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Breath of the Wild My timeline theory

Dec 9, 2009
I apologize if this has been thought of but I wasnt going to scroll through the posts and compare lol.. well Im not going to type a long essay, but based on specific things included I think my theory may possibly be correct:

-Wolf Link
-Old rusted master sword

Based on those three (and probably more) I think the game will take place at the end of the timeline we have. AFTER ALL the games we have so far.

We have the decline timeline, the adult timeline and the child timeline.

I believe that eventually, something will happen where these three timelines will fall back into one. Maybe in Breath of the wild or maybe in another future zelda game, some sort of event at the end of each of the three timelines will occur that will TIE ALL THREE TIMELINES INTO ONE.

It could be the "decline of hyrule" as mentioned in the game, or something else. Who knows.

But being that we see the master sword is old and rusted, we have WOLF LINK from TP in the game when you use the amiibo, and we have Koroks from WW.. my theory may very well be correct!

Wolf Link / TP = Child Timeline
Koroks / WW = Adult Timeline
Old Rusted (Untouched/Unused) Master Sword = Decline Timeline after Adventure of link



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Jun 17, 2016
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Wolf Link / TP = Child Timeline
Koroks / WW = Adult Timeline
Old Rusted (Untouched/Unused) Master Sword = Decline Timeline after Adventure of link


I don't see Wolf Link's inclusion in this game as canon. It's just a gameplay element tied to Amiibo.
The Koroks, however, are in the game naturally, and that is why I think this game takes place at the end of the Adult timeline.

In Wind Waker, it is explained that the Kokiri took on the form of the Koroks so that they could be light enough to fly and better survive life on the sea.
They spread Deku seeds across the ocean in hopes of causing the ocean to recede. I don't know how that works, but that was their whole plan.

Now, in BoW, we have Koroks, and they look exactly how they appeared in Wind Waker (which was a direct result of the flooding of Hyrule).
I think the Korok's master plan was a success, and we're looking at the Hyrule that once slept at the bottom of the great sea. I honestly won't be surprised if we find Rito living on Death Mountain, or somewhere in the game.

At the end of Wind Waker, the Master sword was also left under water, which explains the rust. They didn't have stainless steel in the time period these games take place in.

So my theory is

>Wind waker takes place
>the people settle a new land (Spirit tracks)
>over the centuries, the Koroks continue their mission to get rid of the sea (Just because the king gave up on Hyrule doesn't mean the Deku tree did)
>People eventually re-settle in the old Hyrule
>Who knows how many centuries go by
>Calamity ganon pops off. Is sealed away
>100 years later, BoW

I think this is the farthest in a timeline a Zelda game has been set in a very long time, but I don't think it unifies the timelines and I don't think the timelines will ever be unified.

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