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Favorite/Least favorite Dungeon


Darkest of all Dark Links
Oct 28, 2012
Favorite? Hyrule Castle (TP). God I love DarkNut battles.

Least favorite? The Earth Temple in Wind Waker....God I got sick of playing the Wind Waker.


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Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Pretty much my favorite dungeon out of all the Zelda games is the Shadow Temple from OoT, Hyrule Castle from TP, and SnowPeak Temple from TP

They were exciting, full of suspension, and chills down your spine. I really enjoyed playing the temples at first experience and it's kinda hard at first, but it's worth exploring and experiencing it.

My least favorite dungeons has got to be the Water Temples. I hate those temples. Its confusing, irritable, and too much floors. They're fun, but it's too much up and down to go through. I always need a video Walkthroughs for these dungeons.

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
These are subject to change.

Favorite: Arbiter's Grounds from TP.
This place was very well themed and was a great shoutout to it's predecessor in the timeline, OoT. Considering people came to the mirror of twilight to be exhiled, I assume the Arbiter's Grounds was a prison or some sort of holding facility for said prisoners. And the thing is, that's exactly what it looks like, an abandoned prison for the worst of the worst. There are torture devices everywhere signifying the harshness of the type of prison it used to be. The amount of sand, like the Lanryu Mining Facility, does a great job of showing the desolation and age of the forgotten place. And of course,the amount of undead enemies really makes you feel that many souls died here. This temple was not a shout-out to one, but three temples in OoT (the Forest Temple, The Shadow Temple and the Spirit Temple). And not only was it amazingly themed, but it was just plain fun to do: the puzzle solving of the poes was intriguing as it brought the nostalgia of OoT while adding a new twist, Death Sword was a great miniboss incorporating the use of both being a wolf and human, manipulating the Spinner was one of the most innovative experiences I've seen in the Zelda series, and of course, Stal-Lord which is a favorite among Zelda bosses. All in all, it was a good temple in every category. (With difficulty arguably being the exception, this is TP after all)

Least Favorite: The City in the Sky from TP
This temple was so anti-climactic it wasn't even funny. All that build-up you were given to see an ancient city and... there's was hardly anything to it. For one thing, the place didn't look like a city. Yes it was supposed to be the ruins of a city, but even fixed up, I couldn't see how people lived there. The gameplay to it was really boring, too much waiting and watching involved, even with the double clawshots. The puzzles were more annoying than they were creative as you generally failed because you didn't look in the right spot. The atmosphere is really what gets me though. It's not that the place didn't accomplish the atmosphere it was trying to set, just that the atmosphere it was trying to set sucked. Desolate, creepy (but not Shadow Temple creepy, just weird creepy) and alone. It was like you were in a museum and there was no one to help you nor any references so you don't know what's going on at all. Atleast in the other temples that had an unknown histories, there were a good amount of clues to keep you intrigued as what actually went on there. And that music... just... no. So annoying on my ears.


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Sep 16, 2011
Favorite: Stone Tower Temple From Majora's Mask

I really love this dungeon. Not just because of the awesome music, but also because I see it as MM's way of taking everything you've learning and using it together. Throughout the entire temple, there are rooms and puzzles which require you to use the masks you've collected to continue onward. For the most part, you also have to use a lot of the items that you've collected in the previous dungeons. I also like how Nintendo put the 'eerie' dungeon towards the end of the game. After all, Majora's Mask is a pretty disturbing game; you have three days to prevent death upon an entire town. Anyways, putting the more creepy temple was a good move, in my opinion. If it were in the middle or at the beginning, it'd be kind of a turn off for me... Since Majora's Mask is kind of an eerie game on it's own, Stone Tower Temple being at the end was like saving the best for last. Plus, even though the boss was kind of lame, who doesn't like being a giant?

