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  • Oh god lol I couldn't bear AoL when I played it, So much rage!

    Seems like getting your Wii jailbroke is a good idea haha save much more money...
    Did you JailBreak your Wii?

    And I hate AoL lol, too frustrating and just doesn't feel like a Zelda game...
    Hey! I actually haven't got the game haha

    I will get it soon though hopefully as I need to complete it! Just not looking forward to facing Moldorm :/
    oooh Halo 4 <3 Are you a fan of the franchise?

    I've been alright. Busy, busy, busy, if you know what I mean.
    Thanks.I found my sig when I was searching stuff and it was really funny, so I thought I could use it.
    Man, I WISH I grew up in the retro age. So many good games to pick from. Then again, the very first game I ever played was OoT, so I guess I can't complain.
    Well, I'm a Nintendo kid at heart. I play a lot of Pokémon, Mario, Animal Crossing, and a crap ton of Minecraft. My systems include Wii, Gamecube, N64, DSi, GB Advance. I'm saving up to eventually get a PS3 or Xbox...
    Its not that they sound horrible or anything. I like GNFPWLBN and WWDBTSES and all that, but they just didn't ring out as well with me, personally, as did, say, The Lonesome Crowded West, or Sad Sappy Sucker, or The Fruit That Ate Itself. With those, there was more unpredictability, extended jam sessions, and overall craziness that made me fall in love with them in the first place. I listen to Satellite Skin and its counter parts and they're just so boring to me compared to Lounge (Closing Time), Dirty Fingernails, and Birds Vs. Worms. All my opinion, of course.
    I hate it when bands sell out. Modest Mouse did that. The Killers did it. Weezer did it AND CONTINUE TO DO IT TO THIS DAY!! But yeah, good new music is tough to come by nowadays. And the punk scene, huh? Ever get into the Pixies?
    I have a friend that is a die-hard fan of Coheed. I myself have ever been a huge fan, but I do enjoy some of their stuff. I've heard In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 and Year of the Black Rainbow by them, and they're pretty good. The most modern music I listen to is hardly any bands...;p Usually Mas Volta and RH are the most modern on my playlist. Oh, and Silversun Pickups as well. Its a lot of 90s, 80s and 70s with me. Smashing Pumpkins, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse, The Cure, and Jimi Hendrix, to name only a few.
    Glad to meet yet another person into good music. :) De-Loused is my fave by MV, with Frances the Mute being a close second. The Bends is one of my faves by RH, prolly tied with Kid A. Also, have you ever heard the Radiohead "I Might Be Wrong" live recordings? It's probably one of my favorite live albums of all time. Anyways, yeah, glad you like the pics (the profile pic is actually me with The Bends vinyl cover over my face), and feel free to chat me up with any music stuff ya want.
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