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  1. startimer

    Zelda Cdi Games in Timeline

    We all know the games are non-cannon, k? No need for anyone to remind us. This is all purely hypothetical. Anyway, if I had to place them, they'd be after AoL. The first two games were the entirey of the franchise at that point. (hence why AoL is 'Zelda 2'). So in theory, the Cd-i games...
  2. startimer

    Did Twinrova Really Die?

    Huh... I never though about it that way. Personally,I still think the Oracles are on the child timeline, but you do have a point there. I'll be sure not to argue this as fiecely now, since it could go either way. HOWEVER, That's a very different situation. Termina is a parallel...
  3. startimer

    Two Small Ideas

    'ello, and all that. So I was just playing some Zelda the past few days and thought of a couple things that would be nice in a future game. Maybe someone's already sggested these, idk. anyhoo, 1. A real-time clock. Several games have alternating day-night cycles, but the game time...
  4. startimer

    Spoiler AoL Takes Place Between OoT and WW

    I believe it's the "Sleeping Zelda Story" Anyway, I think the story is still valid- like mentioned before, despite being born and raised as "Tetra", when it's revealed she's actually part of the royal family Tetra magically becomes "Zelda". The SZS is the only way to explain this.
  5. startimer

    Spoiler AoL Takes Place Between OoT and WW

    You read my mind... I have thought about this a lot recently, and the Tetra/Zelda point was what I focused on th most. It does mean that the "Sleeping Zelda" story happened before WW, but otherwise it's hard to tell. I don't believe any games go between OoT and WW, but placing AoL anywhere else...
  6. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    "still"? Last I heard, there was no reason other than a mistranslated box to place ALttP before LoZ. I may have to check the quote page again, but I thought that the quote retracting the Myamoto order was unconfirmed. Plus I'm one of those people who believe that FSA is the Seal War, at least...
  7. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    Thanks Locke, that was some useful info. I have a lot more to think about now... Right now I have LoZ/AoL before the Alttp-through-LA arc. Going by the the assumption that FSA's ganon is a reincarnation of the last one, and that the Oracles share the same link+ganon with Alttp, I'm left with...
  8. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    Well, I read through it anyway- I didn't get much, though I have been inspired to add AST to my timeline ;) Anyway, I can't say for sure whether ALttP/OoX share the same Link, but I'm now heavilly inclined to believe it. But that doesn't invalidate putting it on the CT. The Oracles came...
  9. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    I went and googled this- it came up with a ZU thread about it. (posted by you, in fact). I'm still reading through it, but so far it seems shaky at best. I'll get back once I've read the whole thing.
  10. startimer

    Zelda Mii Sharing

    Inspired by that news post recently, and since I just got a 3DS today, I thought it would be nice if there were a thread to share our Zelda-related Mii's with each other. TO start off, here's the Happy Mask Salesman: BTW, I wasn't sure whether to put this thread here or in the Fan Works...
  11. startimer

    What Are One of the Most Random Names You Gave Link in the Games?

    One time in WW I named Link "Aryll". THe openings cutscenes got very confusing.
  12. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    I agree with all this exept the OoX part. I honestly have no idea why so many people think that OoX is a sequel to ALttP. I have played all three games (ALttP and both oracles) through several times and I've seen no evidence to support them being related. Please enlighten me if I missed something.
  13. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    Like I said, I had originally intended to explain both of my points, but my post didn't submit correctly and I rellay didn't feel like typing he whole thing again. Anyway, they go on the child timeline because Twinrova is still alive. Yes, that's really the only reason. But hey, that's really...
  14. startimer

    Ocarina of Time Which Was Scarier? The Forest Temple, the Well, or the Shadow Temple?

    What scared me the most used to be the room with the X-shaped cross in it... which dungeon was that in?
  15. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    Gr... I wanna rage right now. I typed up a long-winded, detailed respones, then my internet disconnected me and deleted it when I tried to post. I don''t want to type the whole thing again, so i'll try to give a short version... First of all, just because the clothes in in TP are the same...
  16. startimer

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    Thanks :D Anyway that's an interesting point you brought up about the AoL area surviving the flood... I can't help but notice that ST's "New Hyrule" resembles the AoL map, with the Fire Realm being death mountain and the Ocean Realm where LoZ area should be... It's been shown that nortern...
  17. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    I don't like how you keep saying that. I mean, 1. A new Ganon doesn't HAVE to be a reincarnation of the old one. It could possibly be a completely seperate dude who happens to also be evil. 2. Even if he is reincarnated, how does this have anything to do with the godesses? So Ganon's soul...
  18. startimer

    Hyrules Geography - My Theory - There Are 2 Hyrules

    v Click for map v I'm glad I uploaded this, it's starting to be useful. Okay, first I'd like to clear something up: THe are two hyrules, but not in the way you described. There is an "Old" Hyrule, in which OoT, TP and soon SS take place in. Then there is a "New" Hyrule, which ST takes place...
  19. startimer

    Three Master Swords Timeline Theory (Skyward Sword is NOT the 1st Game!)

