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  1. J

    Which Zombie's Your Favorite?

    Redeads are possibly scary enough (to me) to keep me from going through Arbiter's Grounds until June. Even though two bomb arrows take them out in a flash.
  2. J

    THe End of Zelda

    I think that ALttP was a prequal to both LA and Oox. LA is the direct sequal to ALttP, as seen in the final boss fight. I believe that the fight involved taking Link's memories from past battles and replicating them. Oox is a sequal because Ganon is destroyed in ALttP and he is revived by Twinrova.
  3. J

    What Was Your Very First Video Game?

    I wish I could remember. However, among my first games were LoZ, 007 Goldeneye, Final Fantasy, Red and Blue, and Super Mario Brothers.
  4. J

    Saddest Moments in Gaming

    I agree completely with MD and 368/2. In MD, even though I knew what would happen, I still shed some tears. I cried even more after the credits (in joy).
  5. J

    Unintentional Moments of Brilliance...or "Dumb Luck"

    Often times in games, I get stuck at a part, and I try about a million and one times, but I can't figure it out. I stop playing for a day or two and return to the part. I do it once and I FIGURE IT OUT IMMEDIATELY! Whats more, it was something that was right in front of my face. I get irritated...
  6. J

    Iron Knuckles

    Just to clarify, the enemies your thinking of in LoZ are actually Darknuts, not Iron Knuckles, but I can understand if people got them mixed up. I'm talking about the Iron Knuckles in AoL.
  7. J

    Iron Knuckles

    What make them so hard? Is it because they have a metric ton of health? Is it because you usually fight them in enclosed spaces? Is it because of their intelligence? I'd like to hear (or, rather see) your opinions.
  8. J

    I'm Stuck in the Island Palace (litteraly)! Please Help.

    I just got out. No need to reply. It just took a few (hundred) tries to get out.
  9. J

    I'm Stuck in the Island Palace (litteraly)! Please Help.

    I'm in the "hall of Iron Knuckles", I went underneath the blue one and the red one in same row as blue, I'm out of magic, and I can't jump high enough to get out. Sorry for being long-winded, but I need help desperately.
  10. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but there aren't enough side-quests so the number of heart containers dropped. I wish the anniversery of my birthday was tommorow.
  11. J

    Game Recomendations Thread

    My main recommendation: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS). The game is awesome.
  12. J

    That Has Nothing to Do with What I Was Saying...

    Force= Mass times Acceleration. I just took the Texas Assesment of Knowledge and Skills today. The section was science.
  13. J

    The Hardest Videogame Boss Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The title says it all. This is something that I can't just pass up posting. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQZuidKexBQ&feature=related Please comment and if you think there is a harder boss out there, please post it.
  14. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it gets turned on you. I wish for luck with my first three heart quest.
  15. J

    The Song of Storms Paradox

    I'm going to stick to my personal theory that it's a continuous circle, which has no clear beginning or end. It's like asking, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?". No one really knows.
  16. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted. You return to the age of the dinosours and that is your one chance to time travel and you get eaten by a T-rex. I wish my wi-fi was working.
  17. J

    How Many Hearts?

    I try to find them when I can, but sometimes I'm just too lazy to get them. I usually see one, but I don't have the stuff I need to get it, and when I get the stuff, I've already forgotten about it.
  18. J

    Okay, Story Time on How My Life Relates to Zelda!!!

    One time my friend told me about a time in an online game where disasters happen every two minutes, and an extremely rare one is where the moon is falling. Need I tell you what he said?
  19. J

    The Member Fact Game

    Has an unreasonable desire to take over the internet and I assume he likes Megaman
  20. J

    What Would You Say is the Funniest Moment in LoZ?

    I have thought of another moment. When the Tower of the Gods was rising out of the ocean and Link just slams right into it as its rising. :)
  21. J


    I agree that some bosses on the Metroid Prime games in general were pretty difficult. Some others that I would like to point out are: Meta Ridley (both 1 and 3), Thardus, Omega Pirate, the first Leviathan boss (forgot his name), and, of course, Metroid Prime itself (both forms). I would like to...
  22. J

    What Enemies Do You Want Back?

