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  • yo rish wat do you think about "today with mthegreat" since i had a loss of words i said that as you can remember
    Yo rish, I was wondering if you and rish were goin' to do the podcast over this spring break
    An ecsentric fan,
    Yeah, sure ^^ They aren't exactly brilliant but I can try if you give me the details :)
    yo rish. i just want u to know that if anyone has complaints on the podcast, they need help

    tell din that
    I emailed you a bit of music I made for the next podcast. I hope you got it.

    And I friend requested you and Din on Xbox live just in case the headset to the podcast thing works. I'm xSiXX47x. We could play some MW2 too.
    Yeah it will! With my knowing of you and Din and her amazing drawing skills it will be perfect! It will prolly be scanned though, hand drawn :3 I feel all warm inside. I like doing nice things ^^ Hows life atm?
    Yay! My friend is definitely drawing the chibi outlines for me, and I will continue it to make it look like you and Din. Heehee. This shall be fun. ^^
    Well, she's going to do the outline, and I will edit it because I know what you and Din are ment to look like ^^
    Vegas? Awesome! Have a good time :D I'm ill atm but fast recovering, just busy with dance and school really.

    PS - My friend is epic at chibi drawing, I may have to ask her to draw the image I had in my head of you and Din!
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