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  • Lol, I just have this image of chibi you as a shield and chibi Din as the sniper. Together the undefeatable! Lol, hows you? :P
    Hey I have a question. For the podcast, I would like to do something(I'm not sure what). Problem is, I don't have a mic. I was wondering if we could record a conversation on Xbox live and transfer it to the podcast.

    P.S. I asked Din and she told me to ask you.
    I already told this to din, but i love your podcasts keep up the excellent work!
    Rish! Din seems to not be getting any of my messages. I submitted an entry to the podcast like she asked but she didn't get on skype to accept it. Make sure she knows this.
    Heya, Rish, how is it hanging? Hope you are doing great. Anyway, I couldn't help myself but invite you over to take a look at my site. Athenian help me build it, it's for writers and readers, mostly. If you want to, you can post the story there, your zombie story, and if you have any art, post that as well. The link to the site is in my siggy. Also, let me know when you update your zombie story, you know I'll read it.
    Heya! ^^
    Aww, Thanks. :) You are coming over tomorrow morning yes?
    Yeah. Midterms went great! Now we can go back to how often we usually meet up.
    Love ya too!
    ~ Din
    I'm going to accept your application but a lot of the people like to be nitpicky. I suppose it's all for the better though. Perhaps you could lengthen your posts a bit. Just a suggestion. You'll be accepted either way, but it's all for the better of the forum, remember. :)
    Yes, I guess I thought going back to school would suck all of my time up. But I guess I was just overreacting. I am sacrificing myself and making time to be here. ZD loves me, I gotta stay here where I am loved. ^^

    I can't wait for your update on that zombie story. Good luck with it, Rishy. Say hi to Dinny if you see her.
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