Least Favorite: Temple of Time From Twilight Princess

To be honest... It really just didn't make any sense to me. Why did walking through a magic door make the forest turn into the Temple of Time? When did the Temple of Time get so freaking big? Not to mention the item you get in there, the Dominion Rod, does practically nothing... Like... You use it to move statues for the rest of the dungeon and then to get to the City in the Sky... That was it... That really bugged me. I didn't really care for the boss, either. I found squishing a giant spider to be a little boring...
Oct 26, 2012
Fav: Temple of the Ocean King in PH. Original and inventive in addition to the added rush of a race against the clock. :) Also, Skyview Temple in SS. Imo, the ultimate Zelda puzzle.

Least: Fire Sanctuary in SS. Simply because of the underground worm battles. Every single temple in MM.

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Go to Hell 4 Heavens Sake
Dec 6, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
My favorite dungeon in the series has got to be Sandship from ss, I loved this dungeon because it was a cool concept that in my opinion was executed very well, I really liked the past parts up on deck and loved shooting all the bokoblins, It was a cool dungeon that utilized the bow in ways that hadn't been done before.

As for my least favorite I'd have to say the City in the Sky from TP, this dungeon right from the start got nothing but hatred from me, the puzzles weren't all hard but there were a few that were difficult which would have been good but when I got done with them instead of feeling accomplished I just felt frustrated by the poor design. Also I didn't care for the boss or miniboss, Aerofos was all right but Argorak was just plain stupid, the concept was good but like most if not all of TP's bosses he was just too easy.


Sheikah Warrior
Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Favorite: Spirit Temple OoT - I adore the Geduros and in OoT that temple was just amazing to me. If I get to use the power arrows and longshot in a temple multiple times, I love. Twinrova as the boss is also very fun and replayable for me, the joy at obtaining the Mirror Shield x)

Least: Shadow Temple OoT - Simply because I muted the tv if I ever beat it, I hate ReDeads with a passion and the Lens of Truth being used all the time bothered me. It is easy too, Bongo Bongo wasn't much of a challenge.

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Sage of Ice
Dec 8, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
Best Dungeons by Theme

There are lots of forest dungeons, fire dungeons, water dungeons, etc. But which one is your favorite?

Forest Temple in OoT. Other forest dungeons felt more forest-y but this one I had the most fun doing and thought had the best design and sense of atmosphere.

Fire Temple in OoT. Seems like alot of people find this dungeon boring but I thought it was alot of fun. You get to rescue gorons and fight a dragon.

This one's a little harder to choose but I'm going to say the infamous Water Temple in OoT. The raising and lowering of water levels I didn't find to be nearly as bad as people make it out to be. The only thing I didn't like was the constant putting on/taking off the iron boots. I guess I like the design and atmosphere of it and the challenge of solving a big puzzle.

Arbiter's Grounds in TP. The runner-up would be Shadow Temple in OoT. I just found Arbiter's Grounds more fun for some reason. I get the impression that OoT's Shadow Temple tried too hard to be scary.

Stone Tower Temple. in MM I enjoyed using the light arrows and flipping the temple upside down.

Snowpeak Ruins in TP. I enjoyed the whole mansion and the area surrounding it. It offered a good challenge without being overly infuriating (Ice Palace in ALTTP).

Goron Mines in TP. Lanayru Mining Facility is a close second.

Sandship in SS.

I haven't come across into many of these. Although it could be kind of annoying at times, I'll go with City in the Sky in TP.


Apr 22, 2011
Forest: Forest Temple TP, loved the little thing going with the monkeys, also like how they added some wind.

Fire: Dragon Roost Cavern from TWW for my part, I liked how they designed the dungeon within a volcano just like the Fire Temple from OoT except that it wasn't as temple-like but more cavern like.

Water: I'll have to go with the Great Bay Temple from MM, loved the current based puzzles, ice arrows and Zora Link.

Shadow: I think that the Shadow temple from OoT it had the perfect image of what a Shadow Temple should be, illusions, traps and zombies.

Light: Temple of Time in TP, I think it's the only dungeon fitting this theme.

Ice: The Ice Cavern in OoT was IMO a lot more fun than any of the "real" dungeons that are supposed to be ice based. :xd:

Technological & Desert
: Arbiter's Grounds from TP, not only was the place crawling with skeletons and sand traps but also had a nice portion that was quite technological with the spinner which is why I put these two together.

