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  1. RuMbLePaKk

    I'd be cool with the next Zelda game being in First Person.

    I have always imagined Nintendo creating one of the next Zelda games and taking a bold leap by incorporating first-person mode. Think about it. Standing before the Master Sword in its pedestal for the first time, battles against enemies (for example: think Halo and the energy sword), we...
  2. RuMbLePaKk

    And the Master Sword sleeps again... FOREVER!

    I mean id assume i wouldnt have to use the sword ever again if i thought ganon wouldnt return. But nope.. he came back. Again and again
  3. RuMbLePaKk

    SSHD ties

    I think the only way this makes sense is the time when the Zonai came from the sky to unite with the Hylains and Rauru & Sonia became King and Queen of Hyrule takes place centuries before the first calamity that took place 10,000 years before BOTW is. So basically this would be the “new hyrule”...
  4. RuMbLePaKk

    I just realized how Nintendo is probably going to give us TWW and TP on the Switch...

    Four sword adventures + but with online/local multiplayer co op for the campaign and shadow battle as well as Tetras Trackers in English.
  5. RuMbLePaKk

    I think I can fix the timeline so that the new revelations in TotK do not contradict the lore of the past games.

    I like this but that would mean this timeline has no recollection of events from the other games, which wouldnt work because theres stone slabs around zoras domain talking about OOT link no? Also zelda references the twilight realm in one of the memory cutscenes in botk.
  6. RuMbLePaKk

    The eyes on the Flux Construct cube look familiar

    The eyes on Flux Constructs cube “weak spot” look like the eyes on Majoras Mask and the Fused shadow. One of my theories was that the Zonai were possibly the “dark tribe” we kept hearing about all these years who created those. Clearly not but still interesting.
  7. RuMbLePaKk

    Keese in Super Mario bros movie

    Theyre literally the same design.. except the mario galaxy ones are fatter. The skyward sword ones are more accurate
  8. RuMbLePaKk

    Keese in Super Mario bros movie

    Ive seen someone point out the similarities of Mario and Luigis family to characters from TLOZ, but has anyone else noticed this easter egg?
  9. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoilers for TotK

    This is Demise.
  10. RuMbLePaKk

    Potential Boss Spoiler (from the trailer)

    The first scene in the trailer where you see Ganondorfs back side and then he turns and the frame blacks out… Yeah i dont think thats Ganondorf. I think thats Demise. Ganondorfs hair in the art work is completely different. Not only that but his arms look scaley. It also just looks more like...
  11. RuMbLePaKk

    I asked ChatGPT for the plot to TOTK

    I stopped reading after the first because it was too close to what we actually already know about the game so far
  12. RuMbLePaKk

    I asked ChatGPT for the plot to TOTK

    I hope this AI didn't actually spoil it haha:
  13. RuMbLePaKk

    My TOTK theories…

    There will be time travel, which can explain the story behind the new champions leading to the events with them in Age of calamity. AoC is canon and the beginning when the timeline split happens makes BOTW & TOTK on the new “downfall” timeline. Impa will be killed off. Zelda will be playable...
  14. RuMbLePaKk

    Is BOTW a Trilogy?

    Isnt the sword the reason why the Minish Cap, FS and FSA are connected?
  15. RuMbLePaKk

    Hyrule Warriors Is this canon or not?

    Im confused as to why people think its a non canon spinoff because of the outcome of the game. If that's the case, then youd have to use the same logic for any other game, right? So then that must mean the downfall timeline also doesnt count. All those game, including a link to the past, are...
  16. RuMbLePaKk

    My prediction(s) on botw2 - hear me out

    I like how you notice the green Wisps and kind of connected the dots to those who are dead. hopefully we don’t see green wisps around Impa…
  17. RuMbLePaKk

    My prediction(s) on botw2 - hear me out

    You do? Or your friend of a friends uncle?
  18. RuMbLePaKk

    My prediction(s) on botw2 - hear me out

    My title predictions: The Legend of Zelda:… A Link to the Future A Link to the Present Breath of the Past If it is neither of those, i think the title will have to do with time or having to do with the power Link gains that causes his arm and hand to look like it was made from sheikah tech...
  19. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Any know the translation of these?

    Right by to the Great plateau tower theres a couple of these
  20. RuMbLePaKk

    How did you come up with your username?

