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Game Thread Amazing Fantasy: A Spider-Man Mafia Prequel [NIGHT 10--HIATUS]


aka amber
Jun 25, 2020
This would have been really helpful days ago when I suggested it but I'm like 90% sure we already lost we are just playing a game of which big bad beats us
i did say it was late >.>
to be fair i think it was already too late by the time i had the pieces but in my defense i have been trying to push the same agenda for days now, back when the possibility first came to light:p

Princess Abigail

Resident Juice Sipping Icon
Jun 26, 2020
i did say it was late >.>
to be fair i think it was already too late by the time i had the pieces but in my defense i have been trying to push the same agenda for days now, back when the possibility first came to light:p
UwU ily
Jun 17, 2020
KoD asked for $5mil in order to execute the mafia-town unification plan. Freddeh hasn't given it to him, although he's also been seemingly only half paying attention to the game in general. Its not likely that $5 mil can be generated without freddeh's assistance. If town wants a mafia-town unification they need to pressure freddeh into doing that. KoD could run away with the money, but there definitely won't be any unification unless its done.

KoD could probably stand to be more openl about what the $5mil is for, how the unification works, what the other requirements might be, and etc. I was under the impression that $5mil and my becoming a superhero were the two requirements, but I've since figured that its probably a misleading way to frame things. Freddeh could also stand to tell us how much money he has or whether or not him losing his money would have consequences beyond having a harder time activating his abilities. In general, it seems if there are issues with the transfer they could potentially be worked out through dialogue, but people keeping secrets relevant to the unification will make it harder to have that dialogue.

I don't have to win with mafia, i can win as self, but my odds certainly look a lot better if the unification happens, and so it would be my preference that its attempted, particularly since its not clear freddeh has been doing much for us anyways. For most town i imagine the gamble will be more significant because if KoD does take the money and use it to advance the agenda of the mafia they're worse off for it while i'm not. The fact that all the mafia have been outed probably does a lot to even the playing field in the worst case scenario where the mafia attempts to strongarm the town though.

There's probably a reason why Freddehs money is hid. He may not actually have 5 million. And if he does, it would still be a massive amount. And since your handing KoD a free win with no guarantees. You would probably need to cop his role pm before you could trust him. Can anybody do that?


King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018
If KoD goes into exile or prison at some point we can interview him with a lie detector if he's willing, but I doubt he'd be willing to do either.
Jun 15, 2020
The pair of Supervillains were defeated by the dynamic duo of Spider-Man and The Human Torch, but though the villains lay webbed up at their feet, the job was not finished. Electro's power spike was growing out of control, and it burned right through the webs! The heroes could spend time catching him again, but only if they ignored the power line that was overloading from the stress and going critical...

They made the choice to save lives and let Electro get away.

Electro's and Doc Ock's schemes are both reduced by 1.

Thankfully, the heroes were at least able to turn one of the villains over to the feds.

Andjalo, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus, has been Arrested! Due to almost blowing up the city, the District Attorney has decided to withhold bail for the time being.

But make no mistake, Bail or Not, the threat of the mad scientist with four metal arms has far from ended. No sooner does the genius Supervillain find himself behind bars does he start planning his escape... And next time he and Spider-Man meet, the odds will be decidedly in his favor, and the stakes six times as deadly...


Also, the game is unpaused. Thanks for your patience. Mod needed that break to play Spider-Man 2. :)


Day 7: Amazing First Vote Count

a.k.a. The "How Many Supervillains Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?" Vote Count

Storm (3): LittleGumball, dragonteacup, Princess Abigail
LittleGumball (1): Electro
dragonteacup (1): Electro
Princess Abigail (1): Electro

There are 17 available Standard Votes, so it takes 9 to reach a Majority. With 3 votes against, Storm Is at M-6.

Not Voting: Asfinyti, Asfinyti, Asfinyti, Captan_Lunch, Doc, Freddeh, HangryHangryHippo, KingofDominaria, lain, Ragnarokio, Rubik, Silverfish, Skystone, Spiritual Mask Salesman, Storm, Tevish Szat, Turin, Vroendal

Day 7 will end on Sunday, October 25th, at 10 AM Eastern Time (click here for an accurate to the second countdown timer).

  1. LittleGumball votes Storm
  2. Electro votes LittleGumball [404: Error, vote link not found]
  3. dragonteacup votes Storm
  4. Electro votes dragonteacup [404: Error, vote link not found]
  5. Andjalo votes dragonteacup and LittleGumball
  6. Princess Abigail votes Storm
  7. Electro votes Princess Abigail [404: Error, vote link not found]

Quick-Jump Links

<< Start of Day | < Last Vote Count | Game Status Post | Today's Daily Bugle | Next Vote Count > | End of Day >>
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King of Lorule Lounge
Jan 19, 2018



IT IS NOW DAY 7. Day 7's Deadline has been set for Monday, October 25th, at 10 AM Eastern Time.

