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  • Oh!! :thinking:
    Ofcourse!! :yuck:
    I don't know what I was thinking!! :rolleyes:
    :D What do you mean by "Next Generation fan"?!
    Is that someone who only plays the new Zelda titles, because if that is the case, then I am no Next Generation fan.
    Hey buyallofthestuffimselling!! :D
    I really fancey your signature!!
    Thanks for your help with the article. I made sure to take care of the omission.

    On an unrelated note, Yellowcard...wow, that takes me back. My girlfriend introduced me to them in 2004. Not the kind of thing I'd usually listen to (though I did love punk at the time), but I have lots of good memories from that album, Ocean Avenue, and One for the Kids. Good to see someone else likes them!

    Having Dream Theater on the same playlist makes zero sense, but that hardly matters because Dream Theater is epic.

    I'm kind of OCD about songs on my playlist "matching up" in some way. Right now, I've just got prog, but I'll probably be putting a metal-related list up soon...mostly power and heavy metal. Maybe I'll find a way to work some of my old favorite punk bands (like Yellowcard, Flogging Molly, AFI, The Ramones, Bad Religion, and Less Than Jake) in there. Haven't listened to punk religiously since I was a teenager, but knowing that other people in the world like Yellowcard and don't bash them gives me faith in humanity.
    1. No, it's Sam Winchester from Supernatural. I don't know the actor's name but it's not Shaggy, that much I know.

    2. Not at all. Just sounded cool to me. :P
    Yeah, we do solo and ensemble. I have already selected a piece that I'm going to do. It is called "Mind Walk" and its by Lyle Mays. The pianist for the Pat Metheny Group, which is one of my favorite groups to listen to. Percussion ensemble music is so cool to listen to too. Its beautiful.
    Oh yeah. I'm more into the mallet side of things. I really love the marimba. Orchestral is amazing to me. I'm not really a drumset drummer, but I'm really really good at marching snare. I love everything percussion. Orchestral, jazz, marching, percussion ensemble, new age, etc. Drumming is the best.
    Right...not that I understood a word of what you're saying...Lol. Nice use of the word photoshop though. ;)
    Haha, since win what? I just said my colors match my name, can't win against fact [noparse]>.>[/noparse]
    I'll accept them ;) I have to admit that post (the post that made you a bit angry) was a bit.. (I don't know the word for it, but you'll understand :P). At the moment I wrote that I allready wanted to die in Mafia, so I wrote it in that mood.

    I wanted to quit because I was stuck in the game, not because of you. Not everything in that game was as it seems, I can't tell because that would change the game if I do. but eventually there was way to much pressure on me, I allready achieved my goals and as long as I was alive people were lynching townies because of confusion. I allready helped the town a lot, I gave my live for it, but the longer I stayed alive the worser it get. That's why I decided to quit and to leave at least this post behind (the post that made you a bit angry) so people will think about every position in the game again like a new start. And it worked.
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