all I would say, I am a...
  18. Echolight

    Should Link be Playable??

    We are all really excited about the upcoming game, botw 2. But, who will be the protagonist in the game? Link, or Zelda? I personally think both, but some people want only Zelda to be the playable protagonist and Link not at all. What do you think, should Link even be playable?
  19. Siphonix

    The Queen of Hyrule and the Origins of Ganondorf (Theory)

    Throughout all of the Zelda games you never see the Queen of Hyrule. You see King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule in LOZ BOTW, and of course, the games namesake, Zelda. But why not the Queen? I have a theory. I believe that the unseen Queen of Hyrule is (duh.) the previous Zelda. I say this due to the...
  20. DynoStretch

    Heart of The Desert - An Ocarina of Time Story (mature content warning)

    Hello folks, I'm DynoStretch, longtime Legend of Zelda fan and hobby writer. This is a story I've been working on for a while now, I have it on other sites but I heard about this forum so I thought I'd bring it here for you all to read. The first chapter of this story takes place just after...
  21. S

    Breath of the Wild. I can not comprehend why this game exists.

    I can not comprehend why people love or even like this game. I live in fear of existing in the worst of all possible worlds. The whole thing is wrong in the worst possible way and I don't think people can see it. It is a living hell playing it. The series can never revive after this one. It just...
  22. D

    What Is Your Reason For Staying With "Zelda Dungeon"?

    As the question above states, what is your reason for staying with the website? Is it for friends? For your love of the franchise? Or is it something else?
  23. P

    Wind Waker, I need help

    Hope this post is allowed. I’m new here, and this also looked like the best place to post it. As big of a Zelda fan as I am, I have yet to fully complete Wind Waker! Something always comes up! I don’t want to give up, but I am completely stuck, I’ve even snooped out some walkthroughs, and can’t...
  24. CpawsMusic

    Lanayru Desert Inspired Original Music

    Hey all! I got really inspired while playing through Skyward Sword again, especially in Lanayru Desert. So I made a piece right after finishing the section. Hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/GlLAfQtJQcg If you have any other level suggestions for inspired tracks, comment them below! :)...
  25. Sheikah_Witch

    Sheikah's Curse (futuristic, playable Zelda, Lorule traveling)

    Hello beautiful people! I think I’m ready to show a fan game that I’ve been working on since I registered here and some of us started to talk about a futuristic blade runner-style Zelda drenched in delicious neon. I was like ”this NEEDS to happen!”. Sheikah’s Curse details the defeat of...
  26. MattWrites

    Breath of the Wild | Book One: Awakening

    "Vah Medoh" by ArtsyShionai Wherever Teba looked, he saw chaos. Plumes of smoke rose from recently quenched fires that marred the wooden platforms and staircases spiraling around the single, narrow mountain spire on which Rito Village was built. Feathers drifted lazily on the heated air...
  27. TheDragonHawk

    Majora's Mask

    A general discussion for all things related to Majora's Mask.
  28. D

    Zelda + Pokémon.

    http://imgur.com/yObdwo4 No:fi:
  29. D

    Favorite scenes\parts in the series?

    My favorites are: Majora’s Mask: Running around Clock Town Final Battle Wind Waker: First island and town Forsaken fortress revisited Twilight Princess: Midna’s introduction Midna’s Lament The final part with Ganondorf and Puppet Zelda Skyward Sword: The final part with Demise and...
  30. RedDevilRuler

    What is missing in BOTW?

    In BOTW one of the defects of the game is the lack of variety of enemies and the lack of the possibility to dive into the sea or the lakes you hear! What do you think about it? I'm sorry for the repost!
  31. D

    Finish The Wand of Gamelon Intro Before A Mod posts.

    Rules are simple, one person starts the intro and one person follows behind. If a Admin, Mod, Staff Member or Myself posts, you have to start over. If you think something will make the game better or have questions, just comment. Here’s the intro if you need it: The King Harkinan: Zelda, Duke...
  32. D

    Had a dream about Zelda DLC once.

    This was when Breath of the Wild was getting DLC, I’m not sure about the time. Anyway, my dream took place when Nintendo was still making games on the WiiU. Skyward Sword HD came out and they created a DLC for both SSHD & TPHD. (I guess my dream forgot about Wind Waker) The SS DLC took place...
  33. D

    What if Smash Bros had Zelda Assist Trophies Amiibo?