    @OP: What the big N says is law when it comes to this series. Refusing to accept that is just being stubborn. @Everyoneelse: As interesting as that debate is, aren't you going off topic just a bit? Maybe not. I haven't read through all the posts yet. I'm gonna go ahead and do that, then if I...
  20. startimer

    How Can Ganondorf Be the Main Villain of Skyward Sword?

    I don't wanna see Ganny be the villian again... but if he was in there as an NPC or something I wouldn't mind. And as far as the Bowser debate goes... C'MON! That's not a fair comparison. Mario games are built around "fun", and Miyamoto has said that a simple story makes a game more enjoyable...
  21. startimer

    Ocarina of Time Original Fire Temple Theme

    I like the original a lot better as well... the chanting is kinda creepy, true, but the new version sounds a bit... empty without it. To be honest I don't like either song very much, I hope they completely remix it for the 3DS vesion.
  22. startimer

    Ocarina of Time PAL Version

    Being American, I usually only ever get a chance to play the NSTC release of games. I've played the original OoT on the N64 (NSTC), and I have the GCN version (also NSTC). The other day, however, I decided to get OoT on a ROM to try out some Gameshark codes without risking damage to my system...
  23. startimer

    Adventure of Link Towns and the Sages.

    I've been thinking about this myself. The only landmarks from LoZ/AoL to return in later games are Death Mountain and the Lost Woods. Both of these are at the far west edge of hyrule... compare that to OoT Hyrule, where the two are in the same location relative to each other, but at the eastern...
  24. startimer

    Adventure of Link Towns and the Sages.

    You know, I really hate the "the sages never became sages" arguement. Sage or no, most of these people were important. -Darunia's a Goron elder. -Ruto's a princess. -Nabooru is the Gerudo's second-in-command, and probably became the leader after Ganondorf was exiled. -Rauru was still a sage...
  25. startimer

    What Happened to the Dekus and the Gerudos?

    Hm... I believe you are refering to this quote:
  26. startimer

    Spoiler Majora's Mask: Link's Friend

    I don't think he was looking for Saria. If Link was looking for Saria, all he has to do is follow the sound of her ocarina. That's how you find her in the game. Fairy or no fairy, Link will always be able to find her. I don't know for certain who it is, but I've always accepted without question...
  27. startimer

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    Hmmm... I'm reminded of Protoman. That is a possibility, that this character could merely be testing link with that battle, much like Ghodan [sp?] or the hero's shade. Though I wouldn't associate him with Light, he seems to be a darker sort of character. And I just noticed he's wearing...
  28. startimer

    Which Game Comes First for You in the Zelda Timeline; Why?

    Well Isn't this the worst possible time to be asking that question. Sure, it's been torn between OoT and MC for a while, but now that SS is coming out... we know that SS is BEFORE OoT, but other than that we know almost nothing about it's storyline, so it's impossible to say how it relates to MC.
  29. startimer

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    I really do believe this guy to be an interloper. Recently Nintendo's been shifting it's focus on the Zelda series to be more story-driven. Seeing as TP was made like this, story-first, it's safe to assume that the elements currently exclusive to that game (oocca, twili, ect.) will return in...
  30. startimer

    This is Going to Kill Me...

    I just noticed something... most likely a coincidense (sp?) but interesting all the same. Anyway, the intro to Minish Cap says: Now this text is somewhat vague, but doesn't it describe what we know about Skyward Sword perfectly? I know that this is about the Picori Blade, and there is...
  31. startimer

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    After he bacame a sorcerer, he morphed into a big shodow-blob-monster and got locked inside a sword. The Four Swords series covers essentially Vaati's entire lifetime, and there's really no room for any other ventures. also, SPADE GIRL. *waits for someone to inevitably design more...
  32. startimer

    List of Theories on the Figure from the Trailer

    Alright, time to chime in my two cents on this topic. Guilded Sword: The resemblance is uncanny, I agree. However I don't think he's the GS. For one, the GS does not exist yet. Secondly, it's nothing more than a power-up of the kokiri sword. Plus he looks completely different than link's...
  33. startimer

