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  • I took a look at your character. You don't have to change a thing, he's fine like that, even with the long name. And just for your info, in case you don't know, the story has already been posted. If you need the link just click the spoiler tag in my siggy and you will find it there.
    Kirinen nods, then falls silent, glancing over her shoulder. "Everybody, quiet." She stretched out her mind to where the sound was coming from...

    A sapphire-blue dragon emerged form the forests. Not the ancient, spiteful beast, but the one they had met in the beginning--the council delegate.

    ((yeha. Never underestimate yourself. Same thing happens with my family and Zelda.
    Kirinen, whyyyyyy... ))
    "Actually, I have an idea." said Melica. "Back when I was traveling with... when i was a rogue, I pretty much went everywhere, saw everything. I really did go everywhere in this land. But there was one place my... companion refused to go to. On the other side of the mountains, there's this desert, and when we went to the rim of the cliff that overlooks it, both times there was this... power beneath us. It's possible that it's the cure--I felt the same thing coming from behind the dragon, but in the middle of our battle, it just vanished. It could have returned to the desert."

    It struck Kirinen as odd that Melica was actually thinking ahead for once, but she went with it. "If that's true, then this should be on the other side of this mountain, there are no other peaks at this area of the range."

    ((I know his name, and that's hilarious in my opinion. Nice.
    Kirinen's kind of...off, but she's in ice blue so it's hard to find a good tone to outline her with. I might skip to Marceren.))
    Keriki waves. "So, what happened after I left?"

    "Not much. Just... recovery." Kirinen said simply, with a let's leave it at that look on her face.

    Melica, who looks over at them, raises her eyebrows at Kirinen and Lance but says nothing.

    ((I still like it. But I know who you feel once a username passes on. And yet, if you use Bloody Thunder or Thunderblood, I'll be joking about it forever, so... forewarning. If I played FE I could help you out...
    Heh. tell her that I'm working on the three faces of death and that I'm doing something weird but cool with it.
    Yeha. But she looks really good now... whoo))
    Kirinen looks at him in confusion, then glances down. "We should return to the others... There's no way we can go back to get the cure the way we came. We need to decide on where to go now."

    ((True... Gosh. What's wrong with Silver Fire?
    You'd click with her within, I dunno, thirty seconds. I bet you and her would be great friends...
    GIMPing a new sig all day, so this reply is pretty late, lol. It's got everybody on it in kind of a cool pattern--divided into sections, one with each of the seven. They're all in a different color. Meli alone is taking forever, gah...))
    Oh the story is finished, but I am adding and removing stuff. As it is only a handful of good friends from ZD will appear, mostly peeps that are not that active now but were good friends with me. Then there are those who are active but won't make an appearance until the second book. Now that we are talking, perhaps you'd like to join the project? Just submit a character and I will take care of the rest. I actually forgot the info for Scars, so just refresh me with a vm or sign up in the thread, that is, if you wish to submit your character for this project. Btw, I will be posting the intro to the story later today, just as soon as I finish editing the prelude.

    And tired, eh? I know what you feel, as I too feel like that as well at times. But I hope you and I can talk more; I am always available, Scars. ;)
    Kirinen put her other hand on her forehead. "Vince... shut up. Please." She lets her hand fall to touch Lance's, the one that held hers, and surreptitiously brushes the sleeve up, dangerously close to the blue on his skin... "You're not allowed to die." she whispered.

    ((THAT BLOODY THUNDEEEEEEER! Helps that I use this username everywhere. :3
    He's so weird. Completely insane... Yeah, he's like a sexy, male version of a friend of mine.
    I don't have the gear planned at all. I was thinking of letting you make it up as you went along. And the Inducer winked. ;) ))
    She laughs when he mentions caring about women. "It's... harder than you think. And it's going to get even harder soon. But... we can try to stay alive." She knew she couldn't make that promise.

    "It's an all right life" said Keriki cheerfully. "And I guess it's sort of in my nature to be upbeat. So I don't mind begin comic relief at all!"

    ((erh... use this username :P [Damn this bloody thunder! XD]
    Yeah, sometimes Keriki naturally comes close to breaking the fourth wall. Her fault, and I'm not editing her words.
    Oh gosh, Era? Actually... I've got your power covered. She's going to mutate him, he'll heal incredibly quickly. So I can beat him up a lot[joking]. Now, the lance... I want to specially modify Siera.))
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