    Interesting. I've had that idea for a long time.:) Anyway, I would like to see these enemies: Iron Knuckles, Darknuts, Redeads, Octorocs, Tektites, etc.
  23. J

    The Darkest Hour

    I agree with (most) everything already said. I would also like to say that the music in the final six hours completely sets the mood. It truly sends chills down your spine.
  24. J

    6 Day Challenge

    I've heard of this, and I'm surprised that it is even possible to do it. It would also mean no upgrades at all (probably). I don't think I could beat Majora with only 7 hearts, no defense upgrade, no great fairy sword, no guilded sword, and no quiver upgrades.
  25. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but God gets angry with you for taking his powers and he turns you into a bug with no ultimate power. I wish my Wi-Fi would work.
  26. J

    Most Annoying Battles

    I truly hated rooms that had blue wizrobes, like likes, and bubbles. Those rooms were EVIL! (LoZ)
  27. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but the weather just gets more and more intense, just not changing from hot to cold. I wish that I had an allowance.
  28. J

    Zelda Riddles

    I guess Ganondorf, because he was leader of the Gerudos, and they were thieves. Also, second in command was Nabooru, who became the sage of spirit.
  29. J

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    I drop Dongorongo. I never really cared much for him.
  30. J

    The Zelda ABC's

    O is for ocean, which Link has sailed to save Tetra from both Ganondorf and Bellum.
  31. J

    Zelda Riddles

    My guess is the flute boy in ALttP. He goes to the Dark World and eventually becomes a wooden carving-like thing.
  32. J

    The Funniest/Most Embarrassing Thing You Did While Playing Zelda

    The most embarrasing moment for me was when I couldn't figure out how to get past the room in the Forest Temple where you have to push the blocks into the holes, and then I found the ladder. You couldn't even imagine how mad I was.
  33. J

    Should There Be Fairies in Zelda Wii?

    I think that they should be kinda like a red potion, in the regard that they restore your health completely, but if you die, they only restore five hearts.
  34. J

    Favorite Boss in ALttP

    I would also have to say Blind. I find it smart to go through the dungeon after the first Dark World dungeon. Doing that allows you to get the tempered sword earlier in the game.
  35. J

    Zelda Riddles

    I think that's pretty good. I don't have a guess about the riddle. That is an evil riddle.
  36. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    You forgot to wish. The number of the Devil has changed from 666 to 50.
  37. J

    Claim Your Zelda Characters

    I claim Eox, Crayk, Dongorongo, and Cyclok. Item: Megaton Hammer Location: Great Bay Temple
  38. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it happens on the sun. I wish my mom would take me to Best Buy so I could buy a points card so I could get AoL.
  39. J

    How Difficult Do You Want Zelda Wii to Be?

    First of all, if there is another thread like this, I would like to know. Back on topic, I would like the game to have above average difficulty. I want the game to be fun for me even after I beat it a dozen times. Furthermore, I would like the bosses to be able to kill me once or twice before...
  40. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your social skills lack so much that you never come out of your house. I wish my computer wasn't so slow. Crud, I've been ninja'd. Granted, but they tast terrible.
  41. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you only have a second more free time. I wish that my wish was so incorruptable that it was easy to corrupt it.
  42. J

    Funny Glitch

    I have a glitch that I use on purpose that lets me wear the FDM outside of boss battles. From Termina field ride to milk road. Make sure you have the FDM on a c button. Save at the owl statue. Ride to the Gorman Ranch WITHOUT pressing any buttons. challenge them to a race, and as the timer is...
  43. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but you go in the same time period as Ganondorf ruling Hyrule. I wish that Master Kokiri's next two genie wishes were for me to get TP and then for my freedom.
  44. J

    The Zelda ABC's

    P is fir Picori, also known as the Minish, creators (I think) of the Four Sword.
  45. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your front yard catches on fire. I wish that I was a genie.
  46. J

    Favorite Sword

    I chose the sword forged of three pure metals and infused with the Sands of Hours, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the evil of the Temple of the Ocean King. In short, the Phantom Sword.
  47. J

    Most Annoying Battles

    I would either have to say Gyorg the first time you fight him, or Molderm on ALttP because if he knocks you off, you have to start the fight all over.
  48. J

    Favorite Side Quest Mask

    My favorite mask in Ikana is tied between gibdo, garo, and captains hat, because I think it is hilarious to watch the Redeads dance. :) Everywhere else, my favorite mask is the bunny hood.
  49. J

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but it ended yesterday. I wish I could control anything I wanted for my own amusement.
  50. J

    Online Multiplayer?

    That is an awesome idea. It would be really fun to beat your younger brother, your friend across the street, and some guy from the other side of the world in a dungeon. It would also be cool if you could watch an ongoing battle. It could be really helpful if you were stuck in a dungeon and you...
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