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Archery, all art forms, reading, and theatre. Tumblr. RPs.
Jun 7, 2012 (Age: 11)
Probably roleplaying
Drawing, dreaming, being completely out of my righ



Yay avatars-in-progress. Because I'm lazy and needed a new one ^^
WARING: I put my psychological stuff in here. There are feels and truths, and there will only be more with time. You have been warned.
Vriska Serket said:
]"You don't have to 8e alive to make yourself relevant. And you don't have to 8e a good person to 8e a hero. You just have to know who you are and stay true to that. So I'm going to keep fighting for people the only way I ever knew how."

"8y 8eing me."

Wolf Sage - Yesterday 11:37 PM - permalink Report

You've shown to be a godly poster... Are you sure you're the Queen of Typos?


Thareous;bt39638 said:
It takes guts to look back in retrospect and admit to yourself that what you did was wrong. But it's even more courageous to publicly confess those bygone misdeeds...

Hylian_Monolith said:
Insanity cannot come without some kind of genius, and genius cannot come without some trace of insanity. It simply is not done."

Melica Arefaen said:
]...I'm no hero. There's a difference between a hero and a person in a situation they can't get out of morally without making a few sacrifices or doing a few dangerous things."

Kirinen Aberita said:
It's funny, how things change and make so much more sense as a person grows older."
GC: 1T 1S 4 B1G S3CR3T
TG: what

I have claimed Ferrus, Engineer Link, and Vaati. THEY ARE MINE

SirenOfTheSea - 12-22-2009, 03:45-
I hate how the author takes the titles of beautiful phenomena into the title for her stupid, lovey-dovey books.
Twilight is the occurrence between dawn and sunrise, NOT some stupid teenager falling in "love" with a fugly vampire thing.

96% of teenagers would be scared to death if Justin Bieber went up to the top of a high building and was about to jump off. If you are one of the 4% that would bring a chair, popcorn, a large Coke/Dr. Pepper/heck, any soda in general, and shout "DO A BACKFLIP!!!!!", copy and paste this into your sig.
GG: Well, what immediately catches my attention is this enormous book.
GG: I wonder how it squares with your size restriction?
TG: wut book
GG: My Unabridged Sassacre's!
GG: It's a very rare edition, and a precious family heirloom, so I don't know if it would make an ideal candidate for the journey.
TG: no no r u kidding that sh*t is perfect
TG: should be just the right size like big but just barkley not too big
GG: But what if it gets damaged!
TG: pshhhhh itll be set fire
GG: Oh! Silly me, what was I even worried about!
TG: errr
TG: ahahaha man
TG: * sent
TG: ** fine
GG: That wasn't even a Freudian slip.
GG: Doctor Freud just tripped over an errant phallus, tumbled down a flight of stairs, and broke his neck.
GG: And then his cigar exploded comically in his face.
UU: roxy?
TG: it is womon verse machine
TG: a struggle old as stuff itself
TG: she will bring sburb to its knees
TG: and then turn
TG: with her stuffwreckingest face
TG: and stare
TG: into the void
TG: and the void
TG: will wonk first
TG: ;3
Various art threads and checklist located below. I'm working on it!
This is my art thread. Come here to put in constructive criticism or just tell me that I'm awesome or not-awesome. Your choice.

This one is a story about a character named Melica(and everyone else, really). I'm working on Chapter 4, and editing the others to make them better. PROGRESS

As soon as I figure out how to draw circles, I'll open a thread for my signature and avy work. [I drew my sig and avy, yes.] I still take requests on anything, literally anything. If you want a glass Morpha, give me your address and I'll send it to you. :3

For TatlTails: Dagger(In Color)[Progress: Drafting, Position Found]
Kalia(In Color)[Progress: Redrawn Twice]
Dagger and Meli(arguing, most likely, color advised)[Progress; Drafting]

For DarkLink7: Modern Raenis
A narrow entrance leads from the Great Swamp west to the Desert of Mystery. Historians believe that the Desert was the home of the earliest Hylian people, who spoke a language long forgotten. Because you have the Book of Mudora, you will be able to read the script on the Hylian Monoliths that you find there.

