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  • really wish i was more active like i used too be, but i guess ive just been to busy. Still Love this place though!
    well you are awesome i dont hate live ur life the way you want to man! im just happy i found someone else who listens to msi!
    you are my new best friend we like the same things msi SOAD and fma! btw what other animes do u watch/ manga u read? ...................... i was just wondering how old are u im 16
    its called facing the plastic find it on youtube its easy i heard the new album its freakin awesome i want 2 get it ttyl
    I thank you for your consideration, but I actually already tried ZNES. I guess computers hate me; anyway I can't risk getting another bug on this computer. I need it for school. I am very grateful, and I'll find some way of playing Alttp if it kills me. It is now the single purpose of my existence.
    hey wuts up have u heard the new msi song facing the plastic? .......... do u like fullmetal alchemist?
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