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  • I'm good about to have to go back to school which means less games and less Zelda and that always sucks 
    I see you are on. Haven't seen you in a long time, Rish. You maybe don't remember me, but I haven't forgotten about you ever since Dinny introduced us. What happened to your zombie story? Will you write on that again? Just curious, hope you are doing great~ ~Ats
    Awesome work on the podcasts, Rish! I listen to them as soon as they come out! Keep it up!!!
    yo rish
    howd you think of your zd nickname
    reason im askin is that rishian is actually a hindi name
    Awesome! I'm lucky where I am now, aside from an essay that took like 8 hours in total, my homework level seems to be dropping. I guess that'll change soon XD
    Here you are! Do you like it? I found part of Shiek's quote from OoT...is it okay? I spent a while on it :P
    vy0ghd.jpg <-- direct link.
    Hai, I'm making your sig right now. It's mostly what you asked for but your name is going to have to be another colour, sorry! But it is almost done....
    Oh, good I've been busy doing alot of recording. I just finished LA which was my 11 Zelda now I'm recording my 12 Zelda 2 (Famicom). so thats what I've doing.
    Gah. I swear I am trying my best with your sig but I have no access to the right computer atm. Gah.
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