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Big Brother 2.0 (RP Thread)

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Alright guys, here we go! You know the deal, so let's get to it!

All characters located in the spoiler tag below so once you get in, let the show begin!

My Character

Name: Cyrus Larkson
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'-1" and 170 lbs. Has fairly pale complexion, has medium short black spiky hair, and blue eyes. Wears greyish-white or black skinny jeans, various t-shirts, a black hoodie, and gloves.
Personality: Is fairly quiet and reserved but used to be incredibly exuberant as child. Still harbors some childishness in him.
Background: Was picked up at the age of 20 for drug possession. Rather than lock him up the government decided to use him for a secret experiment for nano-tech. They injected him with nano machines and studied his reaction. Everything was normal until 3 days after the test. The nano machines had detected an infection in his right arm and rather than combat it medically attacked it physically, slowly removing his arm from the inside out due to faulty programming. The experiment was closed, all information swept under the rug, and Cyrus was put back out into the world. In order to get revenge Cyrus acquired a bio-mechanical arm from the black market and used nano-tech to attach it and integrate it with his system as well as reprogram the nano-machines in his body.
Weapons/Equipment: Nano-machines in his body are programmed to produce large amounts of electrical energy that can be used in a multitude of ways such as augmenting muscle out put or nervous and sensory perception. Bio-Mechanical arm functions as a way to discharge electricity in a physical form as well as it's ability to produce up to 500 lbs. of force. Also has a standard .45 caliber pistol.
Skills: Smart and calculating. Also very athletic.
Faction: Non-government; Vigilante

Raindrop14's Character

Name: Veranda Atsucane
Age: 20
Gender: F
Appearance: Just past the shoulder black hair, regular garb of the time (jeans, red sweater...), dark red eyes, almost brown
Personality: Tough, will stand up for herself, extroverted, can't really make up her mind on things, but will pur her input in very quickly
Background: Her sister was Momiji Atsucane, who decided to obey the Big Brother government. But Veranda decided otherwise. She hated this taking over government, and she decided to rebel against it. Although she did not meet the same fate as her dear beloved sister, whom she admired after she'd learnt that her sister made a choice to rebel. She vowed that she'd avenge her sister, and finally get rid of this Big Brother government. She was only fifteen when it had started, and only once she'd not been caught in her doings. She worked secretly to muck up the governments equipment, infiltrate their "fortress" and foil their plans, and do her best to get rid of the tyrant government. She was confined in prison for three years after she rebelled. Some group got her out, and now she leads them against the government to overthrow the dictatorship.
Weapons/Equipment: Lazer gun and also a sword. She inherited the sword from her sister. Someone who was there after her death, who knew the both of them, brought it to Veranda.
Faction: Non-government rebel

Hylian_Monolith's Character

Name: Melica Arefaen
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: Auburn hair, golden eyes flecked with green. Wears dark jeans and a dark green jacket over a black tank top, as she's only just escaped from Miami.
Personality: Quick thinking and impulsive. Never considers safety or being careful. She's quite persuasive, but always prefers to fight.
Background: She never payed much attention to the government and its actions, but her sister, Lenyrin, did. Lenyrin tried to rebel against it, gathering a resistance in Miami, where they lived. The government killed the rebels brutally. They forced Meli to watch Lenyrin drown injured to show her what happened to rebels, and fearing that Meli would follow a similar path, tried to kill her. She narrowly escaped, and her left leg is prosthetic. Now, in New York, Meli's trying to stay beneath government notice but intends to continue gathering allies, as she did on her journey north.
Weapons/Equipment: Basic pistols, two of them. Nothing special... yet.(translation: I intend to upgrade them over the course of the RP)
Skills: Persuasion, mental and physical speed.
Faction:Anti-Government, the-word-for-the-people-who-gather-allies-goes-here.

