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  • Yea, I love Sailor Moon. I'm new to anime though so I'm only on episode 32 :P
    I really like it though, I can't stop watching it.
    It was very too long for a VM, but I still read through it anyway! Many words of wisdom you have, and I seriously need to take them to heart; I have trouble forming my own arguments because I incorporate my feelings moreso than I do the facts! Thanks a lot :)

    And thanks for the congrats! I'm not abandoning any part of HR; this color does NOT have any relevance to Hylia, I can assure you that! :yes:
    Mmm, life's been great on my part. Probably the best I've ever been haha! Yeah some people probably disagree with that, all those doom preppers and stuff.

    I'm still way behind lol, I haven't been able to catch up for quite some time. Oh really? I can't wait to get there and read it!
    The movies makes several statements about memory in a few random points and how it affects your identity. Then later on it is explained that yes in a way it does and in a way it does not. You are still fundamentally you and even if you cannot consciously remember events, you are still changed by them and grow from them because you never really forget. This was the basis behind her story to Haku, and how is helped him remember.

    Sewing is actually something I am not that good at, I have tried it a couple times but never put much effort into it at all. The various other crafty skills are not really as challenging, mostly just getting together the resources and the information to do any of them is perfectly available online. I just have this thing where I see something interesting at a convention or show, and I want to recreate it myself. So I will go all out looking up how it is done so I can do it myself.
    Oh wow, hi there Sari-butt! It really has been forever! How have you been??
    I remember reading about it from a developer interview before I saw the movie, I was looking into it to see what the movie was like before I watched it. The whole memory thing was closely tied to a few lines made in the movie. When Chihiro was at the other witche's house and she tells her that even though you cannot remember everything, that does not mean that things are actually forgotten. And this is how she remembers her name and her falling to the river when she was younger and her first encounter with Haku. This caused Haku to remember everything too. And at the end she forgot her whole experience from her adventure in the other world but was still changed from the experience anyway. she was still more mature and ready to take on life ahead of her even if she did not consciously know why. The theme of the movie was her growing up, finding some independence and learning how to rely on herself without her parents. But we are left knowing that it was not "completely" forgotten. I guess that was why she did not completely revert back to her old self when she left at the end.
    Synopsis - Spirited Away Wiki
    After a simple interview with Hayao Miyazaki, he stated that after Chihiro passed the tunnel, she forgot everything happened in the spirit world, including Haku and the other friends of her. In this case, we should remember Zeniba's quote, "You can't never really forget something, you just can't recall it"

    And chainmail was an interest of mine for a while, I tend to immerse myself into various crafty skills every so often. I love learning about a new skill and learning then crafting things from it for a while only to move on to the next. I have been doing it for years. I think the only thing I ever really stopped at because I had little skill in was glass blowing. I just never got into it. I have also toyed with leather tooling, carving, sculpting, etc. Whatever new skill I learn about at the time.

    Making the shirt really is one of the most daunting things to make from it, but it is also what everyone that gets into chainmail wants to make. It's a weird issue relating to the skill.
    Heh, good to hear that, my friend--or rather, read that I guess, hahah. But anyways, I've been doing fine as well, thanks :)
    I had once, in the past, done a bunch of crazy ranting filled with expletives in regards to "Hylia". The very concept of it is incredibly deluded, and for fans to subscribe to such a character? I just can't breathe! I'm not trying to offend them, but...my feelings for Hylia and by extension SS Zelda are just negative in their core I guess. Granted, some of my rants and complaints weren't completely solid, but I personally don't care for solidity when it comes to characters like that. I'm sorry, but you just don't write a character, throw them away after the exposition, then at the end try to have them bud back in only to die. That isn't what I'd call a character at all. :/
    Particularly on a certain....idolized blonde.
    I'm not sure who you're referencing with that, but if it's SS Zelda...I really hate her. She's like a tramp in that she begs for attention, but she also is like a dictator who abuses power because of her Hylia dual-personality or whatever it may be called. I can't put what I'm thinking into words--that's a huge problem of mine--but I just hated the iteration of Zelda in this game. She felt wholly incomplete as a character. It started out with the schoolgirl, then once she hit the surface, the "Zelda" charcater was essentially erased and replaced with Hylia. Could think of it like Yami Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh, in a sense, only that she was...freakin' incomplete. I don't know what Nintendo was thinking when they went through with the character and greenlighted her, but she's just a wreck. I can't stand her. :/

    That table of contents looks AMAZING. It'd be a great blog post, a great article, a great thread in SS board...anything really. Please show me the entire blog post when you're done! My interest is piqued already xD
    Yea I saw Spirited Away, caught it a little bit before it was commercially released here. I don't know about the perspective, she did find herself in an otherworld of nature deities that forced her to work or be turned into a mouse. I suppose she did learn some important lessons on life during the event but the part at the end that leaves you understanding that she did not remember the whole event (which does fit with folklore really well) did sorta leave me wondering if she did mature and change because of it. Wonder how her father explained missing several days of work out in the country. Anyway I just really don't like the packing, taking it elsewhere, unboxing, attempting to settle in again motion. I've done it enough times before.

    And I did not get to go to that either when the Symphony was in my town. Mostly because I hate going to things by myself ( I always consider it too boring) and most of my friends are not Zelda fans so they would not waste their time. They know I'm a fan and wondered why I did not go on my own. But just chose not to if it meant going alone.

    The tunic is actually the largest undertaking of all the chainmail creations. Most people recommend to a beginner to make something else first since the workload will often cause the maker to give up and leave it before it is complete. Mine took me probably a little over three weeks, but I really wanted to have it finished. But it is made of a larger than normal gauge wire for most fantasy makers, but fairly normal for iron age reinactors. About 7-9 gauge aluminum wire. After I made the shirt I made another smaller sleeveless shirt, a mantle, and then more creative stuff like small dice bag, wrist bands, and a necklace. Once you get the pattern down it is pretty simple to make just about anything. I even played around with making various plate pieces from sheet steel after seeing someone do it in person at an event.
    Nice to see that you still browse about here every now and then, Saria...I hope life's still going well enough for you.
    Well...if you post (or have posted) this blog of yours, do you mind linking me to it? I'm really interested in reading it! :)
    I mean, I'm not trying to be an obsessive hater of the game, but frankly when I read opinons that are PRO-SS, they are typically all the same for all the same reasons, whereas people who are somewhat anti-SS have different opinions usually.

    Also, do you think the game is just a bad Zelda release, or does it have more to do with your expectations for the game? I'm in the middle of the two actually. :3
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