    This is also my gamertag/cosplay name/other names. I would like to believe we all know where I got it from.
  21. RuMbLePaKk

    Possible remakes/re-releases

    Well the whole point of these re-releases are so you can play it on the newest console, so they would obviously make it for the switch OR the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS today is capable of playing a game like this, just look at Hyrule Warriors Legends, OoT 3d and MM3D. Graphics wont be the issue. As...
  22. RuMbLePaKk

    Possible remakes/re-releases

    Navi Trackers isnt about Navi. If you remember Four Swords Adventures for Gamecube, the Japanese/Korean version of that game also included Navi Trackers, which was originally going to be a seperate game called Tetra's Trackers, but they decided to not make it a standalone title and change the name.
  23. RuMbLePaKk

    Possible remakes/re-releases

    I would love for them to do what they did on the gamecube. They had one disc with OOT, MM, LOZ, AOL on it. Maybe they could do a SS, WW, TP, FSA/NT on one cartridge!
  24. RuMbLePaKk

    Possible remakes/re-releases

    Fixed it, thanks!
  25. RuMbLePaKk

    Possible remakes/re-releases

    I am expecting a Skyward Sword HD remake for the Switch, which will be great with the motion controls and all. I would also like to play Four Swords Adventures on the Switch, but this time released with Navi's/Tetras Trackers in the US (or perhaps it can be a standalone titled as originally...
  26. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Champions Ballad Reveal and Discussion

    It was great I enjoyed the new memories and items and shrinee and what not. The motorcycles cool, but we should have been given the ancient bridle and saddle in the first DLC because now its like we dont need a horse anymore. Overall it was good I'm disappointed that there was nothing for post...
  27. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Champion Amiibo drops

    Better than a camel toe, amirite? GIGGITY!
  28. RuMbLePaKk

    Looking Back... The Exciting

    Reuniting Anju and Kafei!
  29. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Lets be real, at night when you hear an owl hoot..

    Its actually the same sound as Mario jumping in Super Mario 64. LETS BE REALLLLL.
  30. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Treasure Chest That I Can't Seem To Get...

    Did you use the ice block function with your sheikah slate to get closer to it?
  31. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler I disagree when people say BOTW is before OoT

    Can you tell me which memory mentions Ruto?
  32. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler I disagree when people say BOTW is before OoT

    I also think it's silly when people see the skeleton remains in breath of the wild like the one in Eldin. Clearly those remains are Levias, you cant doubt that.
  33. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler Leviathan Bones (BotW)

    Im at the Mozo Shenno shrine. There is no skeleton
  34. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler I disagree when people say BOTW is before OoT

    Like I said I havent beaten the game, however I have all 4 beasts complete and the master sword, Im only holding off going to Ganon because I want to get all the shrines and quests complete because I heard you cant play the game again to complete everything once you beat the story mode, so can...
  35. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler I disagree when people say BOTW is before OoT

    Well for starters, some armor descriptions (like sheiks headwear, OoT/WW/TP links outfits) mention these specific characters from past games, meaning this game takes place in the future of those games. Wolf link is also summoned by the amiibo, the loading screens that give you tips mentions...
  36. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler Leviathan Bones (BotW)

    Where is the one in the frozen wasteland?
  37. RuMbLePaKk

    Creepy moonchild glitch

    You know when you play a game and can change your view and somethings it kind of glitches a bit and you see through a wall or a person for a second? Well I've done this before with the moonchildren. This could take a couple of tries, and I never done this on the 3ds version just N64/gc/wii...
  38. RuMbLePaKk

    Spoiler Majora's Mask Moon Children

    Theyre all twins!
  39. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Hebra and Necluda

    "Hebra's Hill" is a location from Four Swords Adventures
  40. RuMbLePaKk

    Where BoTW Fits

    I thought of something new, perhaps BOTW can be located on the Child timeline. The first map is from BOTW, it shows Eldin, Lanayru and Faron on there. Sure those are also from Skyward Sward, but the BOTW also mentions Hebra, and Hebra's hill is in Four Swords Adventure (which takes place...
  41. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Is this evidence of a timeline spot?

    But Hebra's Hill is in Four Swords Adventures. Which makes me consider it may be part of that timeline. Not sure about Necluda and Atlun. The maps almost look pretty similiar too,
  42. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Is this evidence of a timeline spot?

    Amazon Japan has their collectors edition available. If you look at what it includes, you see a map with locations written in english that you can zoom in on. Im not sure if you can do that with the other products, but I checked and you cant see the full map on those. But in this picture, you...
  43. RuMbLePaKk

    Where BoTW Fits

    Just by reading some comments, it looks like some people forgot that the Deku treet sprout from OoT grew up to be the deku tree whose in WW, which probably has happened in ALL the timelines. People also seemed to forget about the Rito. I'm thinking this could be all three timelines converging...
  44. RuMbLePaKk

    My emblem.

    Makes complete sense though... right?
  45. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Timeline: Where is the game going to go?

    Guys i made a seperate post with a theory regarding this, pretty much saying this games place in the timeline is after all events that happened so far, meaning the decline, child and adult time lines had an event that occurrd tieing all three back into one timeline.
  46. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild My timeline theory

    I apologize if this has been thought of but I wasnt going to scroll through the posts and compare lol.. well Im not going to type a long essay, but based on specific things included I think my theory may possibly be correct: -Wolf Link -Koroks -Old rusted master sword Based on those three (and...
  47. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild Timeline: Where is the game going to go?

    This may take place in New Hyrule (Spirit Tracks?) Who knows.. Also, the game starts off with Link awakening in some mysterious place. It looks like he was just born or maybe he was put to rest and finally woke up.
  48. RuMbLePaKk

    Breath of the Wild E3

    Its been open for over an hour for me...
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