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  1. MikiTroy

    Ocarina of Time - Lost woods (My first remix)

    Hi there fellow Zelda's dungeonists! I composed an interpretation of the Lost Woods, in a state of quite positive nostalgia. I would love to have some of you hear it, as I don't have any friends that like this universe to share it with. (I don't have any real friends at all I would say, I am a...
  2. CpawsMusic

    Lanayru Desert Inspired Original Music

    Hey all! I got really inspired while playing through Skyward Sword again, especially in Lanayru Desert. So I made a piece right after finishing the section. Hope you all enjoy! https://youtu.be/GlLAfQtJQcg If you have any other level suggestions for inspired tracks, comment them below! :)...
  3. Jimmu

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    Sometimes many of us like to listen to music from video game soundtracks. So, what are you listening to and what memories are attached to it? Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES is one of my favourite games of all time. I have very fond memories of sitting down with my brother and two girls who...
  4. B

    My Music Analysis of "Ganondorf Battle" from Wind Waker

    Hi all! I have a new episode of Music Design out, this time based on Wind Waker's final boss battle with Ganondorf. I want to remain unique from other Youtube series in that I re-create the song from scratch and analyze each piece of the song. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Skip

    Name Your Jam

    Hey guys, What song is your life playing out to at this moment? Or, basically, what are you listening to these days??
  6. HenrikoMagnifico

    TFH The most beautiful Zelda song?

    Hello! I've been making lists of my favorite VGM for years, and I've finally concluded which song in the Zelda series is the most beautiful (in my opinion). It was really hard to decide, and I was going between Zelda's Lullaby and Song of Healing - until I finally decided. The result was...
  7. NateMillerErhu

    Hope this is okay to post this here - I made a cover of Dragon Roost Island with my Erhu.

    If this isn't an okay spot, please let me know which section I should head to <3 Thanks in advance. This is my first post here and I've actually never posted in a forum! Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this video! ^_^
  8. katakatak

    zelda and chill. relaxing OST mix from the zelda series

    hi guys, long time lurker here. I had posted this over in the Zelda subreddit and it got alot of love (almost 5k views!). I wanted to share it here. Please let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm_VB7FGX2Q
  9. Stormageden747

    Which Game Had the Best Music?

    Out of the many games in the Zelda franchise, which one had the best music? Why? What's your favorite tune from that game? Why? What's your favorite tune from all the games? Why? I'd say the game with the best music is BotW, because the ambient sound and the panio are beautiful. My...
  10. Reborn Gamers

    I tried remastering the series main theme...

    Tell me how I did! Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPghV4GcEAQ
  11. drpez12

    Tempo of Time: An Ocarina of Time Medley

    Hey guys, A couple of years ago I had a vision of creating a massive Ocarina of Time medley that recounts the classic story through music. With the help of a good friend, we set out on arranging the songs in the style of a prog rock epic, taking inspiration from some of our favorite bands like...
  12. Nicolai

    What Are Some of Your Favorite, Yet More Obscure Zelda Songs?

    We all know the Song of Storms, Lon Lon Ranch, Zelda's Lullaby, (in fact, pretty much anything from Ocarina of Time is well-known). There's also the famous Midna's Lament (TP), Final Hours (MM), Ballad of the Goddess (SS), any overworld theme, we all know 'em. Hardened Zelda fans here are...
  13. Mellow Ezlo

    ZD-i Music Competition: Round 1 - Voting

    Hey there, folks! Welcome to the voting stage of the first round of the new ZD-i Music Competition! This round was themeless, which meant participants were able to submit any piece of music in any style, with no parameters, meaning originals or covers were acceptable. I have three fantastic...
  14. Dcapo89

    Breath Of The Wild - Hateno Village (Piano Cover)

    Hey guys, I recently wrote and recorded a piano arrangement of the Hateno Village music from Breath of the Wild. It's easily one of my favorite tracks from the game and I think it works really well as a solo piano piece. I'll be making more zelda covers and taking requests if people are...
  15. J

    Selective Zelda OSTs?

    Hey all, I'm looking for Zelda OSTs but the problem is, I don't usually want the FULL OST with 70 variations of the same song (sorry SS). Does anyone have soundtracks that have a selective amount of songs while keeping all the good stuff? I'm speciffically looking for SS and TP buy anything is...
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