Click here for an accurate countdown.


Storm (3): LittleGumball, dragonteacup, Princess Abigail
LittleGumball (1): Electro
dragonteacup (1): Electro
Princess Abigail (1): Electro

Currently CLOSED.

The Daily Bugle: Norman Osborn
Fisk International: Wilson Fisk
OsCorp: Norman Osborn
Roxxon Energy Corporation: Norman Osborn


Storyline 1: Gang War: Part 5 - "The War Ends!"

Storyline 2: Light the Night! (Continues)


Mod Note: Crossed-out player names represent previously held characters and do not count as being "a player in this pool" for the purposes of abilities and win conditions that care how many players are in a given pool.


  1. Asfinyti
  2. Asfinyti
  3. Asfinyti
  4. Captan_Lunch
  5. Doc (previously revealed as Aunt May Parker)
  6. dragonteacup
  7. Freddeh
  8. HangryHangryHippo
  9. KingofDominaria
  10. lain
  11. LittleGumball
  12. Princess Abigail (previously revealed as Betty Brant)
  13. Ragnarokio
  14. Rubik
  15. Silverfish
  16. Skystone
  17. Spiritual Mask Salesman
  18. Storm
  19. Tevish Szat
  20. Turin
  21. Vroendal

  1. Princess Abigail was the Mafia-Aligned Burglar, who cannot be bailed out
  2. Andjalo is Doctor Octopus, who cannot be bailed out

  1. Tevish Szat was the Origin-Aligned Radioactive Spider
  2. Stability was Origin-Aligned Mac Gargan
  3. Morbid Minish was Town-Aligned Flash Thompson
  4. Killjoy262 was the Mafia-Aligned Crime-Master
  5. Paranoid King was Town-Aligned John J. Jameson III
  6. TheCapsFan was Origin-Aligned Adrian Toomes
  7. ExLight was Mafia-Aligned Joseph Hammerhead

  1. Aaarrrgh
  2. Mint Elv

  1. Hello World
  2. DuskyBlue

  1. Nobody. Want to join the game? Hit me up.

Replacement Continuity:
PARANOID KING replaced NEOSILK, ANDJALO replaced DARKSTAR, & LITTLEGUMBALL replaced THEATOG (who appears in thread as "deleted member 97076" cuz he ragequit the entire forum)


  1. Day 1 Start | Stan 1.1 | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 1.2 | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count | Stan 1.3 | End of Day
    1. Night 1 Start | Tevish (the Radioactive Spider) dies | End of Night
  2. Day 2 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 2.1 | Second Vote Count | Stan 2.2 | Third Vote Count | Stan 2.3 | End of Day
    1. Night 2 Start | End of Night
  3. Day 3 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 3.1 | Second Vote Count | Excelsior! | Third Vote Count | End of Day
    1. Night 3 Start | He Who Watches... | End of Night
  4. Day 4 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Stan 4.1 | Stan 4.2 | End of Day
    1. Night 4 Start | Spider-Man vs. The Big Man (End of Night)
  5. Day 5 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count | Third Vote Count
    1. Night 5 Event
  6. Day 6 Start | First Vote Count | Daily Bugle | Second Vote Count
    1. Night 6
  7. Day 7 Start | First Vote Count


Ghost of The Roleplay Section
Sep 10, 2011
I dont think its physically possible to arrest KoD like ever
So our options are
A) we do that thing Tevish siggested where we arrest Spiderman (get it out of the way early)
B ) trying to figure out the Goblin Potion conundrum. If someone drinks a Golden Goblin potion, do they Become Self- Aligned?
C) we can try to lynch KoD failingly (last time it took literally every vote possible and he still walked away
D) lynch Asfinyti and therefore remove 3 threats from play
E)let KoD take over all the stocks
F) put a hold on making decisions until the Bugle is out
Z) Arrest Storm, throw away the key, and Throw away the Hole
ZZ) interrogate nicely and not use aggresive verbage

So no Hobgoblin yet
Green Goblin is MIA
Kraven isnt Cravin his Crasins
I assume Rhino needs to be arrested before he becomes the Rhino
Black Cat is a stray (please dont steal from me. You wont take my money first. Youll take my house. Then i need to spend 2 actions to earn money then sign onto Zillow. Its a hassle. Steal from century Club Members)

I wish we could have tested the May Parker is the Green Goblin Theory. I guess we'll know if all the guards die from those Wheat Cakes

Bedtime for all. Ill try to get an updated who is possibly who List

@Asfinyti i assume you were the " Aliens"
Is the Tinkerer a player or an NPC like Donald Duck?


Slammin' Salmon
Feb 25, 2013
hey thanks for the wire pal, i'd wire back but that would reveal more information than i'd like :)
to the person that asked me to role claim, you asked the worst person you could ask, i am so vehemently anti-claiming lmao. i prefer to keep my **** to myself. no dice

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