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Creepy moonchild glitch

Dec 9, 2009
You know when you play a game and can change your view and somethings it kind of glitches a bit and you see through a wall or a person for a second?

Well I've done this before with the moonchildren. This could take a couple of tries, and I never done this on the 3ds version just N64/gc/wii versions, when they're running around the field, be sure to stand in front of one of them so they run into you. You need to do this perfectly! Do that and change it to first person view before they run into you, and you can see their face through their mask close up. All of the moon children have the same face, which is the face of the Happy mask salesman.. except I think their eyes were open. You can pretty much assume that because you can see their hairstyle. But its still interesting/creepy. You can also do this trick with Kafei and see his face through the keaton mask when hes running to the mailbox on day 1.

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