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My TOTK theories…

Dec 9, 2009
There will be time travel, which can explain the story behind the new champions leading to the events with them in Age of calamity.

AoC is canon and the beginning when the timeline split happens makes BOTW & TOTK on the new “downfall” timeline.

Impa will be killed off.

Zelda will be playable.

TOTK will pick up BOTW Save files that have “Hetsu’s Gift” for something special, making it worth getting in BOTW.

Thoughts/Opinions ?


Lord of the Flies
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Oct 14, 2007
West Dundee, IL
-No to Time Travel

-No to AoC being canon

-No to Impa being killed off in-game. (Although maybe just dies sometime before start of game if there is a period of several years)

-No to Zelda being playable

-YES that SOMETHING from a Breath of the Wild save file effects Tears of the Kingdom. Would be funny if it was Hestu's Gift. I like this.

I do think that perhaps ZELDA can be killed off in-game. Maybe even early on in the game. (Which could imply what the title of the game is).

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