    Dungeon in Trailer

    I think it was Locke, put the scenes togtether into four distinct dungeons... hold on a sec, I'll get that post real quick... EDIT: Here it is:
  34. startimer

    Analyzing the GDC '11 Trailer

    The new sword... To me it looks like MC's version of the White Sword, but that would merely be a design choice. And this new character (let's call him/her Diamond, it's better than the other names people have been proposing), anyway Diamond looks likely to be another "fake" villian, along the...
  35. startimer

    Zelda Art The Big Map

    Hey, I like maps. For a while I've wanted to attempt to create a map the covers the entire region of Hyrule along with some surrounding areas. I mocked up a sort of "prototype" when I got bored in school the other day. It's flawed, but that's largely because I drew it from memory. So what...
  36. startimer

    The Gerudo: The Mechanics of Life

    As interesting as this topic is, I really can't sort through all that text right now. I got to the part about the dominant genes before my eyes got tired... can someone kindly summarize?
  37. startimer

    Am I the Only One Who Misses This Feature?

    Fierce Deity Link had this ability... it made the otherwise challenging final boss a pushover. B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-DEAD
  38. startimer

    Koume and Kotake

    Aww... I forgot about that. That complicates things a bit.
  39. startimer


    I'm seriously the only one who uses Dee-koo? If I see a vowel-consonant-vowel, I usually pronounce the first vowel long... I'd think that Deh-koo would be spelled Dekku or Decku and not Deku.
  40. startimer

    Koume and Kotake

    I don't believe them to be evil by nature. They're just extremely loyal to Ganondorf. Etremely. As in, to the point where they eventually sacrifice themselves in order to revive him. Ganon wanted them to spread destruction and despair, so they spread destruction and despair. Twinrova never...
  41. startimer

    My Turn

    You reasonings could make sense, but you put the games into a linear timeline. It's been confirmed that the timeline splits into two after OoT: the "Adult" continuity, following after OoT's adult ending, going into WW, and the "Child" continuity, wherein the adult portion of OoT never happened...
  42. startimer

    The First Messenger?

    In TP, after you get the Dominion rod, there is a lot of talk about some "messenger of the heavens". Technically since TP Link weilds the rod, he would be considered the current messenger, but since the title and position are already established there have to have been other messengers before...
  43. startimer

    The Niche

    Wha... I seriously don't know how to reply to this. I mean... I never, NEVER have claimed that any of the child Links grew up to be an adult Link in another game... I seriously have no idea what gave you that impression. Everything you just said is common knowledge, and I was already aware...
  44. startimer

    The Niche

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JU0C_l4aac ^ALttP ending. Seems that Link finds the completed Triforce in the sacred realm and wishes on it. I'd assume that it would stay there, though it doesn't nessesarilly show it. Just wanted to get theat outta my Ctrl+v. Moving on... I don't want to...
  45. startimer

    Timeline? Sure, Why Not.

    Say... what? This makes no sense at all. TP DOES preced Alttp, I never said it didn't. I actually posted a whole thread about the OoX placement, it's right below this one. And... you're not making sense again. "those reasons you listed for putting it on the Adult Timeline are the reasons...
  46. startimer

    Timeline? Sure, Why Not.

    I change my mind about the timeline a lot, but still, I might as well post about it. This is what I'm going by ATM: ::::::::::::/--WW/PH--ST SS--OoT< ::::::::::::\MM--TP--LoZ/AoL--OoS/OoA--ALttP/LA I have yet to place the FS titles, as I've not really played them and so don't know the...
  47. startimer

    The Niche

    Hey there, It's been awhile. There are too many details to keep track of and I change my mind too much for me to develop a full timeline (if there's still one in my sig ignore it, I haven't updated it in months.), but I will sometimes put a few little pieces together. That aside, I've been...
  48. startimer

    My Timeline (beware, It's Long).

    please stop quoting me -.- i lost rep on that post. Iposted that months, mabey years ago and ive changed my beliefs since then. and zd wont let me edit the post or i'd delete it, but you could at least stop bashing me for it.thanks
  49. startimer

    Little Recovery Hearts

    PH, while it doesn't flat-out say it, gave me an idea of what hearts might be-FORCE GEMS!!! eh-hem. sry. here me out-the sand in the hourglass is said to be a physical maifestation of life force, right? and the sand is also smashed-up force gems, right? and eating hearts recovers some of...
  50. startimer

    Spoiler The King of Hyrule is a Jerk (Fairly Excessive WW Spoilers)

    Oh Big Brother! Grandma was so worried about y- *sails away* Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I love this!!!
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