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  • Things are going just fine, thanks for asking :3

    How about on your end, is everything still going smoothly, and are you excited for the holidays?
    Don't worry about it. If your post is contributing and the thread in question is still relevant, your "necroing" is still okay. :)
    If you can, I heavily implore you to get back to posting! Doesn't have to be REGULARLY, but every once in a while? Maybe? xD

    The whole anti-anti-SS crowd has largely dissipated from the forum, and all of the opinon bashing has migrated or eradicated itself! C'mon, vamos! :yes:
    Tell your cousin that she is incredible for making that pic! That made me laugh a bit too much, and my parents are now yelling at me D:
    Yea, I am. I haven't watch any other anime that I've been watching because I like Sailor Moon so much. At first I thought it was dumb and then after 5 episodes I got hooked. Someone on the forum recommended it so I started watching it and I was like "This is so stupid." and then she said "Just keep watching it." I'm watching the dubbed version though because I hate subbed.
    Sometimes I can find the parts necessary and sometimes I cannot. One thing I do love is searching around for all the necessary ingredients to make something. But I think in reality I just love a treasure hunt.
    Like these
    I literally learned how to lathe things as I was making these wands, I made several and sold them on etsy a while back. After a while I started making them more complex with more things on them instead of just a turned stick with some stain and finish. This one has a jasper point that I got in a small shop in the mountains months earlier, silk cord that I grabbed in a fabric store, some metal bits I picked up in a jewelry supply store an a red glass ball on the end that I got from some old country style general store. I have made several more like that and I love just collecting up various ingredients for these things as I travel around.
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