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  • Meli realizes that and points north. "That was totally my second guess."

    Kirinen quietly exhaled. "Sort of..." Not really, she silently amended.

    ((Eh heh. I can do that. Not sure where I'm going with it, doh. I need to look at my books.
    ...o_O That would be... creepy... all my o_O
    I know. Those are the trippy harbor seals, remember?
    Kirinen closed her eyes for a moment. "...Yes. Let's go."

    Keriki stands. "What are we waiting for then? Meliiiiii!"

    "I get it, I get it!" Meli waved her hand at Keriki. "It takes a second... north is that way, right?" she added, pointing east.

    ((derrrrrrp meli
    Hehe. King of Diamonds for Vince.. interesting. Nine of Spades is my lucky card for some reason, sooo... yeha. Is that all so far?
    ...gay HSannon=...erm. Trippy... and just yesterday I was thinking about what if Meli were gay... great minds think alike...? :p
    Damned seals? Whaa? Oh, those seals. I get it now. The trippy harbor seals.))
    Kirinen held his hand as tightly as she could. But the Plague's incessant grip was painful. She could only forget it for so long until she had to keep fighting.

    Meli shrugs and glances back at the carvings on the tree. After a silent moment, the memories are too painful and she stands, walking to the other side of the clearing. Keriki takes the opportunity to look closer at them herself.

    ((WAIT YOU POSTED! Heh heh. You were buried underneath Homestuck... heh. heh... [/fail]
    ...What would his exact expression be? What would his face look like? This is important! I have two panels left!
    Hey, my chars just felt like the cards they chose fit THEM. I won't argue. And I can do a lot of color stuff with a king of hearts... thanks. Claim as many as you want for them, but one per person because there are a lot of characters in all my friend circles.
    Don' care. SHOW MEEEE!
    It's done(gog took forever), but I want a coordinating sig. So I'm using that Silver Faen graphic. Later, I'll make some form of inducer sig. But for now, this is so handy. [I've been fangirling over Era a lot lately, other people post there!] ))
    Yay, I'm characterizing him properly! His original incarnation is the last of the Lucians on Mobius, so that's really important. Awesome!

    And who are you drawing?
    Ah. And just because I want to say, Dagger also has red hair, in Dreamers at least, and looks like... Ian Kabra, if you know of him.
    Meli watches the carvings like they're both bitter memories and things she loves. It's like she's looking at a sibling's teddy bear. "...Thanks. The feeling is certainly mutual." She looks away, at the mountains over Shannon's shoulder. "Anyways. From here, I can go almost anywhere in the kingdom. So... to the desert?"

    "Wait a little while. We have a long road ahead of us." Kirinen said softly.

    ((Okay. I can read spoilers now.
    Hehe. Can I get a facial expression? And... can I get him to say "Puny God"?
    Hey, I'm trying to give Delabi and Meli a reason to find those two. Give me a minute and another post, I don't want you to drop!
    Okay. Good luck. You can go ahead and send those refs.
    Pick a card... any card in the normal deck. :3 I'm doing a wacko thing with characters. So claim a card for one of your boys. I have claimed the nine of Spades, Kira has Ace of Spades, Kirinen chose Three of Clubs, Keriki has Four of Clubs, Meli has Seven of Diamonds, and the rest are undetermined. Except Daven... joker :lol:
    I wanna see! I don't care how crappy or un-crappy it is. SHOW ME
    Nice avy. I'm making Kira if for my new avy.))
    Kirinen steps away reluctantly and goes to the clearing. She stands aside and listens to the conversation silently. Meli's life was hers to tell.

    "...Not really." Meli's voice is hushed. "It's hard to suppress a lot of things that go on, and what they bring. But I manage... I have my methods." She shakes her head. "You're right. Enough of this." She's acting normal again, just like that.

    ((Tableeeeeeet. Can't open poilets. >=( )
    "She has a point. We're leaders. We can't just forget them."

    "...it happens. I try to forget about it." Meli traced a carving with her finger. "You didn't say anything too bad." She doesn't mention he nightmares, or her heavy grudge against dragons for her loss.

    Kirinen nestles in Lance's shoulder with her eyes closed. "Cue Melica bothering me... three... two..."

    "Yeah. She's dead." Meli's smile is gone. "You're definitely missing the point... a dragon basically ate her... Her name was Narael." She stared at the tree for a moment longer. "You coming, lovebirds?"

    She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "Just this once."

    "That I miss her. THat she'd have been a good ally, and a good friend. She was." Meli glared at Shannon, half-jokingly, so it looked like a faked pout. "What did you think I was suggesting?"

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