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  • Lance could tell she was slipping, but he wanted her to stay alive so badly. If worse came to worse, he'd carry Kirinen. He'd do anything for her if it meant keeping her alive. "Shouldn't we... get going?" Lance says softly.

    Shannon looks at them as well.

    (I was? o.o huuuuh....
    It can be whatever facial expression you think would fit for him. Because I have no idea... heh heh
    My friend Mira wants me to pick the King of Diamonds for Vince. Yeah. Yeah. That just happened... along with us talking about if Shannon were gay. Yeah. It happened. Not sure why.
    I need to finish drawing these damned seals...)
    yeah he's pretty terrifying
    don't worry
    it's perfectly okay
    everybody is scared of lord english (and he's a butt so)
    it's alright :P
    (and kankri isn't as angry but he's nuts about social justice it's pretty funny actually he never shuts up and everyone's like "NO ONE CARES KANKRI")
    yes dirkjake good ship good ship
    i like dirkroxy the mostest because of stuff that happens later (no spoilers huehue)
    but dirkjake is adorable ;_;
    Lance hears Kirinen and squeezes her hand, "I agree."

    Shannon looks at the carvings at the tree as well. They are quite cute, in his opinion. "Hmm" is the only thing he mutters.

    (I'm sure you could get him to say Puny God... I'm not 100% sure what you mean by facial expression though...
    I will send them via my forums...
    I will pick the King of Hearts for Lance, I feel like it fits him... Just sayin. Anyways, do I get to claim any other cards?
    I will post a photo I took of it on the boards as well... given, I hate it though... *sigh*
    Coolio. I can't wait to see it ^.^)
    Lance follows Kirinen and listens as well.

    Shannon shrugs, "You sure are strange, Melica. I'll give you that... You're strange in a good way though. heh heh."

    "Oooh. Random comic, sweet. And he'd probably be impressed and terrified at the same time...
    I might survive... I dunno.
    Also, if I sent you a few photos on my forum, would you tell me which ref to draw? yeah. I'm TRYING to draw... It'll probably turn out crappy though..."

    Oh course, a few mins after I sent that, I drew a pic. See my current avatar? Yeah. That's the pose Lance will be in. But... I KILLED how I drew Shannon. I'll have to redraw him or try drawing Xaviar in Shannon's place in this new drawing... herm
    And once again, I'm being ignored in the Resistance RP... I might just drop out. There is really no way for me to just jump in. Everyone has met up and I'm sorely out of loop :/)
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