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  • Been a while. I haven't been on at all for about 6 months and now I'm gonna try to be on more. Also in my signature I'm gonna put a link to a youtube channel me and my friends are making. We're going to do a show sorta so please check it out. I'll have a new video every week or so and we will have our first soon, so check it out and HIIIIIIIIIIII.
    Augh, sorry for not responding to this sooner... :(

    Lol, thanks. ^^ Yeah, I accepted your friend request. Nice to hear from a fan, and glad I've managed to entertain. :)
    Ello my friends, I'm not gonna be here for at least another 6 months because my laptop broke. I'm gonna try to buy a new one hopefully soon. Until then, cya guys.
    Currently you have 348.18 points. Go post in a thread (in one of the Zelda sections) real quick, and then come back to me. If it hasn't added to your points then it will be looked into.
    I saw that you left a message on Mases's profile about market points. This is a scale of how points are given.

    * Registering = 150 market points
    * Creating a new thread = 10 market points
    * Replying to a thread = 5 market points
    * Receiving reputation = 1 market point multiplied by the number of reputation points (if a user has 500 reputation points, he or she will receive 500 market points)
    * Losing reputation = -5 market points for every negative rep (not multiplied by number of reputation points lost. -20 reputation points will still result in -5 market points)
    * Receiving infractions = -20 market points for each infraction

    As long as you are posting, you should be receiving points. Make sure that you don't post in the forum games, though, because you don't get points for posting in there.
    Pretty good I got a personal ? for ya but I'll send you a PM of it.

    P.S. it's almost 10:00 in my timezone and I goota go to school Tomorrow.
    It's stupid the 30 character rule but Moderators can't take it off VM's w/o taking it off when posting Thread also .
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