Wind: It's a tie between the Palace of Winds from TMC and Wind Temple of TWW, if I really have to pick then TMC because it was harder. :bleh:

Arbiter's Grounds in TP. The runner-up would be Shadow Temple in OoT. I just found Arbiter's Grounds more fun for some reason. I get the impression that OoT's Shadow Temple tried too hard to be scary.

IMO Arbiter's Grounds are far from shadow themed, they are more Desert + technological & a little bit of spirits inspired by the Forest Temple Poe sisters from OoT. =\

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Dec 6, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
Desert: Sandship Skyward Sword: My favorite dungeon of the series, the Sandship wasn't exactly a desert themed dungeon but it was in a desert themed area so it counts :P! Yeah I really liked this dungeon especially the shootout with the Bokoblins!
Earth: Earth Temple Skyward Sword: This is sort of a fire temple but I'm going down the list of themed dungeons on Zelda Wiki, so this is under Earth Dungeons so... Yeah I really enjoyed this dungeon and really liked the rolling ball parts, echoes back to Super Mario Galaxy but thankfully easier. :)
Electric: Lanayru Mining Facility Skyward Sword: I don't really care for this Dungeon but you know it's alright, better then the other ones unless you want to count Sandship again. :)
Fire: Fire Sanctuary Skyward Sword: In case it isn't obvious I really like the Dungeons in Skyward Sword, and Fire Sanctuary has got to be my second favorite of the game I thought it was just a very well made dungeon, and while nothing really stands out to me as being epically amazing but it did everything very well in my opinion.
Forest: Forest Temple Ocarina of Time: It was difficult choice between this and Skyview Temple, but I had to go with this one, it was just a better made dungeon, the mini-boss battle throughout the dungeon was a clever addition to the dungeon.
Ice: Snow Peak Ruins Twilight Princess: I HATE ICE DUNGEONS!!! The only reason I pick Snow Peak Ruins is because Ice Cavern was too small, and Snowhead Temple is my least favorite in the series second only to City in the Sky.
Light: Tower of the Gods Wind Waker: If this counts as a Light Dungeon I pick this, if not Ancient Cistern. I just really enjoyed Gohdan.
Shadow: Shadow Temple: Pretty good dungeon like the usage of the lens of truth, Bongo Bongo's pretty easy except when you run out of arrows...
Water: Water Temple Ocarina of Time: I love this dungeon, I really like how it was designed and didn't find it that difficult, was sorta annoying putting Iron Boots on, and Morpha was boring but other than that it was a sweet dungeon.
Wind: Wind Temple Wind Waker: I'd love to see more Wind Temples in future, but unfortunately the few that are in the series I absolutely hate the ones that exist, except this one which isn't terrible, but is boring, so... yeah.

Woof! That took forever. :D


Sage of Tales


The one in Wind Waker. I forget its proper title... The one where you go save Makar. It was imaginative and even a bit difficult.


Earth Temple in Skyward Sword. I liked making fun of Link's ability to roll along through lava on a stone ball without it burning his feet like a hot stone ball would in our reality.


Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask. I recall it being the first water-based dungeon I actually liked. I liked the gears in it and I liked taking it on as a Zora. The Ancient Cistern is a close second.


Shadow Temple of Ocarina of Time, hands down. It was full of bones, undead, guillotines, traps, walls covered in the blood of less lucky visitors to the temple... It was genuinely scary.


I am not sure. I seem to remember some of the Minish Cap duneons making use of light, but I don't recall any dungeons where it was a predominant theme...


Snowpeak Mansion. It's a spooky old mansion with old paintings and historical looking things! Also, cannons!


Lanayru Mining Facility. It made interesting use of the Timeshift Stones, elecrical gates and conveyor belts. It really felt like a lost technology processing facility.


Arbiter's Grounds. It had sucking sand pits, undead, and neat historical looking junk on the walls. It felt a little more like a massive tomb or palace than a former prison... yet it had the creepiness of an abandoned prison.


City in the Sky. It's an ancient city in ruins, with bizarre archecture, and helpful creatures that look like what happens when a human and a chicken find one of the "love springs" in the Xanth books. Also, dragon!

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