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  • Ew, schoolwork I'm taking it you've played TLoZ before considering, well, you're on this site. So what was your first game?

    Mine was Wind Waker, I got it when I was 7.
    No, I haven't actually. I just Wikipedia'd it, and it sounds kinda interesting, so I might check it out.

    Oh, and to clarify, oddly enough I don't watch much horror. I'm a big, big fan of the genre and the idea of writing it appeals to me a lot (my book in progress has a lot of elements of horror in it), but I don't watch it much since in a way I've lost faith in the modern horror genre. I really shouldn't do that, though, as there are totally good examples of horror out there. I just need to look harder. :sweat:
    No kidding. I visit it daily. I haven't edited articles and I just made a handle today, but I think I'll start...eventually...>.>

    Anyway, yeah, Trope-tan was a dead giveaway. The fact that I know about her probably means I've been hanging out on the site too long.
    Don't worry about "taking" it from me. First come, first serve. ;)

    I really look forward to the finished product. It doesn't matter who's delivering the message, long as it's being delivered.

    Keep up the good work! I haven't seen you around the forums much, but I hope to see more of your posts in the future! :)
    *Looks at your sig*

    You're quite male? So that means a large part of you is male.....So what part of you is female? o_O
    Ah, sophomore year was one of my favorite years in college. Also coincidentally the first year I started writing fanfiction. Anyway, good luck with your semester. :)
    Happy Birthday, Octo. Have a good time, open many presents and if there are any girls invited to your party don't forget to hit on them. :lol:
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