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  • Thanks alot!! :)

    To tell the truth, I was getting sick of the arguments, and I wanted to just get the day over with. I also didn't even realise I was the last vote, until my sister pointed it out. :D
    Yeah. All of them are great. I don't own any of them, well, except for an old copy of Totoro... but I don't watch it because VHS tapes are obsolete in my house now... But yeah. Castle in the Sky is amazing.
    I really want to see princess mononoke in the original japanese. They say that a lot of good stuff was lost in the translation, but I still loved it. I really like Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso. Both great movies.
    Hey, even though I've been killed, I was reading through the mafia thread, and I found this in your post.

    Zelda_Child's posts were suspicious whilst the Linksbro thing went on.QUOTE]

    It left me wondering, how were my posts suspicious? I didn't realise they were, so could you just explain to me so I know for next time? ;)
    I love that movie! All of the Studio Ghibli movies are just amazing. Hayao Miyazaki is a fantastic story teller.
    :right:Supersilly, Your online again! I have to tell you something..........

    Your score in blockies is ridiculous!!! Why did it have to be so high?:kawaii:
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