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This is Going to Kill Me...


Resident Cartographer
Jul 18, 2009
Cloud 9
I just noticed something... most likely a coincidense (sp?) but interesting all the same.

Anyway, the intro to Minish Cap says:

A long, long time ago...when the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow...
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a golden light.
With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with care.

Now this text is somewhat vague, but doesn't it describe what we know about Skyward Sword perfectly?

I know that this is about the Picori Blade, and there is no possible way that it could be describing SS. I realize that.

That is why it bothers me so much, because it just fits so well yet at the same time it doesn't fit at all...


Zelda's Kid
Nov 15, 2010
Skyward Sword will talk about the Master Sword, while the quote from the beginning refers, most likely to the Picori Blade. However, remember that
the Picori Blade is the Four Sword when the elements are infused in it.
So assuming that Skyward Sword takes place before the Minish Cap, they could always place a game in between SS and MC that perhaps shows the origins of the
Picori Blade/Four Sword
. This game could either be a sequel to SS or a prequel to MC, it would work either way.


Hero of Time
Jan 30, 2011
Dude, im in the same predicament as you....Im torn between whether SS is first MC is first. I dont wanna just base evidence tha MC is first just because it shows the origins of Link's hat, thats way too vague....but I notice that Death Mountain is called "Mt. Crenal"....I mean it could be a different mountain altogether but the Gorons onced lived there....I dunno im just torn lol
Mar 30, 2010
Also, consider that Hidemaro Fujibayashi, the director of TMC, is also the director of SS. I assume that SS is taking what TMC perhaps tried to do, and do it, well, better. It's not uncommon for so-called "origin" games to be ignored or overwritten in the main canon, after all, in other series (Castlevania Legends, for instance; another parallel being that Castlevania Legends wasn't developed by the main development team, just like TMC.) Though, I do think TMC still fits somewhere in the timeline, so "overwritten" isn't the best word for it.

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