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  1. H

    The Legend of Zelda What are the meanest/*****iest/sassiest things Link has ever said in canon(game or otherwise)?

    So, I'm doing a thing, and I was thinking about it, and for a relatively silent guy who can be kinda mean and crucify Koroks, I don't think he has enough dialogue options to bully npcs. Especially in TotK. So why don't we talk about the meanest things Link has ever said, and also the funniest...
  2. fenechost

    How Many Times Did Link Actually Talk? Voices Unheard

    How Many Times Did Link Actually Talk? Voices Unheard Link, the protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series, is traditionally depicted as a silent character who communicates through actions rather than words. This design choice was made by the game's creators to allow players to project their own...
  3. Lady Urbosa


    Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I have quite a few questions concerning the main character, Link, and his past. Hopefully someone can answer them for me. Why was Link entrusted by King Rhoam as Zelda's personal knight? Why doesn't Link speak? Why does Revali have a rivalry with Link? Do...
  4. AstrothSounds

    Hidden Village - Remix

    Hey Guys :) Thought you might be interested in my new Remix of the Hidden Village stage in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0Djhi-n7AE IG: https://www.instagram.com/astrothsounds/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/astrothsounds
  5. T

    The Book of the Hero - The fires of war (looking for critiques!)

    Hey all, long time lurker first time poster here. Finally made an account as for the first time in many years of attempts, I'm finally writing somewhat regularly. A lot of this writing is focused on a stupidly ambitious project I've had in my head for years of trying to fill in much of the...
  6. Meissan

    Avatar i did for someones

    Hello, I present to you some avatars I made for some friends. i hope they are enjoy you :^^:
  7. G

    Breath of the Wild Here is a great botw documentary/theory!

    Here is a great botw documentary/theory! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNPTGQGe9RU&t=2077s Credits to Nintendoblackcrisis.
  8. S

    Wondering about the name of a Zelda fanfic I’ve forgotten the name of?

    The story seemed Kafei/Link (Kafei is from majoras mask) and last I saw it before it was deleted it was unfinished and the summary from what I remember was about an out of character adult Kafei living in stock pot inn with Anju and being skeptical about what is so special to Anju about the...
  9. CreeperMaster343

    Oh look, I have another story, this one is a Link x Navi High School AU, 'How things change'

    Oh look, another story from me, I really seem to be getting the ball rolling. Though it is my first multi chapter story. Summary: Link and Navi, best friends since they were 10, now having started High School have to navigate many different things, including bullies and popular kids, and...
  10. Echolight

    Best version of Link, Zelda, and Ganon?

    What is your favorite version of Link, Zelda, and Ganon? Which ones portray their role and character the best? Which ones have the best outfits? My favorite design of Link is in Twilight Princess. I love his mature look and his hairstyle is <3 <3. You can see chain-mail under his tunic too...
  11. Re-D3ad

    The Legend of Zelda: Eclipse

    Chapter One: The Hero of Nature “Link....Link...Wake up....The eclipse is set to orbit in 359 days....Hurry before HE is powered by the darkness!...” Link opens his eyes only to see pure darkness. He looks around searching for some kind of light or something to grasp in the darkness. He...
  12. Re-D3ad

    Spoiler The HappyMask Salesman

    Hello I’m new to the Zelda Dungeon community and I would like to tell you a theory I’ve learned online and researched. Here’s my theory The Happy Mask salesmen is seen in multiple Zelda title including, Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask. But as stated in the conversation you have with him as...
  13. Tingle Believer

    Neither Link Nor Zelda Will Be the Main Playable Character in BOTW2

    Most people think BOTW2 is going to have either some element of co-op, or at the very least two playable characters (Link and Zelda), but I believe neither of them will be playable. You see, I have cracked Nintendo's secret code! Let me explain: BOTW2 is likely to be released in 2021 2021 is...
  14. twilitfalchion

    What is your unpopular Zelda opinion?

