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Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
Favourite: While I like many dungeons throughout the Zelda series, one that really stood out for me was the Great Bay Temple of MM. I generally love the water flow manipulation concept of the GBT, and Gyorg, the boss, is challenging, which I welcome. The Stone Tower Temple comes in a close second only because it has very good puzzles but tends to drag on, especially if you're collecting the Stray Fairies!
Least Favourite: I can't stand many of ALttP dungeons, but the one I absolutely despise is Misery Mire. I always get lost in there, and I find it to be very frustrating mainly because of its traps.


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Dec 30, 2011
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My favorite temple is the Spirit Temple from OoT. I find it fun to go around rooms with interesting puzzles, specially when you get the Mirror Shield.

My least favorite one is Level 7 (Eagles Tower) from LA. Too much rooms with hidden paths. It was like doing a rubiks cube. The rooms were not aligned, they had random paths to other rooms that were way far from the point you were on the map. FRUSTRATING finding your way at the start when you didnt had the map.


I'll go the way of Egregious and give the best and worst of ones I've played - only my top three, though.

Ocarina of Time, best - Forest Temple and Shadow Temple. These two have one thing in common that I love; the creep factor. Both soundtracks for the temples set my hair on end, and I love that. But aside from that, the Forest Temple does an amazing job at setting the bar for the temples to follow; you know right off that they're only going to get harder, more challenging and potentially more frightening. There's not a lot that I don't love about that temple - especially the boss battle. The way you're implemented to fight Phantom Ganon is not only unique and creative, but it's nerve wracking. I like when a game makes me anxious and jumpy at the thought of missing my target, and my target hitting me. The Shadow Temple isn't far off in the fact that I love everything about it, as well. The foreboding boat right is excellent. Plus, the soundtrack... oh, the soundtrack. The drums send it over the top, really. Because think about it, Bongo Bongo is playing you a little song, the closer you get to him. Bongo Bongo used to terrify me, as a child - I couldn't fight him, my grandmother had to, which is another reason I love him more now, as an adult.

Ocarina of Time, worst - The Spirit Temple. This was very hard for me, because in all honesty... I love every single temple in Ocarina of Time, and it's hard to find flaws. But, I will say that going back and forth through time, and having to go all the way to the Temple of Time and then all the way back, got a little frustrating sometimes. But that's about it.

Majora's Mask, best - Stone Tower Temple. While, again, I love all the temples, this one is my absolute favorite and it has no rivals. Not only because of the challenge, and again... the creep factor, but also because you have to actually turn the temple upside down to finish it. And even though it's only upside down, it feels like a totally new temple. I love the mini-bosses, the boss, and everything else about it. But my favorite thing of all is the soundtracks for both the regular and inverted temple. I could listen to those two tracks until the day I die.

Majora's Mask, worst - Same reason as before, this is hard... but I'll have to go with Snowhead. Only because the temple absolutely stumped me, when I was younger. And I actually didn't play for months, because I simply couldn't figure it out. I had the annoying habit, every time I played, of knocking out the central pillar wrong and making it impossible for myself to reach the boss chamber. So, I would have to start all over. But, that's the worst thing.

Twilight Princess, best - Twilight Palace. I love the look, feel and sound to this temple. The soundtrack was beautiful, the scenery in Twilight (in general, not just the palace) was gorgeous, and it's where I spend most of my time, lollygagging about, when I play the game. Plus, those Zant Hands freaking creep me out. The music is horrid! I always get so panicked and flustered, I drop the Sol in the wrong place and very nearly lose it. But it's just something that I love.

Twilight Princess, worst - There are actually several temples in Twilight Princess that I wasn't fond of. But City in the Sky and Water Temple were the worst! I hate, hate, hate the Water Temple. It's over complicated, confusing and nothing short of a labrynth. There's having a challenge, and then there's too much of a challenge. I love the boss, though. By the time I reach Morpheel, though, I'm ready to throw the controller through the screen. City in the Sky is just flat-out annoying. While the boss is good (like most of the bosses in Twilight Princess are) the temple itself is so far from lacking, it's not even funny. I hate the open floor, I hate the ridiculous puzzles, I hate those stupid Helmasaurs that seem to be everywhere, and I hate the music. The music is annoying and weirds me out... and not in the good way. Those freaky Oocoo noises get really old, really fast.
Jun 16, 2011
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Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple. This is the only temple I look forward to entering, and I like how it's the only forest dungeon that doesn't have swampy surroundings. The music, ghostly enemies, twisted corridors and boss give this dungeon a really mysterious and creepy feeling.

