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  • psst how far are you in homestuck because the most recent updates are so intense i think i might cry
    hurry hurry you need to have your first 4/13 as a homestuck
    "That's... true." Lance replies.

    Shannon shakes his head, "No, it's not okay... I misunderstood you and I probably made you remember a lot of bad thing. I know what the feels like, you know." He sighs, "Enough of this... are you okay, honestly."

    Yes, maybe you didn't notice it earlier here: Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Well, I wanted to throw some other characters or strife specibus, but because I don't know how deep/far you've read it and don't want to spoil anything, so I just threw KK (since he appeared from the beginning of the SBURB session (trolling E:cool:.

    Nicknames on Zelda Dungeon? I only have this username (it became too long because of the word omniscient), btw I thought this word would be a giveaway that I am a fan of Homestuck (because Doc Scratch and Lord English are, you know).

    Nice to meet you too! Anyway is ZD the only forum you've joined or do you join other forums as well?

    *greets Mono with a stab, Jack Noir-style*
    Hey... Uhm, I'm not trying to stifle your creativity or anything like that, but... I need to tell my mom every sexual reference I see on this site, and if it's too many, she might kick me off DGN. Could you possibly not make any more rape attempts in Resonance? I don't want to have to quit the RP or anything.
    Lance shakes his head and says, "Yeah, yeah."

    Shannon is somewhat shocked, "I guessed she was killed... I just didn't want to hurt your feelings if I said the wrong thing, is all."

    Lance then grabs her and hugs her close. He is smiling.

    "...I was going to say is she uhhh...." Shannon clears his throat, "Dead? ...Or am I missing the whole point here?"

    Lance blushes, "You know me well, in that sense. heh heh."

    Shannon gets closer to Melica, "what are you suggesting? ... exactly...?"

    Lance smiles at her, hoping she'd return the favor.

    Shannon is clearly slightly impressed. "Wow" like Keriki, is all he can mutter.

    Lance gave her a peck on the cheek, "I know."

    Shannon looks closely at the tree, "Well... damn."

    (If you want to. Dear god... I can't get that mental image of Anai dancing around a camp fire and chanting out of my head. It's too damn funny XD)
    Lance sighs and taps her arm. He is hoping she gets his memento.

    Shannon chuckles, "Ha. Nice. Melica is insane because she has memories with a tree."

    Xaviar shrugs, "I dun geddit either."

    (wut./ braindead\)
    Lance realizes what she is doing and takes his mind off of everything. He is not sure why.

    Shannon laughs out loud, "Oh my gawd. Melica. All my wut!"

    (It is? Dear god... if it has to do with death you might give me feels... Dx
    ... waah)
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