woyogoyo's Character

Name: Liam
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Average height, average build, brown hair, brown eyes. Wears a t-shirt and worn jeans.
Personality: Depends on the mood I`m in.
History: Why should I tell you?
Weapons: Whatever`s available.
Skills: Improvisation, inventing, and creating
Faction: Anti-government. ( Inventor.)

musicfan's Character

Name : Will Glay
Aperance: Offical government clothing short but not buzzed cut brown hair 6' 11" glasses.
Personality: crual and controling.
Background: traind to get a confetion any way possible.
Faction: strongly tied to the goverment. After many losses and injuries he has many prosthetics although he can function just as well.
My character gets people to fight for them by threting them or things importent to them. (Generic bad guy)

Go_Skyward's Character

Name: Scars (once again, I'll just SAY this is his name, since we never got that far into the BB RP.)
Age: 26 (since this is 5 years later)
Gender: M (like normal)
Appearance: Wears a mask that covers his entire face and head that looks like this:
The only visible part of his face are his blue eyes. He wears a black jacket with the letters TS on the back. He wears blue converse and blue or black jeans.
Personality: rough and tough. Takes crap from no one. Gets the job done. Can be very caring for those in need when he is not at his job, although. This remains the same, but due to something that happened in my NEWish back story, he will be very bitter about people.
Background: (keeping most the same) His family was killed by the government when he was 15 because they felt he and his family could be a potential threat. They left him alive and he became a living science experiment. He was brainwashed to think that everyone was evil and worked for the government removing anyone that could be a potential threat to the government. About when he was 19, he regained his memories and killed everyone in his sector that he 'worked' with. After this, he realized that he could use these new memories to his advantage to avenge his family. He was in the rise-up or whatever and proclaimed dead, but really went into hiding and has not been seen since then. He is now very bitter because of the death of his comrade and the death of his previous lover, Sean (Chilfo Freeze's character). Sean was the only person he ever showed his real face to. Now, more than ever, he does not want anyone to see his pain stricken face, so he works even more overtime to avenger her.
Weapons/Equipment: A scientific sword that works as a boomerang. Looks like this:
He also uses a gun, lazer gun, if a normal pistol isn't fancy enough. He mainly uses the sword, though.
Faction: Visibly Anti-gov.

blue-eyes' Character

Name: Taylor Bennet
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long braided blonde hair with bangs that fall into her face often, brown eyes, tall, wears a blue shirt with a black jacket over it, jeans, blue earbuds, almost always in, and a laptop bag, holding her laptop, a small crescent shape scar around her left eye.
Personality: Brave, smart (like genius), very caring, jokes around sometimes.
Background: Grew up on constant surveillance, always hated it, and started to rebel. Her family was killed. In the 5 years, she worked on hurting the government, and working on her equipment. Barely escaped government. Is currently looking for Cyrus.
Weapons/Equipment: Laptop, untraceable, uses it to hack into things, a lot like Thomas. Has a watch that has a 3-d interface, like Iron Mans computer in Iron Man 2. Also has a pair of black gloves that can project electrical currents that she uses to incapacitate people. Gloves also can sprout 4 inch claws from the tops of the fingers, and can knock people out as well as stun them now (MOAR POWER)
Skills: Incredibly smart, is a skilled hacker, and excellent at free-running.
Faction: Non government.

masterSword2's Character

Name: Thomas Severson.

Age: 33

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6'2". Has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and wears glasses. Usually wears something like a black collared shirt and jeans.

Background: After his apparent "death" 5 years ago, Thomas went into hiding. He gave up on his hopes of rebellion, and started to live a normal life. However, Thomas began to realize that he could not sit around acting as though he belonged in a normal life. He has once again decided to rebel against the government, and is searching for his past comrades, and new ones.

Personality: With the events of the past behind him, Thomas has become extremely determined. He's still the friendly Thomas he was 5 years ago, but now with extreme motivation. He has sworn to bring down the government, or die trying.