The Wind Waker: Tower of the Gods. It's unique in the sense that the whole dungeon is a test by the gods.

Twilight Princess: I hesitate between the Arbiter's Grounds, City in the Sky and Snowpeak Ruins. All three dungeons really provide a challenge, yet I like AG for its Egyptian-tomb atmosphere, miniboss & boss, CitS for its boss and the fact that I like the idea of cities in skies (the film Laputa: Castle in the Sky) and SR for its uniqueness. Hyrule Castle comes in as a close second, because it, to me, feels unique too, and it's the first time the actual castle serves as a dungeon (meaning without becoming a dark version of itself like in Minish Cap, a stronghold for Ganon like in Ocarina of Time or a mini-dungeon of sorts in A Link to the Past).

The Minish Cap: Palace of Winds. Same reason I chose City in the Sky in TP.

A Link to the Past: Palace of Darkness. The boss is the most epic one in the game.

OoT: Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly. The whole place just felt too weird for me.

TWW: Forsaken Fortress. The 1st visit, where you have no sword and those ruddy Moblins capture you, is just irritating.

TP: This was hard for me but Palace of Twilight. I don't know why, but I just thought this dungeon could be better and more challenging, after the Sol quest. I would have liked to be able to speak to the Twili as well, and why didn't they put in those Giant Shadow Beasts as a mini-boss, instead of a phantom of Zant?

TMC: Deepwood Shrine. The boss was what made me choose this dungeon.

ALttP: Skull Woods. The layout, the enemies, THE BOSS BATTLE. The whole thing is hell.
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My favorites will have to be:

A Link to the Past: Tower of Ganon. I like the length of it, not to mention the difficulty getting through there.
A Link to the Past: Ice Palace. Surprised? I would be but I liked this dungeon. It was challenging and I was able to complete the dungeon block puzzle without the Cane of Someria.
Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple. I like the puzzles, you get the one of the most used items in that temple and the atmosphere, as well as the boss was epic.
Majora's Mask: Stone Tower Temple. Great Music, Great Boss batte. Loved it.
The Wind Waker: Tower of the Gods. Basically the only temple I liked in Wind Waker. Great music, you get one of the most used items in that temple. Didn't like the boss battle though...
Twilight Princess: Celestia, the City in the Sky: I liked the atmosphere, the item was useful in there, and the boss battle was awesome.
Skyward Sword: Ancient Cistern. Best Water Temple in the series, imo. It was easy to navigate and the boss battle was epic.

My least favorites will have to be:

A Link to the Past: Desert Palace. Too short for me imo. I beat it in under 7 mins. Its not a bad dungeon, its just too short, imo.
Ocarina of Time: Dodongo Cavern. No dungeon music and the dungeon item shouldn't have been a dungeon item. Boss battle was fun though.
The Wind Waker: Forbidden Woods. I hated this dungeon. The music was boring and the boss battle was way too easy. Also, I hated using the Deku Leaf a lot in that dungeon. I hated that item.
Twilight Princess: Temple of Time. I was disappointed at this temple. Bad item and a mediocore boss battle. The only good thing about this temple was the Middle-Boss Battle.
Phantom Hourglass: Temple of the Ocean King. Revisiting that same temple and going against time was annoying and boring, imo.
Skyward Sword: Earth Temple. Same as Ocarina's Dodongo Cavern but replace Dungeon Music with boring Boss Battle.
Skyward Sword: Sky Keep. Disappointing. No Dungeon item and no boss battle. A poor final temple in a Zelda game, imo.


My fav? thats a tough call. I guess it would be the forest temple in OoT. Mostly the music and mysteriously abandoned atmosphere.

