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Hero Of Spirits
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  • Hi Hero of Spirits, I do want to join Dark Cloud. If I am added to it, can you please fill me in on what has happened earlier in the RP? Thanks :wave:
    I don't have software for sigs I ask if someone can make me one yeah i suck lawl
    I know you i have seen you around i hope we become great friends HOS :D
    Here's I my, Brother Darunia, and I requested to join your group. This is the Visitor Message you requested me to confirm that I want to join. I want to join your group and if you can accept my request, I would be more than greetful.
    Oh. that's fine. I have a wii too! I was just asking in case you wanted to help me try this PSN network thing. Its like the Nintendo wifi, but much better I guess lol. So, what kind of games do you have?
    I'm excited about Skyward Sword. Its too bad Nintendo can't release it sooner, but I guess the more time they work on it, the better it'll be. I tried playing Pokemon ,but its just one of those games I can't get into. I like the show, but the hand held games are the ones that I tend to stay away from. Do you have a PS3 by any chance?
    okay I guess. I started school 2 weeks ago and things seemed to be running smoothly until I had take this horrible quiz for my astronomy class, ugh. I'm a little upset, but hopefully I'll be able to do better as time progresses. All of my classes are online, so its a little difficult when you don't have a teacher that can help you "in person". Anyway, what about you? What have you been up to? =)
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