Weapons/Equipment: He is completely incompetent with weapons (i.e. guns, knives, swords) but instead carries a laptop hidden in a backpack, that's untraceable by the government, on which he is able to hack into things (including the government, but to a lesser extent). At his apartment he has a desktop with the same qualities as the laptop.

Skills: He is an extremely talented hacker with lots of experience fighting the government. He is also very intelligent.

Faction: Secretly anti government, but seems like a pro government, law abiding citizen.

Zelda_Ali_Baba's Character's

Name: Soul (her name will be revealed later)

Age: 25 (since 5 years have passed)

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is 5’ 6” in height, a skinny, flexible build, with silver eyes and shoulder length, straight, pure white hair. Her skin is a very pretty shade of white, maybe even like porcelain. What she's wearing:

Personality: She can be somewhat quiet most of the time, and she’s a very good listener and advice giver. She is tough and doesn’t let people mess with her. She can be a “no nonsense” type of person sometimes, and is not afraid to get her opinion heard.

Background: After losing her best friend and running into some trouble with a guy, she left her home and decided to make a living for herself. She started figuring out how the Watchdog technology works and getting around it. Then, she found herself with a group of rebels. She is now presumed dead…but really, she went into hiding with another girl (my other character). Now she hides as well as she can, hoping that maybe her other friends are actually alive somewhere.

Weapons/Equipment: She has a pair of metal tonfa (http://img.alibaba.com/photo/542693306/Tonfa.jpg) that double as guns (so two weapons in one). When she went into hiding, the girl (Moon) gave her a high tech phone that cannot be traced but can do all sorts of things, like hacking, etc.

Skills: Fast and smart. Great at helping with coming up with strategies and REALLY good at combat. She is pretty good at working with technology.

Faction: Anti government; rebel

Name: Moon (she decided to have a cool name like Soul so lol)

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is 5’ 2”, skinny, her skin is somewhat dark, and she has red eyes. See spoiler for the rest of description:
Her hair looks like this but is WAY longer, reaches down to her thighs: http://i01.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/6...-Hair-Wigs.jpg
Her shirt is this, the one the girl is wearing, except the draped vest has red and black stripes: http://sliceofstyle.com/wp-content/u...drape_vest.jpg
She has black leggings and knee high boots.

Personality: VERY energetic, somewhat immature, and LOVES to talk. She likes to be sarcastic and is always ready to joke in a serious situation. She always seems to be smiling and loves making people feel better. But, she is terrible at doing things right. She always means well and tries her hardest to get things right, but even so, mistakes are often made and trouble brews.

Background: She was what the government called a “Moon Baby”. They chose her, an unborn child, for an experiment. They injected something called “Moon Dust” while she was still developing. Her mother died in child birth because of the experiment, but Olivia lived. But because her mother died, the government figured the experiment had failed and canceled any further trials. Little do they know, she has gained some skills from the experiment. After her mother died, her father, after almost starving and slightly beating her for two years, dropped her off in the roads. She was taken to an orphanage and went in and out of foster homes. When she was 8 years old, she was adopted. Four years later something terrible happened and as a result, her adopted family died and her adopted father was arrested. She ran away and lived with an older lady who taught her how to dodge the Watchdod systems. When she was 19, the older lady died and something big happened with a group of rebels. One of the rebels, named Soul, came and asked to go into hiding with her. They've been in hiding for 5 years.

Weapons/Equipment: This sword: http://nerdtrek.com/wp-content/uploa.../War-Blade.jpg but the writing and symbols are all red. She has a small hand gun (if that’s too simple, it could shoot “laser bullets”). As far as equipment, she has a special watch that allows her to hack systems, call people, and many other things.

Skills: Thanks to the Moon Dust, she has discovered she has enhanced senses, plus she has gained the ability to sense danger nearby. It also gave her a VERY high pitched scream which comes in handy quite often. She is very agile and a good fighter. She is pretty smart when she is not goofing around, and she is good at getting the job done.

Faction: Anti government; rebel.

