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  • She laughs. "I know that look."

    "...And this one is the date of the day we met. Right here. I found her napping, thought she was a cat. I stroked her head for hours until she sat up and I realized she was a runt Arbit." Meli shook her head. "That girl... she was crazy. You'd have liked her." She looked at the tree with some sorrow. "Yeah... you'd have liked her a lot."

    She touched the spot he'd kissed, a faint smile playing on her lips. A smile of gratitude of understanding.

    "That's our names--she made it. Then that sapphire scale we found, she carved it in over here." Meli pointed at all the various little nocks and marks, telling them briefly, like it's a book of memoirs that she recalls fondly and vividly. Keriki looked at them all with her head tilted, like "Wow."

    ((okay. It sounds lame, but...
    Kirinen closed her eyes, wetting her lips. "..I just wanted to check on you."

    "Well, look at it before you talk." She pushed up form it, kneeling down by the trunk. "See these marks? They're carvings. I made two, she made four or five."

    Keriki looked at her like "Wut?"

    ((ehhhn... can I spoil Kirinen's role in Era for you?))
    Kirinen visibly flinches, knowing that he can feel her, and retreats to her own mind, watching the ground.

    Melica just laughs for a little longer. "I FOUND YOU!" She then sighs, leaning against a tree. "Gods... so many memories."

    Keriki looked around the clearing. "I dun geddit."

    ((Kind of... like, an internal death. If I tell you and you get it, it may seriously spoil something... buuuut...
    And I sure hope you dun geddit either.))
    Kirinen, out of sheer curiosity, stretcehs her midn to Lance to read his empathies, hoping she isn't prying.

    'Left at the birch..." Meli's muttering directions to herself under her breath. She glances up at Shannon, slows for just a moment, and grins, as if to say, "I found you." Then she swings around a tree and yells "Yes! HAHA! I knew you couldn't hide forever, you little--location!"

    ((It's not a Lance picture. it's a LanceXKirinen picture. And it is spoilery.

    I KNOW! Welcome to my arcs :3

    Heh heh. Heh... heheh.))
    Kirinen squeezed Lance's hand and let go. "Melica?"

    Meli looked around the part of the forest they were in. "So familiar..." She started walking slowly in one direction, gradually speeding up to a brk pace.

    ((And here I am reading Homestuck... When I finished reading this post, I was still loling. :D

    SWEET. Spoiler alert!
    Hehehe. I find that piece about Lance HILARIOUS.
    But not as hilarious as Vince's bit... I can actually see that happening quite clearly. And seeign as it DID, that's not illogical.

    Speaking of Lance's piece... no, no, it's way too spoilery! I recently drew the most adorable/creepy/depressing picture... All I'll tell you now is masquerade. IT IS SO SPOILERY BUT SO COOL.
    I'd post more fun facts about mine, but Era calls...))
    Kirinen smiles. "Ah. Not really. I know if it was possible to stop anybody from doing something crazy ever again, you would. But that's what causes them... and we're on a team with these guys."

    "Hey!" said Meli.

    "You know very well that you've given em more migraines than anyone else, Melica!" Kirinen retorted.

    Meli pfft-ed and uncrossed her arms. "Are we going now...?" she asked pointedly.

    ((Wait, what? No. the first part was about your arc idea, which I find seriously cool. The second part was about the creepy similarities between the Inducer and HC. I'm not actually that upset! You just... never... respond. *looks sorrowfully at Era*

    Ahem. Anyways. Can i dump all my ideas for the Third Arc on you in the form of inspirational pressure release, as opposed to a summary? Because it's not in a set order yet.

    I give all my characters this weird little disruptive quirk, wholly separate form their main weakness. Kira is overly vulnerable to heat exhaustion, Lenyrin is little too fond of the scent of blood, Kirinen gets migraines when peopel do crazy and senseless things[everyone I know gives Kirinen migraines], Marceren has trouble transforming, Aren literally has to drop everything and draw when he gets a prediction... et cetera, et cetera.))
    "...Do you know about my migraines?" Ow. Kirinen tries to ignore the rising, dull throb in her head.

    Keriki continues to giggle, not seeing either of them. Meli folds her arms and leans her weight on her left foot. "Keriki."

    "Hee hee... heh... hee hee hee--"

    "WAKE UP!" Meli shouted in her ear.

    Keriki jumped. "Present!"

    Meli rolled her eyes with a grin. "We're going."

    ((Those are my main arcs. I have countless plots. And more are always brewing.

    Pffftheeheehahaha... *tries not to die laughing maniacally* YOU HAVE NO IDEA, GIRL. NO IDEA AT ALL...
    You probably could get away with it, if you can tie it in well enough.

    I've been listening to "the Walk" on a loop all day. Hehe.

    Yes. Reply. You know, that thing you never do? :dry: ))
    ((I can let you steal an arc for a roleplay. I have... four? I mean, third arc is MINE(MY LEGENDARY ARC), but you can steal the fourth. Not to mention COUNTLESS ideas coming constantly.

    Hard to mind. Lenyrin and Melica... best unit for a reason.

    Hm... She still seems so Inducer-y I'm creeped out... especially by the spoilery implications of that. ZOh, who are you using as your second in Era II? :3

    Well, this still stands: Sort out your dual units. Who's your favorite? Who can be a Spirit? If you want HC and Lance, I'm not stopping you(although there are a LOT of light/time spirits), and she doens't need a legit name as a spirit.

    You responding yet?))
    ((I chose Meli. *heh* My strongest dual unit is Meli and Lenyrin, it'll help.

    Well, I chose Lenyrin because she made an awesome spirit, and Meli because of how well they work together. So it's sort of a basis of who will fit the job and who will make a good partner. Or a bad pairing, make them get sued to each other. I actually have all my units written down so i can check and compare with my arcs, and so I can break the rules when I can.

    I'd still like to see Vince somewhere. SOMEWHERE. And try to say Bloodlust wouldn't make a cool spirit!

    But as for the human with Bloodlust... gosh, I dunno. Meli's overused here, but I used her again. If Lance feels right, go for it.))
    Keriki trips over something and stumbles to a stop, giggling hysterically. Kirinen looks away, as if refusing to look and get another migraine from looking.

    "Don't get used to it," Meli responded, half-joking. She releases his hand and goes to Kirinen's side. "I don't know what it is, this place seems familiar... in a good way and a bad way."

    "In other words, we're close."

    "...Actually, yes. Are you going to go get Ke--"

    "No, I am not." Kirinen pushes her bangs back, but her hand doens't move form her head afterwards.

    Meli looks at her for a moment, then shrugs and goes up to Keriki, grabbing and holding her arm. "Ay. We're moving out. Snap out of... whatever it is you need to snap out of." Keriki is basically unresponsive.
    Meli glared at him, then stood, offering her hand to him. "Up, you."

    Kirinen stands. "If Shannon's all right and we can get--those two--" she gestures towards Xaviar and Keirki with her other hand--"under control, then yes."

    "Shut up." Meli said bluntly, raising her head. "I'm not going to--nevermind." She turns a little pink.

    Kirinen nods. "Right. We find the clearing and then the desert. I hope you're right, Meli..."

    Meli nods. "So do I." She watches Shannon carefully.

    You were right. I can't get through 5 spaces without dying in the last level. luckily, I have unlocked a few more paralogues now. I got virion and sully married and Libra and Nowi married. I also recruited Inigo (olivia's son) and am working on recruiting Nah (Nowi's daughter)
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