My least favorite.....the Lakebed temple from Twilight Princess. Not only is it frustratingly hard, If my memory serves me right it's music is ambient and forgettable (as is most temple themes in the game), and theres an obvious cosmetic problem in the main room that drives me insane:
When you change the direction of the staricase in the main room, Link hangs too low and his legs go through the stairs. It would be okay to me if it only happens once, but you have to repeat the process several times


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Dec 19, 2011
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I really can't remember every single dungeon from the Zeldas I have played, but which first comes in my mind is the Great Palace. That place is just urrrrrggh, and it makes you go URGGGH, and finally you're like URGHHHHH!!!!!! 'Nuff said. Other places I wouldn't care to pay a visit, are the Forsaken Fortress, that place was just so boring!, and City in the Sky, I HATED that place with every cell in my body.
My favourite dungeon though... Can't think of any really, but I did enjoy the Water Temple and Stone Tower Temple, I don't understand how people can hate those places so much! I mean, a little bit of work for your brain is always good, and you can always use the internet if the dungeon's all too much to bear... But no, I don't think I have a particular ABSOLUTE favourite dungeon, no, not really.
And yes, even though I loved the Water Temple, I still can't stand the Lakebed Temple for some reason... It took AGES to find the boss key and to lower and higher the water constantly. As well as The Palace of Twilight was HORRIBLE due to the Zant's hands I never couldn't make it past the rooms, until I asked my sister's fiancee for help... And ofcourse Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly, the only child dungeon I almost rage quit the game.
AND NOW I KNOW!, actually the Ancient Cistern and Sandship, and Lanayru Desert and Arbiters Grounds as a whole were quite entertaining. Maybe those are my favourites?
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My favorite temple has to be the Shadow Temple. I love the creepy atmosphere and I love how you have to use the Eye Of Truth to easily find hidden pathways, platforms,etc. I also liked the fact of the boat that is in that one particular area.
Oct 3, 2012
Barnegat, NJ
Favorite: Snowpeak Ruins (TP) - I think the concept of a dungeon being someone's house was really neat. And the atmosphere of the mansion, and how you got there, was really fun.

Least-Favorite: One of the dungeons in the original that have a million wizrobes and dark nuts in every room (it's one of the last ones, forget the name).
Oct 16, 2012
I really luv the Sandship thingy in skyward sword, but I also really luv the forest temple from OOT. The dungeon/temple I hate the most would be the OOT water temple for sure! No matter how many times I play OOT, I can NEVER remember how to beat it! I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!



Oct 24, 2012
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The answer to this one comes with no doubts: the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time! Few other dungeons have captivated me and set my imagination aflame in the same way that bizarre and perplexing forest mansion has. Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple stands as my prime example of what I love most about the series; that palpable feeling of awe and wonderment that certain places in Hyrule possess. Mysterious places seemingly seeped in history. The Forest Temple is just one of these places. Of course, it is also one of the most solidly designed and enjoyable dungeons in that whole game.

I've long wanted to write a fan fiction trying to explain the existence of the Forest Temple. Who built it? Who lived there? Why build it deep in the Lost Woods, in the Kokiri's back yard? Who were the Poe Sisters in life, and what were their affiliations with the place? Why was it abandoned and left to ruin? and why do the undead haunt its halls?

I remember it took me ages to reach the adult portion of the game, and the whole time I would visit Saria in the Sacred Forest Meadow and look up at the broken stairway and wonder what mysteries lay beyond that dark threshold. I was so elated when I finally stepped through that dark threshold to crawl over every inch of that surreal place for myself only to realize that the temple holds so many untold mysteries!

Only Twilight Princess's Snowpeak Ruins comes close to capturing the same feel of the Forest Temple and I was glad to see something so similar in that title. Theories prevail but one things for certain, the mysteries of those ruins will continue to captivate!


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Aug 11, 2011
The Lost Woods
My favorites: The Ancient Cistern, Arbiter's Grounds and Snowpeak Ruins. If there's on thing I loved about Twilight Princess, it was it's dungeons and I can say similar for Skyward Sword. I enjoyed the designs the creators used for the dungeons creations. The Ancient Cistern combined three of my favorite things, water, poison and dark crap, like the zombies. The Arbiter's Grounds I just found fun, especially after acquiring the spinner. Snowpeak Ruins was a very unique dungeon because it was someone's house. I'd like to see a few more dungeons with that kind of uniqueness.

My least favorites: I can't really think of one.
Nov 2, 2012
favorite: The forest temple in Twilight Princess, a perfect length for a dungeon.
least favorite: Wind temple in Wind Waker, the giant fan room was hell.
Jun 20, 2011
My favorite would have to be Ganon's Tower from A Link to the Past. It's the hardest dungeon in the game! Or maybe Dark Hyrule Castle from Minish Cap.
My least favorite would vary with my mood and which game I am playing. Either it is the Temple of the Ocean King when I am stressed, or Wing Dungeon in Oracle of Ages because I could never beat the (shift+random numbers on the top row of my keyboard between 1 and 8 inclusively) boss.

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