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  • Thanks, I really appreciate it, it is feeling better already. I already went to the doctor, but i will try this first next time it happens. I was just amazed at how fast it was brought on. I didn't think it could develop that fast. :/
    hey, are you still active here? A lot of people have left recently, I was gone for a while too but I'm active now (sort of..)
    Hi Baysiderulez, just wanted to say congrats on helping with that awesome podcast service! I enjoy Z-Talk a lot, really interesting!
    well, i see what your saying and i dont feel the same way i felt back at loz, i mean. i guess because im new here and dont know anyone yet, or because im a noob now. but i miss the way loz used to be. but if it ever does get better over there, i will be back.
    yea but when the biggest *** of em all was the one in charge, things sucked. but i thought it sucked when you got banned or whatever. so are you on here much or just every once in awhile.
    its stupid to make it about gaming in general, i mean, there is already sites for that. the people that went to a site called legend of zelda, went there for legend of zelda specifically. i read chances little reason for doing it, it was stupid, because everyone has other interests, of course, no one likes only one thing. idk, im not going back there anymore, this site seems to be what loz once was only with friendly people, too many assess on loz.....i mean xero
    While that is true, all of the regular mods and a high majority of the HKs take the forum seriously. However I understand where you're coming from.

    That's good; quoted or did you make it yourself?
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