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Zelda Art The Big Map


Resident Cartographer
Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
Hey, I like maps.
For a while I've wanted to attempt to create a map the covers the entire region of Hyrule along with some surrounding areas.
I mocked up a sort of "prototype" when I got bored in school the other day.


It's flawed, but that's largely because I drew it from memory. So what have we here? Well, from the top there's the Zelda II area (at least the mainland). Going south- Death mountain, then the LoZ area. South of that is Holodrum (yes, Holodrum). West of the LoZ are we have the OoT/TP area. south/west of that, going off the edge, is the MC area. I also stuck Labrynia in there, but only to take up space. That's probably not where it's going to go.

This is subject to change, but for now it looks kinda cool. I guess. Maybe.
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