    This is meant to be a fun discussion thread about unpopular opinions you may have about the Zelda series. For example, I don’t love Ocarina of Time as much as most and I think that almost every Zelda title that succeeded it is a better game in most ways. I think that the gameplay and story are...
  15. BaroisLoose

    Ganon in the first game - mindless beast or a cunning prince of darkness

    Hey everyone! This is related to the Timeline yet again. (I love lore as everyone might have noticed!) This is something I wanted to talk about for a while now and it's about this part from the Book Hyrule Historia! The Demon King Ganon (Hyrule Historia - page 106) "The Demon King has been...
  16. GoronGainz

    Link Battle Royal. Who Wins?

    All the "Links" from all Zelda games face off against each other with the items, skills & abilities native to their game. Who do you think comes out on top? Purely subjective to your opinions, I know there have been video's & theory's about this before.
  17. Echolight

    Should some future Zelda Games have a different main playable character?

    All Zelda games so far has had the main playable character be Link. Should a game change it up? Should it instead be about a Gerudo, or a Zora? Or just a different Hylian? What do you think of this? I personally am fine with it, but not that energetic about it. Link being the main character is...
  18. GoronGainz

    Can you get lean like Link?

    Ever look at Breath of the Wild's Link & think "I wish I had a body like that"? Whether you're wanting to slim down, tone up or just get fitter. I've taken at look at Link's lifestyle from Breath of the wild to see what we can do to look more like him. (Advice applicable to all genders)...
  19. SpiritOfTheHero

    Definitive Zelda Formula: Old vs. New?

    Am I the only one who misses the standard formula that we've had going on arguably since A Link to the Past? Does RPG work well with this universe or should we revert to the way the series was before? I'll have a poll down below just to gather quantitative data on this.
  20. Echolight

    Should Link be Playable??

    We are all really excited about the upcoming game, botw 2. But, who will be the protagonist in the game? Link, or Zelda? I personally think both, but some people want only Zelda to be the playable protagonist and Link not at all. What do you think, should Link even be playable?
  21. DynoStretch

    Left Behind - A Twilight Princess Story

    Howdy-do folks, this is DynoStretch with a Twilight Princess story for your pleasure. The story takes place about a year after the events of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and is a bit more of a comedy oriented story. though It does contain plenty of drama, lots of action, and some...
  22. MattWrites

    Breath of the Wild | Book One: Awakening

    "Vah Medoh" by ArtsyShionai Wherever Teba looked, he saw chaos. Plumes of smoke rose from recently quenched fires that marred the wooden platforms and staircases spiraling around the single, narrow mountain spire on which Rito Village was built. Feathers drifted lazily on the heated air...
  23. TheDragonHawk

    Majora's Mask

    A general discussion for all things related to Majora's Mask.
  24. D

    Is Link in "Twilight Princess" related to the Twili

    The reason I ask or even purpose this therory is because in every game before "Twilight Princess" Link always had a reason to have the Triforce of Courage, in "Ocarina of Time" it is because Ganondorf indirectly gave said piece of the relic to Link by just touching it. The Hero of Twilight never...
  25. SpiritOfTheHero

    Spoiler The Reincarnation Theory - Spirit of The Hero

    So, not sure if it'd be considered spoilers but to anyone who hasn't played Skyward Sword, then spoilers, I guess? Also, fair warning.... this is a 10-page document coming your way down below, so if you're not much of a reader then feel free to read at your own leisure. An Analysis of The...
  26. SpiritOfTheHero

    What country is The Kingdom of Hyrule based on?

    So, what country does everyone think Hyrule is supposed to be based on? I don't think it's Oriental as Hylians have Christian like characteristics, The Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time and earlier LoZ games have a Christian theme. The Book of Magic in The Legend of Zelda even has a cross on it...
  27. R

    Help Make BotW's Guardian a Real Lego Set.

    Hey Zelda fans, I recently uploaded a project to Lego Ideas featuring the Guardian Stalker from Breath of the Wild. If it gains 10,000 supporters, The Lego Group will consider making it a real Lego set. You can find the project here...
  28. HylianEVAN

    Would your rather

    Would you rather. A. Get stabbed in the chest with the master sword or. B. Get burned by Mario’s fire ball.
  29. P

    Nintendo doesn't support Skyward Sword Zelda

    So, after Skyward Sword was released, Nintendo seemed to have been ignoring Skyward Sword Zelda in favor of Skyward Sword Link. They didn't include her clothes in Smash U but they included SS Link's clothes, they didn't release an amiibo of her yet but they did to SS Link, they didn't even...
  30. P

    Spoiler Why did Zelda make Link go back to his childhood in OOT?

