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  1. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Not Showing CD Offer?

    I had that too. Just keep trying and eventually you'll get through. I love how all the zelda fans crashed nintendos site. haha, epic :)
  2. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Everyone Will Recieve a Copy of the OoT CD

    I dont know if I will. I registered mine a couple hours ago and I cant get. I dont know why either. I might try calling them.
  3. Shadow Link

    General Classic How Many

    Holy crap, 60 times?! wow I've played it like, I think around 6-7 times and Majoras Mask like, 5 times
  4. Shadow Link

    Twilight Princess Game Guide?

    Is this Prima guide for gamecube or WII? http://www.primagames.com/guides/display.php?isbn=9780761557852
  5. Shadow Link

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    sacred grove and the lost woods. Love it
  6. Shadow Link

    "Dark Sage"

    I love these vids, there so awesome
  7. Shadow Link

    Was Link Your Imaginary Friend when You Were Little?

    I think.........you need to see a psychiatrist
  8. Shadow Link

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Do You Recommend It?

    Short answer - No Long answer - Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. Shadow Link

    Triforce Hole

    the OoT hylian shield has the fourth piece on it, but TP's doesn't
  10. Shadow Link

    Majora's Mask Is This Rare?

    Okay, Majoras Mask was only in gold carts, no grays. And the holo cart isn't rare, I've actuelly only came across a 1 sticker one before, but lots of holos. I myself own 2 holos and 1 sticker
  11. Shadow Link

    Ocarina of Time Proof of Zelda MM 3DS

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34mdzza0QpU About 20 secs in, When it has a zelda themed thing, It has the razor sword from majoras mask! And this is a real 3DS video
  12. Shadow Link

    How Did You Get to Know About the Zelda Series?

    My uncle gave me his old N64 (with OoT and MM) and I would roll around Termina as a goron for hours =)
  13. Shadow Link

    Zelda Symbols in Real Life

    I've seen tonnes of triforce symboles around. Like on company logos, in math class and, of course Zelda
  14. Shadow Link

    Earliest Zelda Memories

    My earliest memory was probably back when I was 4, I would play MM and roll around as a goron for hours. Still do :)
  15. Shadow Link

    The Legend of Zelda Gannon or Ganon

    It's Ganon. Gannon is a mis-translation
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