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  • ((Aw, I ahve Green Court rehearsal later today. Well, get her on dat other place, I am so bored and need to RP lol))
    Hey, send me an idea you have for Big Brother and I'll talk to Monolith too and we can see how far we can take this thing :D
    Melica snorted. "Does in mine. I guess that means I'm more accepting of things, such as how pitiful your mind is."

    Kirinen's smile faded. "It's not that easy... It starts not too bad, but it really is lethal. For now, I'm just hoping we survive... But if I don't you have to."

    ((I joined your forums, btw. WHEEE

    Yeah. Um... later, i ahve to run! Gaah!))
    Melica shrugged. "I'm used to it already."

    Kirinen looked back at him, smiling sadly. "You should remember. I worry about everybody." She feels the pain of the plague, and knowing that anybody else had to endure it--especially Lance--nearly made her cry. But she didn't. Emotion made it strike.

    ((That's a lot of ships... o_O The most ships I have on eon person is Aren, who's shipped with Val(a person from his past who died), Meli, and Lenyrin... yes, Meli and Leni, sometimes simultaneously.
    SHE IS ALL MINE. I made her epic for a reason. And it took a lot of work.
    Anywayyys... I'm going to go see a play. I'll be back in an hour or two.))
    The dragon bowed to her prince. "Your Highness..." She then crouched low, leap form the ground and took to the skies.

    After a moment, Kirinen closes her eyes with a sigh. She turns to Lance, taking his hand and pushing up is sleeve, remembering how careful he was to not let her see it. Her expression is brooding and sad.

    ((It IS shipped. I'm allowed to re-ship it if I want to! lolidk
    Kira for the win. Always. She's... I dunno. The win to my epic fail.))
    The dragon leans down and heals Xaviar in he same manner. When she steps back, his dragon mark mark glows for a moment, then it fades once more.

    Kirinen looks down for half a second, then straight ahead again, as if to say, Sorry really doens't cut it.

    ((>D *ships*

    Also, Kira just broke the fourth wall in Survivors. Woo.))
    The dragon steps back and Melica stands shakily, turning to face her. "...Thank you."

    "I was in debt to you... and I, too, am infected. Your journey will save me as well as countless others." She turned to Xaviar.

    Kirinen insistently ignores him, although she's listening. Her ice-blue eyes are cold.

    ((deepness. This is how she treats most strangers, jabr))
    The dragon nods in acceptance. "As you wish, Your Majesty." She quietly goes to Melica's side and lowers her nose to touch her forehead. Melica closes her eyes, drawing back just a little bit. A faint blue light simmers between them, and then runs down Meli's body, The wounds begin to heal.

    Kirinen keeps her eyes straight ahead, refusing to look at Lance. She knows that he lied to her now. She's clearly angry, but also... disappointed. She wanted him to believe that she was strong enough to take it, and be willing to support herself as well as him. As a leader, she knew very well what it was like to need somebody to help you but to choose instead to help others, drawing strength from yourself. But she deserved to make that choice herself.

    ((Ooo... how melodramatic. But in all seriousness, you so knew she would be sad like this.))
    Yeaaaa actually I thought about that when I wrote it...my dads been talking about some stuff that he's discovered and I got overly excited lol I'll go change it now...
    Kirinen inclines her head in a show of deference. "...What do you wish of us?"

    "It seems that the wound is inflicted were greater than i had though. Two among you have the Plague... for this I am deeply sorry." the dragon said.

    Two? Kirinen doens't ask yet.

    "However, two others have wounds I can heal. And one is my prince." She lowered her head in shame. "...It is my duty to repay this deep debt."
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