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  • Oh dude awesome! I'll be sure to let you know. I'm trying to put up an introduction type video, but I'm having some technical difficulties haha. I'm having a friend help me out, but if you've got any advice that'd be great too. And you should check him out if you can, he's DodongoBomber here on ZD.
    Anyway, besides figuring out how to upload videos to Youtube, I'm still waiting on a new connector thing to plug in my controller to the computer or whatever.
    Aero_Dynamic didn't get the reference [noparse]D:[/noparse]

    Anyways... so you're snatching up Asians? :O
    If you're climbing in mah windows... *GASP* no!!! How did you find out that my window was open?! Nooooooo!
    u climbin' in my windows?

    i better hide my kids, hide my wife, and hide my husband cuz u be rapin' errbody out here :O
    Wherever did you hear that from? Lol. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. (Hint: I don't even have the program. Haha.)
    I trust that you're a pretty damn good poster already, but I'd like to ask anyway since I don't really pay all that much attention from the large influx of posts we've been having.

    You can handle 2 paragraphs at least for each post that can easily get those 2 paragraphs, right? We're aimed at improving the quality of the forums... we'll show Mases we can and will change.
    So do you think that the Picori from the sky that the history of MC explains will be the Link from SS even though he has a hat?
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