    Don’t know which thread to post this under ,but I think this will do. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/pX9fAnn
  34. Jimmu

    Bringing Zelda to Mobile

    Given that Nintendo has been increasingly moving toward mobile development in recent years, there has been rumour that the Zelda series will have some kind of game or application developed before long. Do you think that you could enjoy a Zelda mobile game? Do you think they'll do it? I...
  35. B

    My Music Analysis of "Ganondorf Battle" from Wind Waker

    Hi all! I have a new episode of Music Design out, this time based on Wind Waker's final boss battle with Ganondorf. I want to remain unique from other Youtube series in that I re-create the song from scratch and analyze each piece of the song. I hope you enjoy!
  36. gerard white

    Barinade (Zelda Ocarina of Time remix album)

    (deleted post. sorry, dont know how to delete a topic or post)
  37. S

    Fallout 76-esque Zelda?

    So I was thinking of getting fallout 76, and then I suddenly thought of it being on the switch, and then it got me. What if Zelda switch had the same multiplayer stlle as fallout? Tried force heroes wasn't the greatest, but 4 swords adventures was fun, but not that amazing, so multiplayer will...
  38. SpiritOfTheHero

    Spoiler The Reincarnation Theory - Spirit of The Hero

    So, not sure if it'd be considered spoilers but to anyone who hasn't played Skyward Sword, then spoilers, I guess? Also, fair warning.... this is a 10-page document coming your way down below, so if you're not much of a reader then feel free to read at your own leisure. An Analysis of The...
  39. HenrikoMagnifico

    TFH The most beautiful Zelda song?

    Hello! I've been making lists of my favorite VGM for years, and I've finally concluded which song in the Zelda series is the most beautiful (in my opinion). It was really hard to decide, and I was going between Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing - until I finally decided. The result was...
  40. SpiritOfTheHero

    What country is The Kingdom of Hyrule based on?

    So, what country does everyone think Hyrule is supposed to be based on? I don't think it's Oriental as Hylians have Christian like characteristics, The Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time and earlier LoZ games have a Christian theme. The Book of Magic in The Legend of Zelda even has a cross on it...
  41. Wazurau


    I myself do OoT speedruns. Any of the rest of you guys speedrun any Zelda games?
  42. Castle

    Why Did No One Believe Zelda's Prophesy?

    There's one glaring issue I take with Ocarina of Time. If Princess Zelda is commonly known as "the child of prophesy" and Princesses of the royal family named Zelda are historically known to have divinations, then why is it that no one believes Zelda when she says Ganondorf is going to betray...
  43. R

    Help Make BotW's Guardian a Real Lego Set.

    Hey Zelda fans, I recently uploaded a project to Lego Ideas featuring the Guardian Stalker from Breath of the Wild. If it gains 10,000 supporters, The Lego Group will consider making it a real Lego set. You can find the project here...
  44. SuperNintendoLand

    Super Nintendo Land Project | A Stand-alone Nintendo Theme Park

    Hello everybody! I have come here to present a project of mine which you may be interested in. This is my idea of what a perfect, fully Nintendo, theme park would look like. This includes Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, and (yes) Sonic. Please check out the link which shows the many rides...
  45. M

    My way to play all zeldas on 2018

    This is how I want to play all the games using the least amount of consoles possible, but in the best way, in an accessible way and without having to invest in retro gaming. Singular Timeline: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword- Wii U(wiiVC) The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap -...
  46. katakatak

    zelda and chill. relaxing OST mix from the zelda series

    hi guys, long time lurker here. I had posted this over in the Zelda subreddit and it got alot of love (almost 5k views!). I wanted to share it here. Please let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm_VB7FGX2Q
  47. D

    Best order divine creature

    Hello ! What is the best order for the divine creature in BOTW ? Me I did this : Vah'Ruta Vah'Naboris Vah'Rudania Vah'Medoh What about you ? (Sorry if I've made mistakes, I'm french)
  48. J

    Hyrule Legends - An addendum to the trilogy of books

    Hey oh, long time Zelda fan here, I normally don't frequent forums much though. So I've got both Hyrule Historia and Art & Artifacts, am eagerly awaiting for Hyrule Encyclopedia. Other than that, I recently bought Hyrule Warriors Legends Prima Guide and I must say I'm a bit disappointed. You...
  49. nick27584

    Favorite Zelda Parody?

    Post your favorite Zelda Parodies here. This one is a little inaccurate but they set it up to be really funny!
  50. Bailoo

    Interesting theory about before SS

    Just curious: In Skyward sword, a Tingle doll is in Zelda’s room in Skyloft’s Knight Academy, yet we neither see or hear of Tingle at all. Now don't get all crazy and stuff, It's just a random thought, but could this mean that Skyword Sword shouldn't be the first game on the timeline? I mean...
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