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Well my young self did not write a proper about me so I guess current me will.

Hello there, my name is Quinten. Feel free to address me as my username in any fashion, however.
I recall being here back around 2012-2014. Seems like everything has changed here, and nothing. As for me however, this site led me on my gender journey so I discovered eventually that I am a transgender man and have been living as such for the past five years. Aside from that, as that is not my entire personality, I am currently a college student working at Starbucks. Sounds cliche, but it's true. As my old self put it my favorite games series are still Zelda, Fire Emblem, Zero Escape, Sonic, Dragon Age, Tales series, and whatever nonsense I've collected over the past few years, as I have a game case now. My aesthetic is still Zelda themed things and galaxy / space type patterns. I still happen to own a drumset and a bass guitar, but the fact is I haven't played them as much, as I have been struggling with depression since middle school. So frankly the fact I have hobbies at all is shocking. But with some effort on my part, and a very large push from doctors, I have been getting the help I need to get those Good Brain Juices. To round this all off I still want to write, but I desire an audience. I have also gotten back into drawing somewhat, thanks in part to me getting inspired by a tattoo design I created myself.

That is all for now, have a great day!
April 30
Nevada Test Site
Ha, you fools!
Favourite Zelda Title
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


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Please refer to me as the "he" pronoun, even if you previously knew me as "she".

Tell me... why have you wondered this far into a strangers signature? .... are you it's safe...? ^3^
You see? It's spoiler inside a spoiler... Spoilerception... of sorts...

Like, really? Why are you still looking at this signature? Is it because of that dancing cat?

"Your presence felt so warm...
And to me you were the most important than anything and anyone else.
I wanted to protect you.
I really wanted to" ~Oz Vessalius

But really.... that dancing cat brings all the guys and girls to the yard, bro. ;3
.... I am in shock right now if you've made it this far... really... Did you want a reward or something? Okay.... here's a spoiler bunny :3
"I'd so study that..." (;
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