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  1. Egregious

    The New Writing Community Competition - Round 2 Voting

    I apologize if it's not inappropriate to bump this - but I miss the writing competitions. They were really fun! I liked having the opportunity to practice writing with other LoZ fans who enjoy writing as well. I rarely post so I don't really know much about the goings-on here, but I hope this...
  2. Egregious

    General Zelda Derp Moments

    I'm currently playing Twilight Princess for the second time, and I wasted about an extra 20 minutes on the Goron Mines (which is the most linear and basic dungeon in that game, in my opinion). I didn't bother opening one of the smallest chest-types because I thought they only had rupees and...
  3. Egregious

    How Do You Like Your Eggs?

    All of the above! Just not raw, ew. If I had to pick though, I'd say fried. It's simple, it's classic, and it's delicious.
  4. Egregious

    Why is Realism Bad?

    It seems like no matter what graphical style is chosen for a given Zelda game, it satisfies at best a weak plurality of players and at worst a vocal minority that is confused and upset that the majority doesn't understand Nintendo's vision. This isn't to unnecessarily slight the Zelda fan-base...
  5. Egregious

    General Zelda Narrating the Story / Fleshing It Out

    When I was little and playing Ocarina of Time, I always assumed that there was the whole rest of the world beyond the walls that were too high to climb over - such as the walls around Hyrule Field. I tried many times to use the Cuccoo in Gerudo Valley to fly over to the waterfall and get to the...
  6. Egregious

    General Zelda What Parts Do You Dread?

    Obtaining Rupoors - it's a little bit sad.
  7. Egregious

    General Zelda A Game with No Obvious Timeline Placement?

    No, I would like if they at least gave us a few hints at least, especially if they are subtle hints. But I would not have a problem with it if they decided to not make the placement blatantly obvious. It would be fun, but it doesn't seem that likely to me. They decided to lock themselves into...
  8. Egregious

    Nostalgia Goggles - is It a Poor Argument?

    Opinions and tastes regarding things such as video games, books, the aforementioned Hershey's white chocolate, and pretty much anything else are personal and subjective. It really does not get more subjective than personal opinion. Nostalgia develops because of an individual's life experiences...
  9. Egregious

    A Cotton Candy Pokemon? Gamefreak is Officially Running Out of Ideas!

    I love the idea that an adorable wad of cotton candy might be immune to dragon attacks. :lol:
  10. Egregious

    Types of Dungeons

    I think that Skyward Sword overall did a great job with interesting dungeon themes that matched their environments. That being said, I felt there was a bit too much overlap between the two desert and two fire dungeons. Based on the themes, however, Skyward Sword probably went the furthest to...
  11. Egregious

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Soundtrack?

    If it were fully orchestrated, I would probably select Twilight Princess. However, I am a classical music nerd and hearing the full orchestral score of Skyward Sword is just, well, stunning. For my taste, the Lanaryu Mining Facility track is one of my favorites ever. I never expected something...
  12. Egregious

    General Zelda Optimum Difficulty

    Let's not rule out difficulty levels though! Sometimes a simple answer can be a good one. In my personal opinion, the optimum difficulty is a variable difficulty. I don't know anything about programming, but I can't imagine it would be THAT astoundingly complicated to implement a simple...
  13. Egregious

    General Zelda The Most Dynamic Duo?

    I choose to subvert the general premise of the poll and vote for the real dynamic duo of the series...
  14. Egregious

    General Zelda Strange Happenings in Hyrule?

    The Kakariko Village well is apparently the source of their drinking water. Villager 1: Gee, don't you think we should maybe you know... filter some of the undead flesh out of our water? Villager 2: It tastes fine to me. Villager 1: Look, I know we have a centuries-long tradition of storing...
  15. Egregious

    Majora's Mask Elegy of Emptiness Statues

    First and foremost, the statues are a gameplay mechanic - the Elegy of Emptiness enables the ability to hold down multiple switches at the same time. While creative and cool looking, it's really no different than having a bunch of boxes to set on switches. Subordinate to their role as a...
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