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  • Black Star is kind of obnoxious and Soul, I dunno, he has attitude or something at times...Stein's the only guy I really like myself.

    Hmmm, maybe there were 52, I can't exactly remembered...watched through them all a few weeks ago now.
    Hmmm, Spirit and Death the Kid are alright characters as well, yeah. I've only watched all of the Anime myself, think there was 51 episodes in all or something. Good that you're doing fine though...
    *Clicks the screw running through his head in place* Hmmm, oh, hello there...I'm doing alright, thanks. I watched all of the Soul Eater Anime on Netflix a week or so ago now, too a liking to Stein and as such he's my most recent theme, most people agree I pull it off nicely...what with dissecting people and everything, hahah. But anyways, how are you doing?
    Oh, you cosplay? Do you sew your own outfits? I kinda want to get into cosplaying, but it can be an expensive hobby. xD

    I'm actually going out of town to see some of my old friends for the night, have dinner, go to a costume party at a bar. I think it'll be fun.

    Also, my avatar is a character from Loveless. I can't recall what the guy in your avatar is named, but I do remember him being obsessed with "Loveless", and I enjoyed that a great deal.
    haha! yes, I have seen that. In fact, I posted it on the music thread a couple days ago. Killah Bee is my favorite Jinchuriki- see what I did there. Rap, yo- fool
    Like no other. Okami's so awesome, and Lechku's seriously one badass owl.

    I'm doing fine. I've enjoyed your posts so far, keep it up!
    Yeah, go to Watch Movies Online For Free | Your #1 Online Movie Experience | Veoh and search something like Sailor Moon Episode 1 English Dubbed. I actually watched the entire 1st season and 3/4 of the second season online before I got the entire series for my birthday. There's a user on there that has the entire series plus the movies uploaded. Her name is Deepia, I think.
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