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  • I see. So you like Dungeons and Dragons? I still have to play that.

    Also, I play GRAW online, it's the only shooter I like. I also love rpgs as you can probably see. Don't let my gamerscore fool you, it might say 600 something but while I am vacationing here at my sis' I've managed to go past the 1000 mark. It's a long story, I could possibly be in the 10000 gamerscore mark but my old profile oddly did not load up when I was using my online fee card. Anyway, good to see there are gamers here as well, you and I are not the only ones, I've seen many others.
    Haha, I see. So how did you join? Did Din tell you about the site? Did I even welcomed you properly? Oh, and you have a nice gamertag and points. I see you like playing soccer games...so do I. ^^
    Oh hey, how's it going? Nice to meet you too. My name is Xeldimus here. So you've heard from me before? lol Has Din been telling on me? Keep in touch, eh? Perhaps you'd be interested in submitting a character for the story I am writing. If you feel interested talk to Din, she'll tell you what you need to know. XD
    That is Hazel with the white hood, Rish.
    Ha!! you have a shortened name too now! Xel, meet Rish, Rish this is Xel. :D
    lol. I'm sure Hazel was trying to help me out, but the character will probably disappear now that you are here. OR it could make a intreseting opposite.
    lol, it isn't that bad. I could be a lot worse!
    I see you got it up. and I posted it there too, but you are cleared. go jump in! We can play now! ....wait. Arn't you in class?
    OKay, that works. Did you get your profile to post?
    Try making it shorter. There is a 50 character min and a 1000 max. What was the error message? Was it from the site or from the horrible internet we have here? :mad:
    oh there you go... you got it now :)
    No I wouldn't steal your life. But maybe your password.....:lol:
    Maybe I'm going to regret inviting you to the site. hmmmm. I will steal your computer at school!
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