    So, at the end of the game, Zelda makes Link return to his childhood for good to relive the seven years he lost after Ganon was defeated. But why couldn't that cold, idiotic Zelda just leave Link as an adult? She just messed up the whole timeline.
  31. P

    Skyward Sword Zelda and Link need punishments

    Zelda needs punishment and spanking and smacking as corporal punishment for pushing Link off cliffs and jumping into his loftbird without regards for her safety. Zelda is an idiot and a liar for pushing Link off a cliff when she said he can jump. And Link needs a spanking, punishments, and...
  32. P

    Why is Link so brave?

    When I play the games, I'd be wondering why is Link such a courageous guy? He is so courageous he even has the triforce of courage. When I'm playing these games, I'd be scared by some of the enemies in it and I was even more scared when I was younger, playing OOT and ALTTP. But the guy doesn't...
  33. P

    Are Zelda 3D games getting worse?

    I think since SS, Nintendo seems to have been getting weaker with 3D Zelda games. I haven't played HW yet, but the concept of it seems weak because you're just fighting a bunch of bad guys. SS was a horrible game in regards to its story and Link and Zelda and they seem a bit too sassy this time...
  34. P

    Should Skyward Sword Zelda should've not been a damsel in distress?

    Skyward Sword Zelda was like a damsel-in-distress Mary Sue in the game, she didn't help Link very much, she wasn't a partner and I don't like her due to her being a damsel in distress NPC. I think if she would've been a kind of a partner to Link like Groose and help him save the world, it...
  35. P

    A few questions about Twilight Princess.

    When I try to transform into a wolf or to a human, this little girl who talks like she got water in her mouth tells me that I can't transform, saying stuff like "It would cause more of an uproar to transform into a human", "If you transform here, it would scare someone", "No, no, somebody will...
  36. P

    Should Link and Zelda be acquaintances?

    I think that they are better off as acquaintances. I don't like Zelda and when I see her being either friends or lovers with Link, that's when my hate for Zelda comes out, the reason why I don't like Zelda anyway is because of her interactions with Link as a friend/lover. In OOT, they seemed to...
  37. P

    Should Skyward Sword Link and Zelda break up?

    I think that they should because Link is so clingy of Zelda like in the end, he said he wanted to stay on the surface with her I think. He could've just stayed in Skyloft but he is just so clingy of her that he would move in with her underage. Maybe he just thinks of her as a mother or sister...
  38. P

    Spoiler Skyward Sword has too much crying in it

    Another thing that disappointed me about SS is how much emotion it has. The game is full of drama and emotion and I don't think that that's normal in a Zelda game. Zelda games, like most other kids games would usually have a few crying scenes in them, like 1-3. But this game has way too much...
  39. P

    So, in Skyward Sword, Zelda started crying, why didn't Link...

    Do something about it? Was he happy that she was happy? This is one of these moments that I wish Link wasn't silent. He could've said something like "You're crying tears of joy? That's weird.". Or he could've said "Don't cry." But instead, he just stands there watching his girlfriend be a baby...
  40. Torchpost

    LEGO Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Blizzeta

    I made a Lego model of Link's boss battle with Blizzeta from Twilight Princess. It includes: Link, with the ball and chain, the sheathed Master Sword and a Hylian shield on his back, and two bottles. Yeta, with 2 faces, one normal, and one corrupted. The form of Blizzeta from the...
  41. P

    Tribute to Link - Don't Speak

    Hey guys, I created another LOZ video of my favorite character, Link. It's set to the song, Don't Speak. Hope you enjoy!
  42. P

    Tribute to Link - One Man Can Change The World

    I made a music video as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite video game characters, Link, from the great Legend of Zelda franchise. It's set to One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean. I made this video back on the first. Here is the video, I hope you enjoy.
  43. Ibrahim

    BOTW Interactive Map Suggestion

    I think that the ability to filter through certain regions should be added. For example if I want to view items only in the Great Plateau or just view the Great Plateau part of the map then everything else would have that "undiscovered black and blue" like they have it in the actual game. This...
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