Honestly I don't really know how to start this off so let's just say Cyrus is in a park in down town London, drinking coffee (since he did manage to get refuge in Europe). You guys can start wherever, meeting will definitely happen.

Enjoy :lol:


the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
Will was haveing a technician work on his prostatics. "I need the chip from 5 years ago."
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Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
Veranda was in her hide out, planning another infiltration. Most of her teammates that had accumulated were taken out over the past two years. She was now left with her security breaching specialist and her spy. They were both doing their own homework that she'd assigned them, and so she was left alone in the little shack on the outskirts of town. She needed not to be seen, else all her work would be tarnished. It was cold in her shack, with the wind blowing in from the cracks in the walls. But she had grown used to the cold, and thus was able to work under conditions like this. Veranda was making out the infiltration map, marking things on the map that her spy had given her for planning.


Why did the humans attack
Apr 5, 2012
Well, I must be somewhere!
(Yay for this starting! :D Very excited!)

She wasn't dead......she had never died. That's just what they all believed. And that's what she wanted them to believe.

At the moment, though, she was almost hoping she was dead as she spit out her dinner.

"ICK! Okay, it's official. I am the main cook from now on." Soul declared, pushing her plate across the table.
"Aw, cmon, Soul! Give me a chance! I never really got to cook, Ms. Renee always enjoyed doing that and she never got around to teaching me," Moon smiled sheepishly.
"But I've been practicing since then, remember? Granted, it's mostly when you're off...doing your own thing so you don't see me, but still!"

Soul shook her head and got up from the drab little table. Picking up the plate, she walked across the cold, cement floor to the small sink and threw her dinner down the drain.
"I'm going outside," she said at last. She walked to the chipped wooden door and quickly went out.

Moon huffed and picked up her spoon. It's not that bad... she thought to herself as she shoveled her food into her mouth. As she swallowed, though, she suddenly saw Soul's point. She chugged her water down and threw the rest of her food and dishes in the sink. With a sigh, she looked out the small, dirty window of their hideout and watched Soul disappear behind an abandoned house across the street.
Nov 24, 2012
Probably roleplaying
((where on earth are we?))

Melica fell down. Again. Swearing under her breath, she twisted her leg back into place and stood again. The wind chilled her through her jacket. I hate the stupid cold.


the shadow mage
Mar 6, 2011
Will took a chip out of his sholder. "Its been a long time since I had to watch one of my memories."


Nov 9, 2010
Thomas hit his fist against his desk in anger. "Another dead end! How many times is this going to happen?!" For weeks Thomas had been searching for information on the incident from 5 years ago. Just one piece of evidence that his former comrades were still alive was all he needed. "Looks like I'll be starting from square 1 again." Thought Thomas.


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Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
(I guess everyone is in London? Yolo.)

In the more run down streets of London, there was a small house. Not even a house really, just some old abandoned apartments. There he was. Scars. He had been moving from place to place, tracking down someone he knew. Any of his old comrades would do, really. He just wanted to know who was alive and who was truly dead. He had been in hiding, not wanting to come out until at least SOMEONE he knew was alive. But he thought he'd found it, here in London. Maybe... just maybe he had truly found one of them.

(eh. Meh reply but what can you do? :/)

Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Cyrus stepped out into the chilled winter air. January hit hard in England as he had come to learn quickly. He locked the door behind him and walked down the street. He lived in a quiet neighborhood, quaint even. Not many neighbors really, but it was nice to him. After what happened he needed the escape.

Cyrus walked down the street, heading for the grocery store. He needed to get some food and drinks to restock. Most of his time was spent sleeping these days since he had wired all the money he had stolen to off shore accounts that were untraceable.

"I'm a coward," he thought. "Too weak to really live, but too afraid to die."


Seek a door that carries a [9]
Mar 22, 2012
Nevada Test Site
(forgot to mention it... but here is a rough sketch of Scars I drew, ignore the quality because it's from my phone.)

Yes, I know, he looks like the next "villain" for the next Saw movie, I know, I know.

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