The Hylian monolith
On a high bluff east of the desert stands a stone monolith. It is the source of much speculation because the people of the Light World can find no way to scale the bluff to inspect it more closely. Later on, when you are capable of traveling between the Light and Dark Worlds, you will be able to translate the ancient inscription with the Book of Mudora, and discover its message.
I look up my user name and I find this... I am now as confused as you are.
By the way: I want Midna back.
~The Fabulous Human Mortal Aliveness Emporium of Derps, Whats, and Shoutboxings~
1:53 PM <Igos du Ikana> Now I'm confused
1:53 PM <BeastModeMan97> How does that work?
1:53 PM <Hylian_Monolith> A flawless swoon.
1:53 PM <BeastModeMan97> ... o_O
1:53 PM <Igos du Ikana> What?
1:53 PM <Hylian_Monolith> GiC, that's enough.
1:53 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Thenit'seven more confusing.
1:53 PM * Ghirahimiscool faints while fainting
3:13 PM <Igos du Ikana> Ikanium...
3:13 PM <Nintendo_Master> DANGIT
3:13 PM <Nintendo_Master> Ikanium
3:13 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Ikanium
3:13 PM <DarkLink7> *darknium
3:13 PM <Igos du Ikana> How/who typoed my name as that?
3:12 PM <DarkLink7> Darnium
3:12 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Labrynnium
3:12 PM <Igos du Ikana> Igor
3:12 PM <Nintendo_Master> Terminium?
3:12 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Hylium
3:12 PM <Nintendo_Master> Hershium?
3:12 PM <justac00lguy> Twilium?
3:12 PM <Igos du Ikana> Hmmm
3:11 PM <Hylian_Monolith> We are beautfully coordinated
3:11 PM <Nintendo_Master> Gadolinium?
6:24 PM <Hylian_Monolith> ...*sigh*
6:23 PM <mandym287> Harlow x Libk 5ever
6:23 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Welcoem to the land of surprises: My typo domain
6:23 PM <mandym287> yeah, I remember that.
6:23 PM <mandym287> Ganonfarf, then
6:23 PM <justac00lguy> The best Typo's happen when you least expect it
6:23 PM <Hylian_Monolith> It came out Ganinfarf
6:23 PM <mandym287> brb editing
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> And I tried to type it
6:22 PM <mandym287> oooh
6:22 PM <mandym287> Was I?
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> You mentined Ganindarf
6:22 PM <mandym287> Lawl, I've typoed Ganinarf before, too. xD
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> You were
6:22 PM <mandym287> I must have not been around to witness it.
6:22 PM <mandym287> I haven't put any typos of yours in that blog, actually...
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I typoed a typoed typo.
6:22 PM <mandym287> oh
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> THAT was.
6:22 PM <mandym287> No
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I emant Ganinfarf, oops
6:22 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Yes it was
6:21 PM <justac00lguy> I wonder if he is legit or not
6:21 PM <mandym287> Ganinarf was not your typo
6:21 PM <DarkLink7> Hymo.
6:21 PM <Hylian_Monolith> But I ahve made some amazing ones, I suppose. "Entermiante". "Ganinarf". "Supremem"

1:08 PM <Igos du Ikana> Wow GiC
1:07 PM <Ghirahimiscool> brb anyway
1:07 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Over and over.
1:07 PM <Ghirahimiscool> And coming back.
1:07 PM <Ghirahimiscool> I'm tired of leaving.
10:31 PM <Hylian_Monolith> THat whole post...
10:31 PM <Igos du Ikana> Yes!
10:31 PM <Hylian_Monolith> WHOA
10:31 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I know, right?
10:31 PM <Igos du Ikana> It's a miracle
10:31 PM <Igos du Ikana> Supermeme just spelled correctly....
10:31 PM <Igos du Ikana> WHoa...
10:30 PM * Hylian_Monolith impresses teh world with beign able to spell ehr actions
10:30 PM * Hylian_Monolith digresses
10:30 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Of coruse, I saw it and I knew right away
10:30 PM * Igos du Ikana digress'
10:30 PM <Igos du Ikana> But I digress, now

