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Corrupt a wish!

Nov 28, 2011
Granted, but due to an error regarding homophones, you now have a small box attached to your lips.

I wish that I could punch Strom Thurmond's corpse in its face.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
Granted, but do to the nature of the future; They are all as bad as the CDi Zeldas because they come from an alternate future where Nintendo lets their game quality drop do to being broke.

I wish time-wimey mumbo jumbo made sense.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
Granted, but now you are Gaepora Kaepora and you "fought" in the Battle of Fire and Ice by telling Link what to do.

I wished I could escape from my depression.

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