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  • Yeah I see what you mean!

    Tbh I would have to admit that I was hesitant to try out MM due to the 3 day cycle but there are many ways of getting round it with slowing down time and skipping to the final day Ect. I think you just have to get used to it, you will have enough time to get your stuff done and then save and return to the 1st day and tackle the Dungeons....A bit tedious I know but MM is an awesome game you should really try and play it :)
    Yeah I wouldn't recommend them! Phantom Hourglass was alright I guess but yeah the whole control gimmick ruined games for me!

    My favs would be MM or TP however I would say TP! Plus its been a while since I've played Alttp...played it before but didn't finish it, so i am definitely looking to go buy it on the Virtual Console :)
    Yep, that was my blog. Thanks for the lengthy comment, lol.

    Wish I had some more ideas though. I rarely post blogs anymore.
    Yeah it's for the best that you wait till some good games come out for the Wii U! Trust me I have one and I have barely played it haha!

    Hmm I was kind of a late starter to the Zelda series as my first game was PH...I have always been a fan though as you used to go round to my friends and play OoT and MM! What's your fav Zelda?
    If your on about the Wind Waker reamke then YES!

    Tbh I don't get all the hate? Its going to be awesome :)
    Hey man, good seeing you around again. :) Sorry, I'm notoriously bad at replying to messages. Do you have Skype, by any chance?
    all BS aside, Zelda is my favorite video game. then halo, and then id say darksider at the moment! i would have to say my favorite system all around is the PS3 though
    I appreciate that!

    Hate to disappoint you, but I'm still pretty young--only 26. The Genesis reference was because I listen to lots of prog--I could probably use Yes, Kansas, The Moody Blues, Spock's Beard, or Dream Theater just as well, but there was a clearer line in the sand with Genesis, and prog examples just tended to come to mind at the particular time I made that post.

    I can see how it probably made me sound older, though. :P
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