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  • Hey Zemen.
    I was away for a while, i suffered from a depression, and honestly didn't have the will to get logged in on any forum.
    Haven't played/gotten ST yet:/
    Gasp! Zemen has been promoted!
    Congratulations Zemen! I'm sure you'll do a great job as a Moderator :)
    Gefeliciteerd met je moderator kleurtje :D. If you need any help with the mod stuff, just let me know ^.^
    You just click Settings at the top, and all your reputation will show up right in the middle of the page. Or at least, it should. Mine does anyway. Let me know if you have any problems.
    Haha yeah lol

    I've always found it funny how we have practically the same views on the timeline, but DRASTICALLY different views on what evidence is important.
    In saying that, most of the people in that thread seemed a little snarky and up themselves,
    so I can see why Mases said what he did to defend himself and the site.

    Though it could of been done in a better way....
    Read that thread on ZI, wow.....

    Not a whole lot of respect for Mases after that.
    There's no reason to say those kind of things about a member of his own site at all.
    Especially in the "behind your back" kind of way it was done.

    Ah well, some of us still like your presence, so you should stay if you haven't decided to already.
    Hmm weird, he said you were a mod...lol So there is obviously some miscommunication going on.
    Well you were a mod ;)

    But yeah I'm not taking any sides, sorry if it seems that way. Just trying to figure out what was going on. Just going by what was said. The way I got it is that you closed a thread for disagreeing with someone.
    It was more of a question, don't get so damn offensive. But I can see why now, it happens to most ZD mods.
    Oh really? I though I sent you an indepth PM in reply to that last one...I guess it didn't get sent.

    I'll send it tomorow. right now I'm about to go to bed.
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