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Two Small Ideas


Resident Cartographer
Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
'ello, and all that.

So I was just playing some Zelda the past few days and thought of a couple things that would be nice in a future game.
Maybe someone's already sggested these, idk.


1. A real-time clock.
Several games have alternating day-night cycles, but the game time runs faster than real time. PH and ST had shops who restocked dailey, but the games remained daytime always. IDk, I just think it would be neat. Of course, if anything required it to be day/night, or a certain amount of time to pass, we could still have the option of changing the time. ustdo it in 12-hour increments, changing AM to PM and vice versa.

2. Pictobox REVIVAL
This one's a quick one: Bring back the pictobox, and give the option of saving pictographs to the photo channel.



Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
both of those ideas would AWESOME! They implemented the picture thing into PilotWings Resort for the 3DS, but it would be cool to see that on the Wii.

as for the time thing, i know games that do that, and it's not a great idea. Like, i remember a game (not the name of it though) that a certain enemy only appeared on a Friday, and it was a crucial enemy to defeat in teh main quest. But, what if you lost your DS and you don't have access to your game system? you're screwed until the next week.

so yeah, both of those ideas are great, but how they implement them is what makes and breaks the game.


The Other Side
Jul 4, 2011
Skyloft, yo!
I'm more pumped about the possibility of changing seasons. I don't want them to correspond with our current time, adding to my initial reaction of your first point ("No!"), but just to see the seasons change outside of a fishing pond would be awful nice. Also, changing weather would be cool too, when it's not set in a certain area. And as to the idea of a pictobox....no doubt it may be fun to have one, but if it doesn't make it in the game then there will be no complaints from me. I never used mine in Wind Waker or Majora's Mask outside of a few sidequests. Also, wouldn't the possibility of one appearing be lowered since this takes place way before WW or MM, and the technology for such a thing may not be present?


May 21, 2011
i don't think the real-time clocks would work, because in games like MM, you'd have to wait a whole day. the pictograph idea though is pretty cool.


Mar 28, 2010
Great Bay, Racing the Beaver Brothers
Someone's been playing Majora's Mask ;). I love The 1'st idea a lot, it would be like re-living MM all over again! You're 2'nd idea intrigues me, I would love to be able to take in game pictures and send them to the photo channel! That's a great idea!
Jul 6, 2011
i don't think the real-time clocks would work, because in games like MM, you'd have to wait a whole day. the pictograph idea though is pretty cool.
But to actually have to wait a day.... it would be so intense!!
Feb 23, 2011
Picto Box: Yes, yes please! Skyward Sword's art and graphical style practically WELCOMES the Picto Box, wouldn't you agree?

The real-time clock (based on real world night and day; using the Wii console's internal clock) has been discussed in another thread. A vast majority of posters in this said thread really disliked the idea, and rejected the prospect of it being implemented into Skyward Sword (for very good reasons). I'll just say the cons outweigh the pros with this idea. BUT the Picto Box idea is golden!:D


hero of...uh... somthing.
Mar 13, 2011
well... the 2nd idea would be pretty neat, but not so much the 1st. i think it would a bit annoying.


state alchemist
Jun 13, 2011
not many people have free time with school/work and studies so playing zelda when its always night would be annoying. but the second idea is pretty revolutionary. normally i don't think the pictobox has much in-gamae use but to save pics to your console would be nice.

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