9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Okay, done now.
9:51 PM * Hylian_Monolith smirks
9:51 PM <Igos du Ikana> Ok I take it back
9:50 PM <Hylian_Monolith> then I'll smirk a bti more and be your -- buddy--again
9:50 PM <Hylian_Monolith> But if you take it back
9:50 PM <Igos du Ikana> Even if it was for me wishing to be banned?
9:50 PM <Hylian_Monolith> t's like a "cool" kid doign drugs, saying that you wan to get banned.
9:49 PM <Igos du Ikana> Does that include me?
9:49 PM <Igos du Ikana> Nevermind, I don't want to be banned
9:49 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Really.
9:49 PM <Igos du Ikana> Really?
9:49 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I become thoroughly unimpressed with a user once they're banned
9:49 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I hoep not
9:48 PM <Igos du Ikana> Would they fulfill my wish?
9:48 PM <Igos du Ikana> If a mod scene that
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> It doesn't reflect well
9:48 PM <Igos du Ikana> Wait
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> No, you dont'
9:48 PM <Igos du Ikana> Nah, your fails are funny xD
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> It's seriosuly lame...
9:48 PM <Igos du Ikana> I wish I was banned that many times
9:34 PM <Azure Sage> APPA ATE MOMO!!!
9:34 PM <Azure Sage> MOMO
9:34 PM <Lord Vain> Momo...Mono*
9:34 PM <Terminus> V
9:34 PM <Azure Sage> 17 and a guy, hampered by social disfunctons/disorders
9:34 PM <Terminus> Same
9:34 PM <LittleGumball> Heck, she's better than most people I know.
9:34 PM <Lord Vain> Momo, I figured it out before checking you profile.
9:33 PM <Ventus> she's better than around 67% of the freshmen at my school
9:33 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I know that feeling, Vain.
9:33 PM <Terminus> better than some srs as well
9:33 PM <Ventus> 17 and a guy, hampered by a slew of medical problems...:/
9:33 PM <Azure Sage> Hyli's better than some freshmen in my high school
9:33 PM <Lord Vain> I'm 18 but have been mistaken to be in my twenties several times.
9:33 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I do try.
9:33 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Hehe. Thanks, term
9:33 PM <Terminus> Better than the 7th graders at my school by a long shot
12:43 PM <Thareous> Being a blueberry is a frightening prospect.
12:42 PM <Thareous> ____Q:
12:41 PM <Ventus> Thar...let me eat you. Your usershadow makes you look like a blueberry :Q_____

11:17 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Desire. Lust. WNAT!\
11:17 PM <BeastModeMan97> WNAT
11:17 PM <Hylian_Monolith> WNAT
11:17 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I don't have italics.
11:17 PM <Trio the Punch> I don't WNAT anything!
11:17 PM <BeastModeMan97> I guess not
11:17 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I'm not yelling
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Do you WNAT Libk to overthrow me?
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97> don't yell at me
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I have to keep my reign somehow
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97>
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97> Ohkay
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> GAWSH.
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> t was a TYPO
11:16 PM * BeastModeMan97 is confused
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> I menat hai
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97> I thought you said bai....
11:16 PM <Lord Vain> Uhhh, you're welcome I guess...
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97> Oh Hai
11:16 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Anything, Igos!
11:16 PM <BeastModeMan97> Bai
11:15 PM <Igos du Ikana> yeah im just stumped xD
11:15 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Hai Dad ;3
9:48 PM <Wolf Sage> @Curm <#
9:48 PM <Raindrop14> lulz
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> In you, Brutus?
9:48 PM <Wolf Sage> ba dum tss
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Okay, that's a LOL
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> ...LOL
9:48 PM <Wolf Sage> I knoweth...
9:48 PM <Curmudgeon> en tu = in you... which is on a different channel...
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Yout too, Brutus?
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> BUT YOU LOVED ME
9:48 PM <mandym287> she probably just typoed again, Tungsten
9:48 PM <Hylian_Monolith> WHATEVER
9:48 PM <Raindrop14> Yes I know, I betrayed you ceasar, but I hated you :p
9:48 PM <Wolf Sage> *E tu, Brute...
9:47 PM <Hylian_Monolith> En tu, Brute?
9:47 PM <PancakeSamurai> Killing myself
9:47 PM <mandym287> Probably chilling in the earth somewhere
Shadao Answered in thread : Am I the Only One Who is Disappointed?
9:47 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Uhm... rotting
9:47 PM <Raindrop14> What are you all doing in twenty thousand years?
9:47 PM <mandym287> THE IDES OF MAAAARCH
9:47 PM <mandym287> BEWAAAREEE
9:51 PM <mandym287> I hope to one day blow Ganinarf's nose
9:51 PM <Raindrop14> minds are curious, so that's why the wording is being nosey...
9:51 PM <mandym287> YOURE BLOWING MY NOSE
9:51 PM * Wolf Sage gigglesnorts.
9:51 PM <Locke> my disappointment can be summed up in a word, two letters, and a number.
9:51 PM <mandym287> wtf Harlow
9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Homestuck
9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> ...no
9:51 PM <Wolf Sage> Hoennstruck...
9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> MIND=NOSE
9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> ...*snort
9:51 PM <mandym287> NOSE=BLOWN
9:51 PM <Raindrop14> nose=blown
9:51 PM <mandym287> ew your face
9:51 PM <Hylian_Monolith> Ew hoemstuck
9:50 PM <PancakeSamurai> Get out
9:50 PM <PancakeSamurai> Ew Minish Cap
1:13 AM <Hylian_Monolith> "Three were given to teh Hylains..."
1:12 AM <Hylian_Monolith> Ha.
1:12 AM <Shadsie> Well, it *is* the one triangle to rule them all.
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