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    Thanks for the welcomes. I'm a major fan of TNG, but I actually rarely watch. I typically assume a role of star trek nerd, even though I don't actually get into it that much, haha.
    :mastersword:Hi nice too meat you I am DARK MASTER I like Main zeldas and rare zeldas like the LCD games or the tingle games and much much more will you be my friend thanks.:keese:
    I am lacutis of borg resistance is futle
    Voyager was pretty awesome. Don't really like what they did with the Borg over the course of it, but I loved the concept. Brand new and fresh.
    Theme song with lyrics = fail. I was one of the few people that liked the 3rd season story arc, and the 4th season did an awesome job connecting to TOS.
    Those props are amazing. You said Soran's Pistol was the current project? Looks great. Always loved the way it was designed, with the "swing out" feature, for lack of a better description.
    It is, by far, my favorite. Got absolutely hooked about 3 years ago, and went crazy for it. Torrented all 7 seasons and watched them all, then went and bought all the movies. While all the TNG movies were okay, I think First Contact takes the cake by far. Stewart really outdoes himself in that one, and the Borg are just plain badass.

    You into any other of the series? Watched all of Enterprise and thought it was pretty cool.
    No, sorry. I just completely made it up. It would be weird if it was something that actually happened.
    You don't know who Fawful is?! Have you no shame?! He is Fawful! and has he says, he has chortles, one of the best kinds of things to have!
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