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  • yo dude. we were friends once upon a time. wow you have been gone two years. huh. hey we have the same birthday, that is cool.
    OK yeah, it's been about a year since we last spoke now... We still miss you, me and Mizzy. And Dagger misses Meli like crazy. He and my other guys went through a lot of character development while you've been gone, it'd be a lot more fun to RP with you now, I bet. You probably will like, never read this, so I don't even know why I'm writing this besides the fact that I can't sleep. And of course the hope that maybe you will read this and come back. But idk... Just plain miss you.
    Seriously bruh you have been gone WAY too long and I am getting seriously scared you committed suicide or something. PLEASE JUST COME BACK TO SAY SOMETHING BECAUSE BOTH ME AND MIZZY MISS YOU A LOT AND WE'RE BOTH SCARED SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU.
    Uhm, HyMo? It's been over three months since anyone last heard from you. We're all... getting worried. I don't know how to contact you properly, so... Please come back to ZD.
    Shannon, Vince and Xaviar follow Meli.

    Lance grips Kirinen's hand and walks with her.

    (Lol, I may write all my canon one of these days. .... one of these days.
    I disregard Xaviar and Vince sometimes. The characters I disregard the most are Mel, Krissy and Jupiter though...
    Really? Whoa... if you don't mind me asking, what is her current hair color? I have no idea what your characters look like aside from your black and white drawings... herm.
    Hmm. Not bad. I really like it. All you need to do is fix his head a little to make it more human and I'd be perfect, imo :3)
    Shannon shrugs, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Anyways, guess we should get a move on, huh?"

    "About bloody time." Vince mutters.

    "Woot!" Xaviar adds.

    Lance squeezes her hand again, "Let's go, then."

    (Lol, I love your series too ^.^. Well, of what I know of it... I'm sure you have a thousand aspects of it that still aren't explained.... like mine. Sigggggh, I had a Lance/High Chief shipping dream. It was trippy. But I am figure out more stuff about her and coming up with more bad guys, on the bright side ^.^
    Sweet :3
    trippy... trippy everywhere
    They both do that. Lance more often than the others. I seriously want to rewrite the pasts of Lance/Vince now since I've changed it.... It's been changed for about... a few months now. So. Beautiful. It explains very well why Lance and Vince are how they are eeee... I'm done fangirling over my own plot now. lol.)
    Shannon laughs, "Whatever, it so wasn't! heh heh."

    Lance looks at her, as if he reads her but realizes she is pretending to be okay, "Just... tell me if you need my help, okay?"

    (Yeah. It was a weird conversation... I'm trying to convince Mira to get on my form so you can talk to her.... since you are both big fans of my series.
    Yeah... trippy harbor seals... I kind of remember now... heh.)
    "That's east..." Shannon then points the correct direct of north, "That's north."

    Lance whispers to Kirinen, "you... alright?"

    (Interesting indeed. XD. Anyways, yeah, I guess that's enough for now... Unless you want me to throw in Shannon or Xaviar
    And my friend randomly said Xaviar should be the Jack of Hearts... all my lol. You can add that if you want to.
    Yeah. Gay Shannon. Then Mira and I went on about how if Shannon hit on Lance that Lance would smack him. And then if Shannon hit on Xaviar that Xaviar would have no idea what was going on and go along with it until Lance saved it. ....Then how Vince and Shannon get along a little too well and i'd get weird. yeah. yeah. I'm done XD. great minds think alike indeed XD
    Damned seals as in I have to finish mu pop up book for English were Lance, Shannon and Xaviar are seals... heh. It is... interesting to draw.)
    eeee yes
    you're getting there
    by the way, happy 4/13!
    today's the 4 year anniversary of homestuck :')
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