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    Spoiler Do You Think Hyrule Celebrates Thanksgiving?

    Do they celebrate Thanksgiving? Indeed they do. Every year approaching the time of Thanksgiving, the Cuccos start watching their hinds more vigilantly since they are to Hyrule on Thanksgiving what turkey is to us. In light of this, at some point Cucco hunting was turned into an avant-garde...
  2. Sarianae

    Geography of Hyrule

    I've never actually sat down to study Hyrule's geography for some reason, but since I think it's probably something I should be taking a crack at at some point at least once, I figure now is as good a time as any. Agree wholeheartedly---the assumptions you point out are extremely essential...
  3. Sarianae

    A Link to the Past Any Advice on 3rd ALTTP Boss?

    I am bumping this topic on account that I actually do have some real advice to give that has not been mentioned. After being knocked off the platform an infuriating number of times myself, I began watching Moldorm's movements much more minutely, and noticed that there was a pattern to it that...
  4. Sarianae

    Fairy Tale Influence in Zelda

    This may seem an odd topic at first, but with some examination, it will not appear as peculiar as you may be inclined to think. Interestingly, there have been certain entries in the franchise that have incorporated some of Grimm's fairytales. In fact, what brought this subject to mind was after...
  5. Sarianae

    Your Favorite Zelda Commercials & Promotional Videos

    Over the years, the Zelda series has seen all kinds of commercials, from radical rapping to MORE RAPPING to crazed men screaming "ZEELLDAAAA!!!!" to MORE OF THAT to puppets either singing and dancing or laughing while attempting to murder each other over a key and curly-haired men climbing...
  6. Sarianae

    Mirror Mirror |vs| Snow White and the Huntsman: Movie Trends Talk

    I'm bringing this discussion up on account of not one, but two Snow White movies coming out around the same time. Mirror Mirror I believe just started playing, while Snow White and the Huntsman will be coming out in June. Because of this unusual circumstance, people have been saying a lot of...
  7. Sarianae

    Who is Your Favorite Fantasy Author?

    Philip Pullman for me, hands down. His Dark Materials is my favorite fantasy series and I am still looking for something to read that can top it. It doesn't surprise me to see that not many people have read it here, as it's one of those rare diamonds that splendidly dances outside the limelight...
  8. Sarianae

    The Hunger Games Trilogy

    I have to say that for the most part, I was very impressed with how well the movie adhered to the book. This is of course, with a few exceptions, most prominently the backstory of the mockingjay pin as has already been mentioned. Aside from that, they toned down the Cato carnage in the finale...
  9. Sarianae


    My thoughts? Oh, here we go. *cracks knuckles* What I would suggest is, don't trust the trailer. I can't say I'm too impressed with it myself, but I feel as though what I've glimpsed of it still has the potential to be great. It's mostly a matter of whether Pixar will do it right, and they...
  10. Sarianae

    Looking for E3 2010 Concept Art Without Logo

    Minitokyo is the place you want to go for high resolution images, usually for anime and manga series but at times they do have game series as well (if it's a Japanese series, you're in luck). They do have this image in high resolution, dimensions are 3531x5000. However, it doesn't exclude the...
  11. Sarianae

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    ^ This being the exact strategy I used to beat this thread the first time. Although it may not work if the mod is invisible~ =P
  12. Sarianae

    Fun Things to Do in SS when You're Bored

    Just heads up, I merged your thread with this one because they were nearly the same thing. =)
  13. Sarianae

    Zelda Art Zelda Art Made by My Wife

    Hmmm.....you must excuse me for pointing this out, but there is a piece of Zelda fanart I am familiar with from one of my favorite artists on pixiv that this does resemble a little too closely to overlook mention of. Please see below: So I must ask, does your wife often use other people's...
  14. Sarianae

    Bandai to Cease Distribution of Anime and Manga in February

    Exactly; I'd like to further what Erebea and Onilink have been saying here. I would say that contrary to the impression that people on the outside looking in may get, Fansubs in reality do a lot in the way of boosting the success of anime series when licensed and marketed for release, through...
  15. Sarianae

    Megaupload Taken Down

    Wow.....wow. I am speechless. Indeed. I suppose it gives a taste of what's only going to ignite across the internet in a raging domino effect were SOPA to see the light of day (and may I direct you to the bathroom if that taste is sickening.) There're details here for anyone interested.
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