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Hero Of Spirits
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  • Sorry about that.. I had to finish the rest of my work and now I'm officially on Spring Break! :D

    Anyway, your lucky that your getting a 3DS. I would love to buy one, but I'm a bit broke at the moment. It does seems like there are a lot of really cool games coming out though for this system which stinks because it almost feels like Nintendo is finished with the wii :( . Ooo a retreat? Sounds nice. I'd love to go on vacation, but of course that will have to be some other time.
    *Lol, Metroid Other M refference?*

    Yo bro. Haven't been here in a while either, I usually come now and then, but for the last three weeks my computer cracked out on me. How's it going?
    oooo. that sounds interesting. You want to build stuff? Spacial sciences? That is something i haven't heard of before. What is that?
    Haha, oh wait. I think she might be in New Zealand actually...nevermind. But I hope she's okay, after that big earthquake...:( But my other friend moved to Australia, I miss her. But we keep in touch over Facebook, she puts pictures up making me really jealous.
    School does that to you doesn't it? :P
    Hyrule's Goofball has been good, been going through school and stuff.
    Hey Hero of Spirits! It has been a while since you've been on here, how have you been? =D
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